two boys one girl

taaleasha is a average 15 year old girl who has long brown hair with blonde streaks and red tinges she is a fairly popular girl but what happens when she has to choose out of her best friend and her crush.


12. sleepover with mattie/ nialls sister

Taaleasha's POV

school was finally over and mattie and i were heading to my house when i got a txt from niall

N: r u busy

T: with mattie heading home so not really y did u leave early

N: meet me at the park i want you to meet some one

T: ok we will be there in 5

N: k

mattie and i headed to the park to meet niall we arrived 5 minutes later and i saw niall hugging a girl with long brunette hair i got a bit jealous i ran upto niall and jumped on his back he pulled me off his back gave me a kiss then introduced me to his twin sister carlee who has just moved back in with niall after living with greg for five years i gave her a hug and called mattie over he was sitting on the swings i introduced mattie to carlee.

Madisons POV:

i got introduced to nialls twin sister carlee she is so beutiful and has a cute laugh i think i have a  crush on her i went over to taaleasha and asked if niall and carlee could also sleep over she said yes and asked them if they wanted to stay over they all said yes and we headed back to taaleasha's

at taaleasha's carlee suggested that we should play truth or dare we all agreed and sat in a circle first was taaleasha truth or dare she said dare and carlee dared her to make out with niall for 20 seconds she did it and then snuggled with him but i didnt care next was carlee truth or dare she chose dare and taaleasha dared her to kiss me and she did i swear i felt fireworks we continued the game for a couple hours until taaleasha said she was tired and went to bed niall went with her and i was up with carlee for a few hours we started talking and i think im falling for her oh god what am i saying she wont date me


Carlee POV:

taaleasha and niall went to bed and i was up with mattie he is so hot and his personality is so bright when i kissed him i swear i felt fireworks but what ami thinking the likelyness of him dating me is one in a million he is so perfect and im far from it


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