two boys one girl

taaleasha is a average 15 year old girl who has long brown hair with blonde streaks and red tinges she is a fairly popular girl but what happens when she has to choose out of her best friend and her crush.


11. school

Taaleasha's POV

i woke up at my usual time and did my usual routine i had cheer early so i got straight in my cheer uniform and texted niall

T: hey babe u awake

N: yer y

T: i have to go school now want me to pick you up

N: yes plz

T: ok be there in 5 xx

N: kk <3 u

t: <3 u to

i got my shoes on and put my phone in my bag and walked out the door niall only lives a couple blocks away so it only takes a couple mins as soon as i got to nialls i knocked on the door then texted madison

T: hey u awake

M: yer y

T: i have cheer u coming over tonight

M: yer mum said its fine

T: k want to walk with niall and I

M: nah im right ill be there in time for football though

T: kk x

M: bye x

T: ciao x

i finished texting madison just as niall walked out and gave me a hug and kiss then we were off holding hands and talking we arrived at school and niall asked if he could come watch practice i said yes and walked with him to the gymnasium big mistake, Taylah one of the girls on my squad had a major crush on niall and told me not to go near him and im scared of what she is going to do oh well i gave niall a quick peck on the lips and walked over to the squad.


Taylah's POV

That bitch who the fuck does she think she is she knew i had a major crush on Niall and she goes out with him and to make it worst she kisses him in front of me fucking hell i have an idea.

i left the squad and went over to Niall and kissed him in front of taaleasha he tried pushing away but he soon gave up but he didnt kiss back hopefully taaleasha didnt notice that he didnt kiss me back i will get him even if it means killing her


Taaleasha POV

i was talking tothe squad and saw taylah walk over to nialll i looked to see what she was doing and saw her and niall kissing i screamed started crying and texting madison as i walked out of the gymnasium

T: r u at school :'(

M: yer y whats wrong

T: i just saw niall and taylah kissing

M: what  where

T: in the gymnasium i was getting the squad ready and taylah ran over to niall i looked over there and saw them kissing

M: ill be there soon where r u

T: in the gymnastic hall

M: ok dont move

T: k see u soon


i cant believe niall would do this to me but i saw it with my own eyes


Madisons POV

that fucking prick when i see him next i will smash him you dont hurt taaleasha or i hurt you thats the way its always been and niall goes and kisses Taylah i hate him. i arrived at the gymnastic hall to find taaleasha on the ground in front of the pummel horse i ran over to her and gave her a hug and comforted her.


Nialls POV

what the fuck who are you and why the fuck did you do that i was yelling at the girl who just kissed me in front of taaleasha i didnt kiss back but she didnt care i tried to push her away but she kneed me in the balls i saw taaleasha run out and lost it i slapped that bitch across the face and walked out i decided to text taaleasha

N: where are you

T: why the fuck do you care you just kissed taylah in front of me

N: it wasnt like that she kissed me i tried to push her away but she kneed me in the balls if it makes it any better i just slapped her across the face

T:  but i saw you 2 kissing

N: im telling you i didnt kiss her

T: ok then im with madison he is staying at my house tonight

N: ok dont do anything

T: k <3 u

N: <3 u to

i trust her as much as she trust me


Madisons POV

I read taaleasha and nialls messages and saw they were back together im happy for her but he better not hurt her maybe ill find someone someday


A/N ok i really need to find a girl for madison you will be a new girl at the school that turns out to be madisons best friend from when he was 3 that he has always loved and that has always loved him




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