two boys one girl

taaleasha is a average 15 year old girl who has long brown hair with blonde streaks and red tinges she is a fairly popular girl but what happens when she has to choose out of her best friend and her crush.


10. beach (day before school)

Brielles POV

I met taaleasha at the rock pool like she told me to and we had a pretty good conversation about life then a blonde boy called her over and she told me to follow her as she introduced me to niall,liam,harry,zayn and finally the boy i couldn't stop staring at louis i said hello to them all introduced myself and then louis picked me up and threw me in to a massive wave and to be cheeky i sat under the wave and pretended to drown making louis run over to me in time for me to push him under and run to taaleasha


louis POV

When we got to the beach Taaleasha ran off to the rock pools where i saw the girl from Nandos i saw taaleasha run up to her and start talking while she was gone niall asked me to go with him to get food from the cafe a couple meters away i agreed and we left i noticed that niall was very eager to get some food eventhough we only finished eating nandos 15 mins ago. when we arrived at the cafe niall ordered a snack box with barramundi and chips and we both got a Dr.Pepper as we waited for the food i couldn't stop thinking about that girl from nandos. as soon as we got the food we headed back to the boys to eat and then Taaleasha and that girl came over Taaleasha introduced the girl to us all and when she finished i grabbed brielle and threw her into a big wave but then she started drowning so i jumped into save her as i made it ovwer to her she pushed me underwater and bolted to Taaleasha


Nialls  POV

we left the beach at 6:30 and were all home by 8. i was reallly tired i gave taaleasha a kiss left the car and went to my room where i layed on my bed and fell into a deep sleep


Taaleasha's POV

i got home and went straight to my room where i had left my phone this morning having 5 missed calls from madison i called him back he answer on the second ring

T: hey madison

M: hey tally

T: u called me

M: was going to see if u wanted to hang out

T: maybe u can stay my tomoz night

M: hope so i miss u

T: no funny business im with niall

M: ok well im going to bed night

T: night love you bro

M: love you to sis


Madisons POV

i wish Taaleasha was my but all i really want is for her to be happy he better not hurt her or he will get a rude awakening


A/N ok guys so im getting lots of views plz comment on this story just no H8 xxxx <3 u for eternity also i need a name for my readers.


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