this story is about a girl named paige is 17 who has a bad past of her childhood. one of the direction boys comes along and breaks and heals her dispare but she still has depressing moments but which one is the healer just find out.


1. past

as i am lieing down hungry i think of the past about how my mom dictching me every now and then my dad abusing me. i was sobbing then i heard foot steps but i didnt care i was hungry,hurt,tired,weak. i fell asleep crying.like any night.

*flash back*

i felt a hand go on top of my side between my waist and hip. i turned and it was my mom, i think i could not see any thing. 

"mom?" i asked tiredly


crap it was my dad. he would wake me up then slap, punch me. i hated it. he even knocked me out once! 

" not to sound greedy father, but may i have something to eat?" i have to ask properly or i wont eat for the week. 

"yes" is all he said in his deep scary voice.

he left and came up with a sandwhich thats it but i was glad that i had something.

"thank you father"

*back to reality*

i had woken up with a hand on my back and someone glaring at me. i immediatly woke up jumped up, and walked back.

"its ok" the boy said in an irish accent  "i wont hurt you"

"i-i- i dont believe you!" i studered. "i heard that one before! i-i know my f-father sent you to find me!"


"you know what im talking about!" and i ran. but someone caught up to me. theres no way! im the fastest runner in the county! but i did not know who it was so i ran harder than usual. 

aftere a minute or so i looked back and he had just stopped. 

"i cant keep up with her!" he shouted back in a british accent.

"what thats impossible your one of the fastest runners!" the irish one im guessing, shouted back.

i stopped hardly out of breath but the other guy was. i chuckled at how a girl beat him techniclly and was hardly out of breath.  he looked at me. 

"how do you run that fast?" he asked but i didnt answer. when he looked back at the irish guy i seen three other guys. THREE! i know my dad had to be involve in this.

"your not going to get me all right so just tell my father that he wont be able to hurt me anymore and that my mother wont have to ditch me!" i yelled back and they all looked in my direction in shock. i could tell in there eyes that they had no idea what i was talking about and that they couldnt believe it. i walked slowly twords them.

"so your not going to hurt me?" i asked softly

"no, why would we?" the irish one asked

"what are your names?" i asked

"im niall" said the irish one "and this is liam" he pointed to the one i beat. i chuckled."and this is zayn" he pointed to a black haired guy. "this is harry" he pointed to the one with curls. "and this is louis" he pointed to one wearing strips.

"now whats your name?" liam asked walking twords me. 

"paige" i said stepping back just alittle.

"it alright i wont hurt you" he said coming up next to me and put his on my back, which indicated for me to come over to the boys. im shy so i didnt talk much when i got there.

"come" harry said 

"where?!" i asked loudly and scared 

"to our hotel" he said chuckling

i shook my head with wide and and began to jog and going into a run but liam caught me before i sprinted. 

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