in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


6. warm heat

    ANNA'S P.O.V

    until i felt ....

a push like someone pushed me i turned around"hey loser!" someone said  i saw ....

Eric  ,he was smoking a cigarette  just starring at me "do you really have to push me" i said  i turned around starring at my lap. Eric came and sat on the other swing beside me "what are you doing here?" Eric asked "why ,do you care?were you stalking me??" i said he shook his head and threw the cigarette on the ground on crushed it with his foot "i don't know ,and i wasn't stalking you i simply saw you walk here and i had to ask you some thing" Eric said "okay.. which is ?"  i said

" what was are homework for history?" Eric said i shook my head and chuckled " pg 56 questions 3-6" i said  he nodded

"so what are you out here for?" Eric said "mm i don't know fresh air and just to think " i said "that is thinking about me" Eric said so cocky  "no ,how come you think i always think about you?" i said "case i know it's true" Eric said "your so full of your -self " i said "what ever" Eric said we stood there for a while in silence


"you know i didn't get a -your so- help- full- Anna- thank you- for saving me -appreciate it-    thank you" i said he chuckled " i said thanks." Eric said "well i cleaned you up " i said sticking my head in the air turning away from him and crossing  my arms  in front of my chest ."thanks" Eric said in  a whisper "sorry .what? i can't hear you?" i said but i did hear him i came  close to him " I'm not repeating myself "Eric said "why? are you too scared?" i said "no" Eric said  "then say it!" i said  he stood there looking out to the distance i noticed his green eyes shimmering his hair so sleek and dark his lips full ,and pink .

 he looked out to the distance looked at me i shook my head i was such  a dumb ass he saw me starring at him.

"no " Eric said coldly  "why not?" i said he got up "that's why" Eric said  "what's why?" i said " until you admit you were starring at me .which i fully saw.then I'll say thank you " Eric said smirking i was blushing i got off m swings "well seems you weren't taught manners" i said glaring a him  he looked back "seems you can't admit the truth " Eric said  i bit my lip ,nervous

"what ever" i said we stood there i looked in the distance  i was still standing so was Eric. until i got enough ...

"okay I'll admit i was staring at you but not that way " i said "then what way ?"Eric asked he lifted one eyebrow  and came closer " your smoking, i was worried for you " i lied "smoking ,baby you shouldn't be worried in me"Eric said

"hey now where's my "thank you"? i said  he bit his lip .the way he bit his pink ,full lips that were shinning.wait Anna stop.!

"nah" Eric said he slowly walked back wards i walked "what do you mean,we made that pact." i said he bit his lip then smirked "nah,i don't feel like it" Eric said  "well your going to have to i told you now you tell me my thank you!" i said  he slowly backward walked away when he ran. i chased after him "say thank you!" i shouted he ran faster i ran faster he was pretty fast . he got his skate board in his hand and put it down and got on and drove it "no fair!" i shouted i swear i saw him smirk and smiled oh those perfect white teeth .okay Anna stop!.. he reached the house opened the door i ran after him until he left his skate board ha.i have it now. i grabbed it and put my bag down in the house i heard a thud rice shut  and locked his door i smirked i ran upstairs

" hey Eric, i have your skate board!" i said



"hey Eric,i have your skate board!" i heard Anna say  .shit she had  it fuck. why did i leave it oh shit.

" i can break it " i heard Anna say then  i heard she door shut  shit no enough  i got up i took of my shirt i was awful-hot and angry. i tousled mt hair took off my beanie .i opened my door Anna was standing in-front of my door.oh she faked the door being shut  "give it." i said "no,i need my thank you " Anna said "no "i said coldly "Eric, now you do not know who your messing with just say your part and this will be over you don't want your skate board hurt , do we?" Anna said coldly

"no, do you know who you are messing with?!" i said getting closer when she smirked her smile appearing a bit her hair shinning her lips pink and smooth and her lip piecing...  Eric .stop dude!
"yes" Anna said she quickly turned around grabbed her door swung it open and tried to closed and lock it when i put my feet so it wouldn't go shut .. i caught her now...


i noticed Eric put his foot between the door so it wouldn't close .shit.

 i backed away Eric trying to grab his skateboard from me .i put it behind me i bit my lip and shook my head "say your part!" i said he  laughed "no!" Eric said i got near the window  that was open  i put his skate board outside out the window i held on to it .i knew a plan a .sneaky one .

"no don't!" Eric said i got closer  he reached out i pulled the skate board back in and ran out the room i ran down stairs into the living room when  some one grabbed my wrist ..Eric..

i backed away i felt the couch behind me .oh crap.  he let go reached out and grabbed his skateboard  i fought with him when he slipped  i did too  we both let go of the skate it dropped Eric tried to reach it when i pushed him he grabbed my feet and layed me on the couch he slipped and he was on me smirking i felt his body his abs ,Every thing every inch and detail on his face his breathing warm and hot ..Jesus Anna ,stop!



i felt her chest breathing  i felt her stomach i layed my hand on her waist damn, she was curvy i only fucked about 15 girls my life but Anna she was fit and curvy how i like it her face was so flawless her brown eyes darkened her lip piercing,  her skin  ..i saw how she looked at me she wanted it she removed my hand and pushed me off "get off fat ass" Anna said she pushed me off so now,she was strong , i was on the floor she grabbed my skate board  i stood up grabbed her waist ..i could every part of her tense up..



i felt his tingling his breath  luring on my neck i pushed him off "get off fat ass" i said so now he was on the floor ,i grabbed his skateboard   heard him get up i was gonna run but i could feel his hands on my waist  stopping me his breath hitting my neck every time damn ,and his abs on my back he was about three inches taller than me .i could feel myself tense up i turned around tried to push him off when he pulled me closer to his chest so i could hear his heart beat

the skate board between us "now ,baby just give me it" Eric whispered in my ear his warm , hot breath echoing on my ear

"no " i said with that i kicked him between the legs straight to the balls. victory!.  i saw him groan and fall  to the ground in  pain maybe i shouldn't have done that..shit




she hit me in my balls ahh, that fucking hurt she's gonna pay ,fuck this nice shit time to be real.



 i came close to him "oh shit. I'm sorry" i said he was groaning an mumbling .bitch. yup i was "are you-.." i said i got cut of with Eric  shouting "go away!" Eric said i offered to help him but he grabbed my wist . hard "ow" i said i was forming tears it hurt .Eric kept pressing "please-e can you let g-oo" i said i started mumbling that fact that probably no blood flow is coming to my right wrist  he gave me a death glare and let go forming a fist he smashed his fist to the ground which let to a thud. and dent ,where was Eric's mom? work of course "I'm sorry" i said he turned to me tried to get up but failed he fell and groaned "do you want help?" i said  he gave me  a  death glare "no"Eric said coldly he tried getting up again but failed i got  enough and held my hand out. "here" i said he looked at me he refused to grab it i grabbed his wrist  and pulled him up to the couch then h grunted "look, I'm sorry" i said "just go" Eric said "no I'm gonna help you" i said  i went to the fridge got ice and put it in  plastic wrap and napkins  i walked over where he was opened legged his hand on his  you know and one on his head . "here " i said giving him the ice but he was in too much pain to grab i from me  i sat next to him he kept grunting i sighed i pulled down his legs i placed the ice on his crotch  he moaned "im sorry" i said

"it's fine " Eric said he grabbed and put the ice deeper into his balls when he let go and it fell  "do you want me to-?" i said he nodded i grabbed the ice and placed it on his crotch and held it he moaned it was awkward but i was a bitch that was the least i could do. he quickly stop groaning and breathed normally i looked away still holding on the ice with my hand between his legs it was awkward . i felt someones hands on my hands .i realized it was Eric's "look i never mean---.." i said but got cut of by Eric's finger on my lips  his other hand on my hand holding  i let go of the ice and suddenly his hand wrapped in mine's "why are you nice to me?" Eric said i shrugged " cause i am?" i said "look sorry about me hitting you here you can  have your skate board back " i said he shook his head "thank you " Eric said "there you have my part" Eric said  i nodded "okay" i said i realized and looked down his hand still wrapped in mine's he followed my gaze and let go   quickly "sorry, and sorry for hurting you" Eric said "it's okay " i said pulling my hair to a side  "do you feel better?" i said he starred at me "no,but you know what will "Eric said "what-t?" i said scared  he came close holding his balls and letting go he came closer this time the end of couch stopped me. he came and this couch was slipped which i slipped  going down suddenly Eric was up on me straddling me without touching me ."what-t?!" i said irritated  he starred at me his eyes got dark ..perhaps lust.okay I'm scared now..shit .  is he gonna rape me?

 Eric wiggled his eyebrows and stared licking his lips ,and  smirking  i pushed him off "ew ,no " i said i knew what he wanted   i stood up  "what?" Eric said " really?" i said  "you want me to be your toy ,no i refuse!" i said  he shook his head now he  was sitting on the couch legs to the side "Anna,i wanted , ice cream" Eric said he starts laughing "sure didn't seem like it " i said he starts laughing harder his laugh is quite adorable .shit.Anna stop!

"you think ,I'd fuck you,ha ?" Eric said he starts laughing harder  that offended me . i could fuck any one  he was  still laughing it annoyed me .i walked over to the fridge got the ice cream  box from the freezer  walked over he's still laughing "here's your fucking ice cream fuck that ,jerk!!" i shouted i tossed it at him i walked off i could here him stop  laughing  i ran up the stairs shut the door  and locked it hard. that's when Eric's comment started hurting me. i walked over i grabbed 

a razor.

and started cutting my wrist  lines by lines blood came i started forming tears "fucking bitch.jerk .asshole." i thought then i thought what bullies used to call me names ,,, but then after a few minutes  i heard  a knock "go away" i shouted trying to have a strong voice but failed, i got a towel wiped the blood and some baby wipes and cleaned it off . i hid the towel  "please let me in " Eric said sincerely "no go away ,jerk! " i said i wiped my tears off when i heard a sigh then i heard a loud thud   Eric got in his room  i knew i stood there speechless

then i heard a russle , i smelled smoke i looked behind me i saw Eric getting in my window "get out !" i said trying to hide my face  it got quite dark  i  got near the window shoved him "get out!" i said  he stopped and grabbed my wrist"stop ,your gonna make me fall " Eric said "ow" i said i had the cuts there freshly cut. too he looked at me i he let go of my wrist then he came in "I'm sorry ,Anna " Eric said truly in my eyes  he dropped his cigarette out the window .then he came closer to me  "you did it right?" Eric said  "did wh-..?" i got cut off by Eric "cut?" Eric said i looked away  i turned away when he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug i got shocked "I'm sorry ,please don't cut again "Eric said  i nodded okay i accept his apology he held tighter that's when i gave in i and hugged back his chest  was warm and strong it felt nice 

"I'm sorry" i heard him mumble in my hair "I'm sorry"  "it's okay .." i said we pulled back i  saw him have tears in his eyes but he turned away  and i think he cleaned it away .but then turned back to me "did you do your work? "  Eric said "no not yet " i said he nodded he grabbed my bag he had on his back i didn't even realize that!..

Eric passed me it  "here" Eric said "thanks" i said i grabbed it and started working Eric was watching me he had pityness in his eyes."did you ?" i said randomly after a few minutes  i was almost done my work and  pointed at my work . i starred at him he was  looking out the window he just starred  he was on  my bed  then he tousled his hair

"i did.cut" Eric said bluntly 

that wasn't the question i was asking him it was "did you -finish your work" okay now i feel bad ...

"it was my first time --and "Eric stopped and took a deep breathe "i don't-.." he sighed and shook his head i did the reasonable and...



i sighed and looked out the window the bullies came in mind and  the hurtful comments ran through my head the cuts i did ..then  i felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist her head on my back   .i turned  around .Anna was hugging me i just starred out the window  and smiled her arms were warm .and caring she broke off "sorry" Anna said i nodded in agreement she  was in front of me she held my hand "friends?" Anna said she titled her head  the way she titled her head was really cute and her smile but i gave in.."friends" i said approving  and smiled she then looked out the window " were you bullied"? Anna said i nodded "oh" Anna said  i starred at her ,waiting for her response she was picking at her  nail polish "me too" she said  we both  looked out the window i layed down my back on the bed starred at the ceiling i think she continued writing her work but then she gave me something"here" Anna said  "what is it?" i said "just opened it alone " Anna said "now?" i said  "no,alone " she said , then starred at the window  "go now i wanna go to sleep " she said gigling  i poked her "hey!" she said laughing "sorry" i said "dream of me baby ,Kay i'm like perfect.!" i said " you have a big ego , but that's what makes you-..." i said i heard  her mumble "makes me what ?..beautiful, i  know!" i said in a girly voice she shook her heard "no strong, sometimes" she said "oh" i said she smiled  i smiled back "alright bye loser" i said i got off her bed i  ruffled her hair "just kidding  ,nope I'm not " i said i saw she frowned i chuckled and smirked then left closed her door the paper she gave me  i went into my room  sat on my bed and opened it


"i know you can be a bitch sometimes or a jerk or any thing else, but don't let any one put you down you're perfect,in your own way!!:) stay strong!"


when i read that i smiled and after a few minutes i got up and walked to her room it was 7pm my mom comes at 11 pm i wanted to thank Anna for the note it was cute she was cute,caring,sweet and -- okay i can't be falling for her!"i don't even know her and she doesn't even  know me-  stop Eric!" i opened her door i expected her awake but she was sleeping i smiled and whispered "you too " i closed her door went to the washroom and brushed my teeth and combed my hair  washed my face and looked at my wrist i shook my head "bad memories" i got in my pj's  and went back to bed i was tired too i finished my work also in class but i finish it a bit i tucked in bed and slept ..........







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