in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


14. wake up and kiss me.


    ANNA'S P.O.V

  snoring .i snore  no wait i don't oh wait i do..  what the hell it's so loud aghhh .


 okay i opened my eyes and rubbed them i looked around what  where am i ? ummm. what .

Eric's room

 the thoughts of before were coming back Eric said he loved me . and i was his princess!!!!


omg i think my heart can just explode  out of my chest someone hold me down. i looked o the side i  looked down okay good!! i had my clothes on.  where's Eric?  what time is it?  shit it's school i got my phone that was on the ground 

 10:30 ??!!!

whatt holy cow ,holy cow okay i got up ran to my room changed into some jeans ,flats a t-shirt  i combed my hair ran to the washroom brushed my teeth and face  then i got my books and everything ran down stairs  i went to opened the door when i smelled pancakes

" Anna where 'ya going?" Eric said damn he was shirtless

" to school? ,you know you should go too " i said with that i ran out side went to the bus stop  i waited hurry up stupid bus ..

finally i got to school to the office as soon as i was going in when someone grabbed my writ pulled me to their chest it as less stronger than Eric's ?. i turned around

"oh .oops sorry" jack said

" oh it's fine .hi" i said

" late?"

yup" i said

he nodded "alright gotta get  back to class" jack said "okay bye" i smiled he hugged me i hugged back he gave me i his award -winning smile .but not as better than Eric's. i got to the office the Secretary gave me a late slip i ran to class  when i someone tripped me  .ah fuck can't i go to class?

i looked up i saw one of eric's friends trip me  then i saw Eric a few inches away from him with a group of his 'friends'  i met this kid's eyes"hhaa" this kid said "fuck off" i said i got up i met with Eric's eyes  he just looked away .wow jerk.i got to class




ugghh bull shit .i walked out of class i got to my locker basically threw all my books i got a juice box i had about a day ago in my locker oh well  , i closed my locker i walked out of the school to the field sat farther away from where Allison and Hallie and jack and kim would sit there it had shade and a rock i sat there drinking my juice and playing with a stick in the ground carving weird things ..i was thinking

 Eric said he loved me and he should've  helped me  instead he was being a jerk could that have been all an act that he loved just so he can get  in my pants?? of course he's a player .. should've known but i swear when he told me that his eyes told other story  maybe he did actually love me? i don't know,

" hey stranger" someone said offering a cigar Eric. i knew instead of taking it  i got my stick i hit it to the ground   "you should stop " i said  "you know you couldi've just said no" Eric said "i could've but i didn't " i said  i said i continued with my drawing on the ground or dirt when Eric stepped on my stick "heyy.-. i got interrupted by Eric's lips on me  he held my cheeks i kissed back.. god his kid  had good lips after a while "umm that was un -expected" i said smirking  "um er..yeah I'll see you later?" Eric said "ok-... he was gone i don't think anyone saw us.again running away




***************************end of the day *****************************************************

 the last period omg Eric kept biting his  lips and smirking at one moment he sended me a smile oh lord i went to my locker packed all my things  i started walking when Kim went walking with me "heyyy ,what happened this morning?" Kim said " late sorry hey so what's up?" i said  we started talking when i heard wheels of a skate board i kept talking to Kim  i knew it was Eric he past by me and slapped my ass .uggh so annoying. not my ass i rolled my eyes i saw he had a snap back damn .his hair ,he smiled and winked  " what was that?" Kim said i shrugged and looked down i didn't  know yet if i should  tell her yet

"kim -.." i was about to tell her but i  got interrupted  " hey!!" *high pitch voice* Amy said ugghh fuck shut up "hi" i groan "hey you guys wanna chill somewhere ?" amy said "nah .homework and  stuff" i said "okay , I'll see you around Anna" Kim said fine leave me  . :/  they walked off when i decided to listen to some music i got  outside walked to the bus stop  i saw Eric great ... i mean i   have feelings for him . but sometimes it's like he wants me to be mad at him and sometimes he  acts like a jerk .

i waited near the bus  "heyy" Eric said  i heard him but decide to put screamo on  i smiled while looking at my phone but really i was smiling at him ,i mentally slapped myself but Eric grabbed my hand i got shocked the fire raising on my fingers  oh his finger fit perfectly , he starred walking fast his hand in  mines and he had an ass but  not too huge just medium i don't know ! too pedophile?  anyways his view was perfect wait shut up!! mind , where are we going??





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