in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


5. sweet morning


my alarm came on this time it was Justin bieber -boyfriend - acoustic oh gosh how much i love that song ..i groaned i got up i grabbed my towel got my phone and perfume  i walked down the hall to the washroom i got in i saw Eric a towel around his waist i swear his body is really fit his deepened v- lines ,six pack  ,tan-ish  body  ,muscles ,jaw line  strong and   his neck -...


"um hello ?!!" Eric said "uh..what?" i said i shook my head "thinking about me ,weren't you"? Eric said  "no "
 i said

" I'd like to use the washroom ,now" i said he nodded "you'll have to wait " Eric said  "hurry up!!" i said " I'll go faster ,if you admit you were thinking about me " Eric said "that's no fair i wasn't though" i lied   i pushed him he was bushing his teeth he looked like a fool  with tooth paste dripping down his  chin he chuckled and  wiped it off "i won't get out until  you admit you were thinking about me" Eric said "i wasn't!" i said i pushed him i started brushing my teeth  we fought with our elbows "ugh your so annoying " i mumbled "you too" Eric said  he stopped rinsed and wiped the remains on his face on my lips

 my lips.

"ewww!" i said he walked out laughing "payback " Eric  said i got water in my hands and threw it at him he turned around "wow" he smirked and shook his head."what fair game then" i said he walked into his room . i locked the bathroom door i got in the shower  took a shower ,after 10 minutes i sprayed perfume  washed my face and i looked terrible  ,my hair oh my gosh*i thought .i need my hair brush shit i forgot my hair brush my house that was locked my parents gone .shit i broke my other hair brush before many times. i got all my things walked to Eric's room and knocked he opened the door ...

"what do you want ?" Eric said  he wore  a shirt that was white and black letters that said "born to fuck." haha really .oh my gosh he also wore black skinny jeans,and   jordans and a beanie  "oh ,i need a hair brush ,do you have an extra one?" i said  Eric looked at me like i was stupid "um,no last one you used it" Eric said i nodded "okay" i said "oh,eric how many girls did you fuck ,since your shirt says "born to fuck"? i said  "why curious?" Eric said  "i guess" i said " too many you might be the next one" Eric said and winked ,and flipped his hair "uh sure HELL i won't" i said and i feel him smirked "one day baby" Eric said laughing i walked to my room i changed into a crop top but it didn't show much belly just a bit some jeans i straightened my hair did my make up ,simple make up ,foundation ,mascara and that's it i got on my vans

i got my bag and phone  and back pack  on my shoulder  i walked down stairs saw patty and eric talking i stood where i was i want to eaves drop i heard

"mom, i don' want to though" Eric said " no Eric ,you will do what i tell you to do"  patty said " why can't she walk alone " Eric said   i didn't need him to walk with me "Eric, what's the point your both walking the same way ,just be friends" patty said " i will never be friends with that b-.." Eric got cut off  "hey she is no swear word you don't know her remember what i told you don't judge a book by it's cover ,now you will walk with her" patty said "okay!" Eric said and sighed  i heard shuffling i waited and walked down the rest of the stairs  i saw Eric give me a death glare "good morning too you too!" i said i knew that would annoy him . patty came up to me "oh, darling your wearing that to school?" patty said "yes ..why?" i said i saw Eric checking  me out "tap that " i heard Eric say  eww he disgust me no way he's getting under my pants blehh..

" oh nothing it looks very nice on you " patty said "oh,thank you " i said "doesn't it Eric?" patty said i felt my self blushing  Eric looked up "yeah it's fine" Eric said and looked down and ate i sat next to him  i grabbed his beanie "its so hot outside why are you wearing this?" i said  he grabbed it from my hands "cause i want to" Eric said "okay.okay" i said holding my  hands up . patty put a plate down in front of me  it was bacon and waffles with syrup .yum!"thank you" i said she nodded i ate fast and got a phone call from Kim  i answered it " hey !" i said

Kim : hey sorry  yesterday  i got sick today i can go today so we'll meet up where we used to

me; yeah of course i hope you feel better

Kim: oh yeah i do

me: i have loads to tell you  I'm gonna go now

Kim : okay .same i can't wait

i ended the call it was time i gave the plate to patty i saw Eric walking down the stairs with his skate board  "come on loser" Eric said  patty coughed "i mean ...he sighed* come on" Eric said i smirked in victory i grabbed my bag thanked patty   we walked out side walked in silence until i saw Kim  she was running to me she crashed into me she hugged me i hugged back Eric beside us rolled his eyes "lesbians " Eric said "hey! we are no lesbians !" i said  Kim standing here she pulled me  back Eric drove his skate  board to the bus stop  " why is Eric near you?" Kim says i told her the situation how i have to leave with him  for a month and everything

"no way " Kim says i nodded "and there something else " i said "spill " Kim said "well" i said she leaned closer to hear

" jackkissedmeandikissedback" i said fast " wait what slow down " Kim said

"jack kissed me and i kissed back " i said " WHAT?!!" Kim literally screamed  i explained everything and how it was a mistake she understood

"seems to me jack likes you" Kim said poking me .we got to the bus stop where Eric was "i don't think so " i said she nodded "well i said seem ,never said he did" Kim said teasing "oh fine" i said pinching her "ouch "Kim said

" you know Matt right? he asked me to be his girlfriend on Skype" Kim said this time Eric got annoyed and put his head phones in ."aww so cute are you happy .do you love him?" i said "yes ,and yes " Kim said jumping up and down the bus came  Eric went first then me  then Kim Eric dropped his money  on the floor i was talking to Kim when i crashed into his bum  he got up his gave it in  he looked at me and smirked i rolled my eyes  he  held on to the pole i sat down on a free seat  Kim next to me "i like what your wearing!" Kim said "thanks " i said i saw in the corner of me eye Eric checking me out i bit my lip .  me and Kim talked  she talked a lot about  Matt even weird things ..

we got to school Eric ran his skateboard got in school me and Kim walked  in we got to our lockers  we started talking about the situation with jack and the kiss

then i saw jack in the corner of my eye i shushed Kim she nodded i ruffled  jack's hair "hey bieber!" i said he fixed it "hey annoying friend" jack said "annoying ?,I'm not annoying" i said he shrugged silence came in "oh my god justin bieber " kim said and started talking about justin bieber and one direction i started talking about them too jack sighed got annoyed "girls!" jack said we stop and turned  "what?" me &Kim said  "justin bieber  is gay and having sex with one direction" jack said  "no there not" i said "yes they are"  jack said me and Kim  nodded "run " i said "oo I'm so scared " jack said he started running after we chased him after a few laps Kim got tired  i ran faster and i suddenly tripped


i looked up jack standing in front of me and Eric laughing with his foot out .he tripped me . jack helped me up i looked to Eric "I'm gonna kill you"  mouthed  "ooo my scared "Eric said of course his gang laughing with him i rolled my eyes " you should be " i said   i walked away  with jack near our  locker kim was standing there "i tripped" i said Kim starts laughing and stops"sorry" Kim says i nod  we got our things  for first period i said thanks and bye to jack  the bell rang me and kim walked with  some nerdy kids but they were  fun and nice.


*************************************************** LUNCH  *************************************************************


apparently i heard  Eric is in a fight with"Damian  days" and it's gonna start in the field apparently the rumors said Damian  said something and Eric got pissed off and challenged him .they agreed i shook it off i went to cafeteria  with jack ,Kim ,Hallie and Allison  we got in line ordered food i ordered a cookie we all ordered something there was no tables ughhh again everyone takes it  we decided to go outside we said in our usual spot in grass near a tree   after 10 minutes i heard shouting and rustling

"come on you pussy " i heard Eric shout

Damian came up to him  got close to him Eric swung and hit him hard i gasped when i saw this Damian on the ground  i got up "where are  you going Anna .stay you'll get hurt " jack said  i walked away "Anna !" i heard Kim shout i still walked i saw a  group of people shouting"fight."fight!" i pushed through them .i saw Damian straddling Eric, Eric pushed him off so he was on him i came in "stop!" i  said they didn't listen i grabbed Damian collar and pushed him off "stop what the hell  do think you  guys are!" i said Eric was bleeding but Damian was  bleeding even more the group of people around us were gone Eric starred at me  "piss off!" Eric said "no ,your hurt and so is he " i said pointing to Damian "you guys are stupid!" i said Eric looked at me got up and walked off fist clenched and dripping with blood i saw Damian's friend helping him .okay i ran to  Eric and i tugged his wrist he was in a corner well we were  i pulled him "you're bleeding!" i said he starred at me "yeah so what !" Eric yelled i got shocked and flinched  he looked down and shook his head  "just  fuck !off" Eric said and starred at me jaw tight "no !" i said "you're bleeding" i said  i came close to him looked at his hands i grabbed his hand "come on ,let's get you cleaned up" i said  he took his hand away from me  "stop,i don't need you help!" Eric said "um yes you do  ,come" i said  this Time  i pulled his shirt we walked to the boy/girl washroom for teachers

i know we shouldn't be there   but it was bigger,cleaner and cooler  "let go!" Eric said "no!" i said we walked into the washroom i pushed him down on the toilet i rinsed his hand ,and grabbed toilet paper and rinsed it with water cleaned his face he flinched  "sorry" i said  he had light green eyes it was really pretty after a few minutes we were done "all don-" i said but got interrupted by the door being shut Eric ran out . wow jerk.



i walked back to  my locker   jack standing near there with Kim and Hallie and Allison ,they saw me"Anna" Kim said i focused my attention n her then across her i saw Eric starring at me and he glared at me and disappeared  "yeah" i focused on Kim "are you okay "  jack said "yeah,of course" i said they nodded the bell rang it was last period history .great

  i grabbed my books went to class great late and a seat next to Eric i sat next to him  "are you feeling better?" i said he ignored me "okay " i said  the teacher started teaching  i listened took notes when i felt a note on my hand i opened it up slowly.. it said


 thanks .but please next time piss off!

                                      - Eric


i wrote back "shut up i helped you so your so grateful i was there "  he saw it and chuckled the bell rang i got up and went to my locker put my home work in  my bag i saw Kim  "hey wanna come for ice cream with Amy?" Kim said i didn't like Amy "oh no it's fine" i said she nodded and walked off with Amy i got my bag locked my locker and walked out i walked slow out the school  i just needed time to think . i walked near a park where was i  oh .well  i didn't care i sat on the swing and starred at my feet the dust from the bottom shaked every time i stepped on it   i slowly pushed myself  back and forth .until i felt...







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