in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


11. sweet moments

      i woke up i was kinda tired last night  was horrible..i got up i went to the bathroom i  opened the door i walked in and saw Eric puking
"hang over?" i said  he nodded his head and kept puking i didn't want to stay longer in sight of the nastynesss i slowly closed the door went back to my room grabbed my towel went and stood by  the washroom until Eric got out ..

     1hour later

 "ughhh" i groaned i opened the door "eri-..." i said i got cut off Eric was grunting  looking pale and lifeless i went by his side "are you okay?" i said he nodded "hmm. no your not  how many drinks did you have?" i said Eric showed my with his fingers five "holy shit,Eric" i said  he starred at me then threw up in the toilet then flushed it i grabbed him up "brush your teeth" i said he brushed his teeth i  holded him up it was so nice to touch him and be so close to his body i walked him to his room i layed him on his bed tucked him in i went downstairs made some  coffee  in a cup i heard it gets  rid of hangovers then i searched for some medicine  i found Advil grabbed a cup of water i went up stairs i opened the door "here,drink some coffee" i said Eric grabbed it and drank some he gave it to me and snuggled up in his bed " are you okay?" i said "we could always get a ab---" i said but got cut off by Eric's hand in mine  "no I'm getting better" Eric said and looked at me with those piercing eyes he layed down then shuffled and patted on on he room beside him i sat there but didn't lay down then  Eric pulled me down so my but near his crotch back to chest  "lay with me"Eric said and cuddled in my back

" are you and Austin a thing now?" Eric said "no it was just a kiss" i said feeling   guilty i used Austin .

" did you feel anything?" Eric said "nope nothing ,he's a great guy but i could see him as   being friends "i said  Eric nodded then smirked  " where was your princess?" i said  "at the party " Eric said i turned around and sat up cross legged "wasn't she mad when you kissed that girl  " i said feeling jealous and angry "oh she was " Eric said  

i started poking him in the ribs  "ow"Eric said i kept poking him "tell me who your princess is" i said  "why?do you like me?" Eric said  "ew,no " i lied "i wanna know" i said he sat propped on his elbows  he took of his shirt i sucked in a deep breath ..i didn't want to stare but it forced me too ...something did

"okay are you feeling better?" i said  he nodded "I'm gonna go for a run "  said he stood up "I'll join you "Eric said "okay " i said i walked to my room i changed to sports shorts mid thigh and a thin light weight t- shirt ,i put on my running shoes put my hair in a ponytail i went to the washroom brushed my teeth washed my face i walked down stairs  i saw Eric i had my phone it was 11  i grabbed his hand "come on" i said then  let go it felt so good to touch him he sighed deeply we walked out and started jogging..



those shorts  damn , seriously Eric !  her hand fitting perfectly in mines the warmth of her hands i sighed deeply then we headed off jogging if she asked me who was my princess i don't have courage  to tell her not now..

"so who is this princess of yours?" anna said  seriously should i give her hints "well" i said

" she' smart, cute, hot ,her eyes shimmer in the light " i said "eew you sound like a girl"Anna said giggling "hey !" i said "girl,girl"Anna said running i caught her i pushed down on the grass or lawn  i stood on top of her straddling  without  any weight on her "girl"she said  "get off me I'm stronger than you"Anna threatened i smirked and went near her ear and whispered "no I'm way stronger, I'll show how strong i am in beddd..." i said seductively  "ew" Anna said pushed me off i smirked she walked off i chased her  we started walking  i noticed she sat on a bench i sat with her  i looked at her thighs sweating her panting i gulped and tried to ignore the bump that was going hard i thought very dirty things Anna looked over and starred in the distance i saw every detail her ....sweating,and  panting ... i  felt myself hard 

"who's that boner for?" Anna said i put my hands on it and hid it "no one" i said i felt the crimson red on my cheeks "oh,okay" Anna said giggling oh i was so embarrassed ...we started talking about thing when she layed her legs on my thighs "sorry can i lay my legs here?" Anna said  i nodded she layed back tired i saw her thighs/legs  on my thighs  so much dirty thoughts ...try to ignore.. she moved them in my inner thigh "sorry"she muttered getting comfortable i gulped she was so close to my crotch she moved deeper "your not comfortable"Anna said  i pushed her leg into my crotch i felt myself hard it felt so nice to hold her legs ,so may things i could do with them i kept holding her leg until i went up and touch her thigh smooth,and warm sweatily  she tensed up "sorry" i said  she layed her legs still there felt so nice each she moved i pulled them closer  in.  she sighed we started talking again she kept talking about 'my princess' little did she know it was her...she came up she moved her legs and sat on my lap i sighed oh her precious body i held on to her my hands  around her waist  then she fell back again but took her legs off my thighs she stood up and sighed "let's go" Anna said we went back home watching her body sway ..okay dirty thoughts away....



oh my lord did that just happen ?!!oh his hands on my thighs i wanted more his hands on my waist  holding me i don't know why but i loved him pulling my legs closer to his crotch felt so good..his thigh seemed extremely strong imagine what they can do ...Anna stop! they way he pushed me down and whispered "no I'm way stronger, I'll show how strong i am in beddd..."Eric said mmhm .. i wanted to see no wait what he made me feel like this  the way he smirked i Wonder who this princess is  ?? she wouldn't want to see this happen ...we walked back i got in the shower grabbed my towel took a shower i changed into some jeans and a polo shirt i combed my hair walked down stairs

"pizza?" Eric said out of nowhere

"wanna order pizza?" Eric said

"okay" i said i layed on my couch Eric sat beside me  he put his legs on me since I'm shorter than him "oh your legs way a ton " i said but he wiggled them to add more weigh Eric smirked he called the pizza guy after

 after 10 mins"********

i heard the door bell Eric got it i smelled pizza  he  was talking with the pizza guy  then a minute later Eric shut the door  and came on the couch with the pizza we watched t.v i ate a pizza i grabbed it and crashing with Eric's i ate it i,t tasted so good

" mmmm, pizza-is so good-- mmm ahhhh" i said moaning Eric looked at me and bit his lip and smirked i kept doing it when Eric grabbed the pizza out of my mouth  he put the pizza in the box and pushed me down he was straddling me but wasn't putting weight  then whispered "Anna, you're making me jealous I'll make you moan even more " Eric said "really?" i said  he nodded and winked oh gods those eyes "i don't know, i'm  gonna stick with my pizza " i said smirking i pushed him off he starred at me and i  continued eating my pizza ...

we were done our pizza  i sat opposite  my legs on top of the couch my head off the couch watching t.v when Eric layed his head on my stomach i continued watching t.v his head was okay it didn't weight a lot  but he kept moving his head making it un- comfortable  "will you quit?" i said hitting him on the mouth  oh i felt so smooth legit sparks went through my hands .i removed my hands when he grabbed my finger and started sucking it the chills oh okay...anna! "ew!" i said he moaned i moved him off his saliva on my finger "don't make me jealous,next time Anna" Eric said i sighed and walked to the bathroom washed my hands good the feeling of his mouth oh my god!  i walked downstairs Eric sitting on the couch i sat down "so that made you jealous ,i should do that often" i said   Eric smirked  "did you like  my finger job?" Eric said

" lol ,finger job?" i said he nodded "nope ,it was quite nasty" i said made him chuckle we watched more t.v when i was on my phone eric looked over "whatch doing?" Eric said "nothing" i said hiding it  "awww" Eric said he started tickling me the fact of his hands on my body "S--T--TOPPP!" i said i laughed then when Eric's lips were on my neck it felt so good,tempting   "ummm" i said he moved quickly  "sorry"eric said i nodded we played truth or dare

"truth or dare?" Eric said

"mmmm.dare?" i said

"i dare you to take off your shirt"Eric said

"what?nooo" i said

"come on you're  beautiful"Eric said i blushed he kept moving his hands "come on" Eric said i got enough i took off my shirt then sat back down my lacy black bra showing i was trying to hide it  ii looked at eric he was bitting his lips

" truth or dare?" i said

"dare" eric said i was thinking

" lick my toe!" i said giggling he  grabbed my foot took my sock off licked my toe

"hhhaaa" i said dying of laughter  rolling over 

"truth or dare?" eric said

" truth " i said

"  i demand you to pick dare ,now!" eric said "why ?" i said "please come on don't be a loser" eric said i sighed i looked at him "fine" dare" i said

" give me a lap dance " Eric said

"what no" i said he raised an eyebrow "it's just a dare ,come on " Eric said "nah,just give me another one" i said eric shook his head "nope do the one i told you too ,come on anna " eric said i sighed "i don't know" i said

" come on ." eric said he looked at me his eyes are so lurging "okay" i muttered i put on a song  i walked over i sat on him "oh" he moaned i stated grinding  you know the  usaul then i stopped got off "okay truth or dare ?" i said eric had his eyes close he moaned and sighed deeply he opened his eyes "that was nothing" eric said he came over my side grabbed my arm  and put me on his lap or his crotch "huh?" i said i tried to move he held my hips "like this" eric whispered he moved my hips i started grinding something took over me....legit

i layed my head back in pleasure eric moaned in my ear i moaned too i shook my head eric's lips on my neck his breath hitting my neck i moved away "umm no" i said i got off he i starred around avoiding his eyes "sorry"  eric said i nodded

"i enjoyed it " i said i covered my mouth with my hands did i just say that...?

"yeah you said that" eric said  he read my mind

"noi didn't read your  mind  you said it out loud this time " eric said

" i didn't- " i said but gt cut off "i enjoyed it too" eric saidand smirked   i was so awkard

"welll ,,um er...uh" i said thinking on what to say eric changed the topic on food though it was pretty awkward i got on the couch i slept someone put  a blanket on me ..



oh god! that felt amazing so close close ugghhh it felt really good, oh anna now i can't stop thinking about you your body jesus, i wanted to watch anna sleep she was so cute  but i didn't want to be a creep i got a blanket for anna i put it on her damn those lips okay enough! i walked upstairs on my bed slepping and remebering re playing every moment ...






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