in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


3. Surprise

 Anna P.O.V.

When i heard my mom's voice while i was strumming my guitar i stopped. 

Mom: "Anna come down here!" 

I put on my slippers and i ran down the stairs to see my mom and dad sitting on the couch while their hands folding in their laps and they had a serious face. I know something was up... something serious. 

Me: "Yes?"

They patted the couch instructing me to go sit in between then so i did and went and sat down. 

Dad: "Honey, well this is big news" 

Me: "What! What is it!?" 

Dad: "Well for work. Me and your mother have to go to Australia for a month" 

Me: "Australia!? Oh my gosh can i come?" 

Mom: "Um No sweetie it's for work"

Me: "So wait i'm staying here alone?" 

Dad: "Of course not" 

Me: "So where am i staying?" 

Dad: "Well the neighbors said they will be taking care of you" 

Me: "So I'm staying with strangers, Mom we don't even know them properly" 

Mom: "There not strangers, there really nice and they have a son that is your age" 

Me: "Okay who are they?" 

Mom: "The Adams" 

My mind went blank i couldn't be staying with the guy i hate. Could i? No that's not possible i just cant. 

Me: "What!? No when are you leaving?" 

Dad: "Honey you have no choice...please were leaving in the morning so go pack your bags" 

I signed and i just agreed because my parents would get and and they already stressed enough. 

Me: "I'll go pack" 

My parents nodded and i went  to my room and I fell on my bed. Why does this have to happen to me? I got out my suit cases and i packed all my clothes, two pairs of shoes, hair supplies, make-up, underwear, bra yeah you get it. I was done within a hour and i decided to get changed into jogging pants and a crop jumped. 


My parents came upstairs and they were standing by the door frame, 

Dad: "Alright let's go" 

My mom helped me with my suitcases and we walked down the stairs and i had my backpack on my back. 

Mom: "Okay sweetie we'll walk you there but we have to pack" 

I nodded my head and we walked out of the house and my mom locked it, I had keys to the house to and we walked over to Eric's house. My dad knocked while me and my mom were standing behind him. I was scared and after a few seconds i saw Eric open the door and i turned away avoiding contact. 

Dad: "Did your parents tell you that my daughter is staying here while we were in Australia for a month?" 

Eric: "Yes, even though i rather not want to know anyways come in" wow what a jerk. 

He moved and i walked in with my parents behind me, 

Dad: "Alright sweetie we have to leave now, behave" 

My mom and dad kissed my cheek, Eric chuckled and smirked. 

Mom: "Okay take care Eric, tell your parents thank you again" 

Dad: "Its very nice of you people" 

Eric nodded and my parents waved goodbye. Eric closed the door. His house was big and clean i wonder how his room looked like, then i heard footsteps. I turned to see Eric walking up the stairs. 

Eric: "Come on" 

I followed him and he showed me where the guest bedroom was and it was really small and there was only one bathroom great. Note the sarcasm. 

Eric: "Here's you room. Now let's make this clear no loud music, don't talk to me,  I don't like you and don't bother me. Stay in your room and don't go in mine or anything" i looked at him wow he's nice.

Me: 'Okay don't worry i wont and i don't like you either" 

I walked into my new room and i shit the door HARD. I walked over to the bed. 

Eric: "Oh and don't shut the door like that" 

He walked back into his room that was beside mine. I remembered i forgot my suitcases i got off my bed and i opened the door and outside the door were my suitcases i guess Eric must have brought them up for me. I dragged them into my room and i closed the door. I put my clothes on hangers and in the dressers. I put my favouirte tie dye blanket and my pillow. I got out my mp3 and i started listening to music and i started looking out the window when i heard a knock on the door. I paused my music and i walked to open the door to find a beautiful black haired, brown eyed lady .

Patty: "hey you must be Anna welcome i see you made yourself comfortable" 

Me: "Oh yes thank you" 

Patty: "I'm Patty and dinners ready so you can come down now

Me: "Okay thank you"  

She nodded and  walked down the stairs. I went back into my room to put my mp3 down and i tied my hair into a braid and i went downstairs. I saw Eric eating what looked like pasta he looked up and saw me. He had no shirt on and he had a six pack. He grabbed his drink and got up and went to his room shoving me a little. 

Me: "Gee Hi to you too" 

I walked to where his mom was and she grabbed a plate and gave me some pasta and she handed it to me while giving me a drink which i later found out was apple juice. 

Me: "Thank you" 

I grabbed the plate and drink and made my way to the table which was neatly decorated. I looked around and i noticed his mom had a good scene of decoration. When i was done i offered to wash the dishes but Patty just wished me off. I walked back to my room when i smelled something like weed? Smoke filled the hallway and i coughed and ran to my room and i shut the door. I grabbed my perfume and sprayed it a million times and now it smelled like jasmine and roses. I opened the window and starred out of it and i turned left to see Eric smoking a blunt wow what a stupid kid. He looked at me and went back into his room and i shut the window hard. I was going to tell him how it's not good for him but he ran off. I got tired it was like 10. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and i searched for the washroom. I knocked on the the foot and someone was in there it was Eric ho opened the door and he was brushing his hair and he had black sleek soft pretty hair swept side. 

Eric: "Um Hello!? Do you want to use it?" 

It broke me from my gaze. 

Me: "Um yeah" 

Me moved and he still had no shirt on and his six pack he was tan and had muscles. He walked off and i brushed my teeth and he didn't look high, I washed the make up off my face and i brushed my hair, I went back into my room and i fell asleep.  

A/N: Oooh Anna and Eric both hate each other. Anyways how do you guys like it? Hmm? Bye thanks for reading!


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