in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


12. school


       waking up to one direction - kiss you made me  feel better  i smiled got out of bed grabbed my towel i walked to the bathroom did my routine(brush teeth.wash face,shower,comb hair) . i got out i went to my room i was deciding what to wear

i just wore some black jeans and a long sleeved plaid shirt i braided my hair i put a lot of perfume .  grabbed my bag and phone went down stairs.."good morning" i shouted i saw Eric making breakfast,i came by his side "need help?"

"nope,go sit down" Eric said i nodded went to the diner table sat down Eric was carrying bacon in a pan with pancakes he put a plate down in front of me "thank you" i said he got  a plate for himself ,we stated eating i secretly looked at him sometimes but i turned away so he didn't see  i kept thinking on last night the way it felt good i heard Eric cough it shook i shook my head i cleared my throat  .i saw Eric looking  at me i stared at in his green eyess oh my i can't ,i seriously can't ...

" you okay?" Eric said  "um--er yeah" i said i got up i noticed he was wearing a black t-shirt with some khakis  his hair was perfect...i  went to the sink put my dishes i put my earphones on  "bye" i said i walked out the door  closed it  supposedly Kim is coming back.. yay  i have to tell her everything  . i walked while i was walking someone took  one of my earphones out ..i turned around Eric.. "hey" Eric said "hi" i said  aghh he's so,cute i can't okay i took one ear phone out i put on a rock /sing song i don't know  i just put it on it was quite loud Eric grabbed the ear phone out and put it in his ear he started liking it "this is cool "Eric said "yeah" i smiled i saw Kim running to me "does she always run to you?" Eric said "kind. of" i said he nodded and smirked he took out  the earphone passed it to me   Kim was like 3 inches away already telling me stuff  Eric rolled his eyes walked passed her  rolled his eyes he starred to me and smirked  oh god ...

 "Matt and i are going out" kim said "really?awe" i said she nodded we walked to the bus stop and  Eric smoking "seriously?" i said and coughed on  the fumes of smoke he chuckled and smirked i started talking about stuff ..when i saw Eric lift the cigarette again i gazed to his features all his features ..oh my.. Kim pinched me on the arm. i shook my head "what?.ow" i said

"you were  gazing...who was it?" Kim said "  oh the trees" i said to cover that i actually was looking at Eric ,Eric looked at me i started talking about the trees "okay stop"Kim said then giggled the bus  came we got on we payed we stated talking about Kim 's vacation or trip i guess.. and Matt.

"i need to meet him, for my purpose 'if he is a good guy'" i said Kim looked at me "oh my will, you sound like my mother " Kim said i laughed "lol" i said ,eventually i saw Eric gaze my way I'd always gaze his way  he looked so good. shinning his hair ,his eyes oh my.. i can't..

we got off we walked to the entrance of school i felt Eric past me hitting his  chest so strong hitting my back oh it felt nice ...

the way he swayed his butt..okay i sound like a creeper he turned around and smirked fuck ..he totally saw .

me and Kim reached  our lockers jack was there so was Hallie and Allison "hey" i said jack came up to me...

" hello" jack said with a smile so cute"hi" i said "that party was fun"Allison said and Hallie agreed

" yeah" i said " what party?!" Kim said with jack i explained  everything "oh" Kim said i got to my locker grabbed my books for first period i walked down the hallway with all behind me  for some reason i started talking about stuff with Kim .

and about Austin "ooh you guys kissed?" Kim said i shushed her "kind of . well i kissed him , I'll tell you everything later it was sort of a accident " i said she nodded the bell rang got to my class

time second class P.E oh shit i hate it i don't like running , i got  to my locker grabbed my  bag i had with my gym clothes the bell rang i went to gym class i got into a changing room changed into these red jogging pants that said  "peach valley high school" and a white shirt with the logo on the back i tied my hair up .we eventually went to the field

"  we'll be playing  flag foot ball" coach said everyone groaned i didn't i saw Eric some in the gym clothes really hot..okay stop!

"girls vs. boys" coach said girls all groaned and sighed we got to our positions  "1.2.3.hut" some person said i  tried and ran  through them some girl threw the foot ball at me  i grabbed it started running towards the line so close...when


someone crashed into me knocking me over they were on me , my legs and knees were down and the person was straddling me  i looked up  it was Eric "you like this position don't you?" Eric said and grabbed one of my flags  and smirked he had my wrists pinned on the grass the couch blew the whistle "no" i said coldly i pushed him off with my knee i threw the foot  ball to him i got back to my group  girls  started whispering i sighed so annoying...we had to get in to

our positions i saw Eric with the ball i ran i  got close i grabbed his flag "got it" i said Eric stoped and  looked at me i grabbed the foot ball  "ha,got your flag" i said laughing Eric pulled my wrists he looked at me "I'll get all your flags"Eric said "sure." i said i walked back to my group i looked i had 2 flags left .shit


eventually i got all Eric's flags i told the coach if i could keep the flags for memories the coach said yes i changed to my other clothes put some perfume let go of my hair everyone was out  of the changing room well girl's i was alone i grabbed my gym clothes put it in my bag i grabbed my bag i closed the locker door i put my flags in my front pockets with Eric's co lours sticking out   when i turned to walk i crashed into someone's chest. i looked up saw Eric he grabbed my wrists  back to the locker his body close to mine oh it felt good "go away what are you doing here?" i said he smirked

he leaned closer to my ear  "i will beat you eventually " Eric whispered then let go of my wrists and walked back to the door "remember,babe" Eric shouted "I'm not scared" i shouted but he prob lay didn't  hear i sighed i walked out to the hall to  my locker put my stuff there grabbed a 10 dollar bill and my phone i walked the bell rang meaning lunch  i walked out remembering i still had the flags i looked down and smiled i walked out of the school doors and walked down the street

to Starbucks i went in and saw Eric great. i waited in  line and  ordered a coffee and a brownie i gave in the money i walked back down the street to school Eric walked passed me "remember" Eric said "whatever you're not beating me "i said  "oh i will" Eric said Eric's so competitive  i walked back to school just got to my locker and read a book drank my coffee and ate my brownie the bell rang .oh shit. next period. i ate fast grabbed my books with my coffee and walked to class i had to sit NEAR ERIC GREAT.

the teacher was writing something on the board i saw Eric grab my coffee and drink it "really." i said and sighed

he passed me it back i didn't talk to him stare at him he kept poking me "what " i said

" i need a sharpener" Eric said "well ask someone else , i don't have one " i said "oh"Eric said he asked other people and this girl i heard them whispering about something i didn't care until i heard"your cute"Eric said and smirked  it disgusted me and made me jealous  the girl giggled "player"i muttered the bell rang i closed the book i walked out fast

to my locker grabbed all things i needed  put them in my bag i walked to the bus stop and got in payed  i waited till the bus doors close Eric came in urgghh he came beside me "player.huh?" Eric said i ignored  him " you called me player" Eric said "yeah i did" i said irritated  he sighed " you don't know me" Eric said "well i can see what you do to girls and stuff,explains enough" i said

"wow" Eric said i could see his jaw tighten " so you watch me?"Eric said teasingly "whatever "i said are stop was here i got off walked to the house got in went to  up the stairs when Eric's hand tugged my wrist "what?!" i said turned around "i asked you do  you watch me?" Eric said " yeah.i guess well it's hard when you are shoving your tongue down a girl's throat it's quite disturbing" i said "well, hmm" Eric said and smirked he let go of my wrist i got up to my room ....

did my homework i was done i changed to some shorts and a shirt  i walked down stairs and ran i had to get thoughts of my head it was getting quite dark i turned around yup i was really dark now ..i crashed into someones body they put their hand on my mouth i kept scramming and screaming when this person grabbed my waist ...shit who was this!! i was scared......



                                                                                       -ASHLEY <3-XXXX


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