in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


2. School

 Anna P.O.V.

My alarm woke me up Kiss You by One Direction started blaring and it woke me up. With the good smell of... PANCAKES!  They make me drool ew no never mind. I got up form my bed and i got my towel and i waled to my bathroom. I took a shower and i put my dirty clothes in a basket and i brushed my hair and washed my face, then brushed my teeth. 

I went back to my room. Hmm what to wear? Aha I'll wear black skinny jeans and a jumper. I tied my hair into a fish braid and i wore a tiny bit of foundation, mascara and lip gloss. I put in my "8"g Gauge (3.26mm spacer) and it was black i like spacing my ear but not that far.  I got all my supplies for school my bag, binders, pencil case i got everything and i grabbed my phone. I ran downstairs and i smelt the pancakes when i got down i saw a plate set out for me. 

Me: "Good Morning" i kissed my mom's cheek. 

Dad: "Good morning are you ready for school?" 

Me: "Yup" 

I was texting and eating multitasking. I cleaned my hands and mouth and i got a gum. 

Me: "Ok bye mum and dad" 

Mom: "Bye sweetie have a nice day!" 

My mom was dressed for work and so was my dad and they leave right after i leave and they are always busy with work, papers and everything. I got my phone from out of my bag and i walked around the corner and i was waiting for Kimmy also known as Kim. She is my best friend since elementary school. I saw her running and she gave me a hug and i hugged her back. 

Me: "Hey Kimmy" 

Kim: "Hey Anne" 

She always called me Anne and i don't like it btu she still calls me it. We were walking to the bus station and we started talking about summer and then...

Kim: "OH MY GOD! Guess what!?" 

Me: "What?" 

She smiled from ear to ear. 

Kim: "I kissed a boy" she said in almost a whisper and then she giggled. 

Me: 'Oh my god really? What? When? How? Who is he? Some one from school? Details spill!" 

Kim: "Okay, His name is Matt, Matt Delcruise, he's tan, has brown hair, blue eyes, perfect lips, sweet, nice, caring and funny" 

Me: "The kiss?" 

Kim: "Oh yeah it was perfect. Fireworks everyt-thing. He asked for a second date this Saturday" 

Me: "Oooh a second date that's something" 

I was almost as happy as she was. She flipped her brown hair, Kim had green eyes i was jealous she was a bit taller than me but she was an awesome friend. We got on the bus and we sat down. 

Me: "So your baby is going to have a mixture of blueish, greenish eyes. I'm so jealous" 

She nudged me and blushed. 

Kim: "Haha stop" 

Me: "Are you in love with him?"

Kim: "Yes!" 

Me: "Awe" 

This time she pinched my arm. 

Kim: "Loser" 

Me: "Hey" i frowned. "Meanie" 

Kim: "Awe I'm kidding" 

The bus stopped and we got off and entered the school i saw lots of my friends around my locker. 

Friends: "Hey"

Me: "Hi" 

We all greeted each other and i opened my locker and put my stuff in there. We shared our schedule. I got in two classes with Kim and i have one class with this girl names Allison, Jack and Hallie. I looked ta my phone and it was 7:50 an the bell was going to ring soon. I turned to my frienda and we talked about the summer and then i saw Eric come down the halls with his gang or followers he passes by us and i rolled my eyes. He saw me and he looked at me.

Eric: "Don't roll your eyes at me!" 

Me: "Piss off!" 

He stuck up his middle finger and i rolled my eyes. 

Me: "Jerk" i muttered. 

I gathered my things for my first class and Kim's locker was right next to mine. I checked myself in the mirror and the bell rang and off to class i  went. 

~ In History Class~

I was tired and i gathered my things for History. I walked into class and i sat in the third row and everyone settled in then Mr.Quinn was about to close the door when someone came in...


Just great. 

He went to the fifth row at the back and i noticed that he had black hair and green eyes got a bit darker when he saw me whatever. Mr.Quinn started teaching and i got out some paper and i started making notes. Class was almost over and i kept on replaying that moment with Eric in my head. I felt a tap on my shoulder and i turned around to see Eric behind me. 

Me: "What do you want" i asked coldly. 

Eric: "Thinking about me?" 

Me: "No why would i be thinking about you?" 

Eric: "Okay say whatever you want, but i know you were thinking about me" 

he leaned back and stretched his arms behind his head. 

Me: "Sure whatever go away" 

He smirked and i chucked giving him the finger. 

Eric: "Woah bad ass" 

I rolled my eyes and he got up and went back to his seat then the bell rang. I went home on the bus and i went to my room and i layed on my bed. 

Me: "Oh One Direction and Justin Bieber save me please?" 

I got out of my clothes and i changed into my pajamas and i did my homework and i listened to music and then i grabbed my guitar and started strumming when... 

A/N: Cliffhanger. Hey guys thanks for reading love ya


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