in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


7. revenge!



wow ,my alarm was loud the sound one direction singing this time it was kiss you somehow  it was near my ear i got scared  and fell off my bed ,today was Thursday since we came to school on Tuesday  i groaned got up got my towel and walked to the washroom

i did my routine: wash my face ,brush my  teeth then i got in the shower after 10 minutes turned off the water had my dirty pj's folded on the counter /sink thing i wrapped the  towel tightly around my chest got out when i heard  the door open....

of course it was...


when i saw him  i felt pity and bad for him i wish i was here to help him even though he didn't like me.not much. anyways.



i saw Anna in a towel "get out " she shouted  i put my hands up "sorry" i said i could help but noticed her body and that  lip piercing, damn ..stop Eric !" i still felt bad for her.

i went in-front of the mirror and got my hair brush and started combing my hair ,tousling it so it would manage to stay calm..

when i knew Anna was starring "stop,starring!" i said "I'm not " was her response   she came close she took my hair brush started combing her long silky black hair that shinned- okay stop Eric !.

"no!" i said i took  it from her hands i smirked, her hands felt soft and warm she giggled damn that giggle was cute. she ruffled my hair "good morning" she said and smiled her genuine smile was perfect.i fixed it annoyed," you ruined my hurrr" i said in a girl voice i started brushing my teeth she stood there awkwardly "your such a girl "  Anna said  i smirked and winked she blushed i could tell the pink/crimson flow to her cheeks , i was done  i wiped my face and all the tooth paste and   put it on her face   "ew " she said taking it off i laughed  "bye" i said i walked out she shut the door..i noticed that time she wore her  her sweater i liked it i wanted to wear it ,i went into her room i opened her suitcase saw the hoodie i wanted i pulled it out then something fell ..a book  i looked over placed the hoddie down and took a look of the purple book  i opened it all the pages were dated i think it was a journal i saw one page : dec,2011 i read half of it

it said


" i could stand to his face again after what he did i wanted to tear it apart ,he just left me there i could've got hurt but instead i had to be stupid and forgive him .why? i was so dumb at this time i know i don't want to see him again ,that's for sure . "

i read it, i wondered what could've been the problem who was he .what did  he do? i had so much questions

then i heard a cough shit .i got caught i slowly put her book in her suit case  and grabbed the hoodie i turned around and saw Anna. shit i got caught. i smiled .great .blown your cover.



i hummed my way out of the washroom i  opened my door i saw Eric reading my purple book.shit that was my old journal i coughed loud so he could hear .shit .now he saw everything part.

he turned around i saw him put it back in my suit case but topped it up with this "hipsta please" sweater he smiled and stood up "were you reading my book?" i said he shook his head "no " Eric said "your lying ,what part did you see?" i said

"nothing!, i didn't see it" Eric said  ''really then  why did i see you reading it?" i said "i wasn't reading it" Eric said "really i saw you look on a page for a long time I'm assuming you read it?" i said  "well i didn't read it" Eric said "your a liar get out!" i said  he had my sweater in his hand "can i borrow your sweater ?" Eric said "why it's too small for liars!" i said he shook his head "it's actually pretty big" Eric said  "whatever liar .get out and don't in my room again" i said Eric got closer "I'm the son of the owner that put a roof over your  head i could quickly take that opportunity off" Eric said "is that a threat?" i said crossing my arms "maybe ,baby doll" Eric said i rolled my eyes "don't call me that." i said "baby doll,baby doll,baby doll" Eric said he kept repeating it i put my hand over his lips "shut up .and get out ,liar!" i said "oh and babe don't go through my stuff" i said with that i pushed him out my room  and shut the door on him i walked  to my suit case grabbed  my book  i saw he left a flap on the top of a page  i read the page shit .this was something that happened in he past and he read it.crap, i hid the book somewhere else under my dresser  i changed into a "young guns " (it's a band) sweater and some ripped black jeans i tied my hair in a braid and did my make up and put on perfume  i put on my nikes and grabbed my phone and bag this time i shut my door i walked down stairs i greeted patty  she  gave me cereal i ate fast and i was texting  kim  some how she had to go some where with her family for a week meaning she'd leave me alone with Eric.  "ooh ,multitasking" i heard Eric say coming down the stairs  i ignored him "thanks patty " i said and gave her the plate she nodded   i grabbed my  bag and put it on my back. "bye" i said "bye sweetie" patty said i left  and walked down the bus stop which was like a minute away .from the house i was texting jack and i heard skate board wheels on the ground i  knew  who it was Eric.  i ignored it still on my phone someone grabbed it "hey !" i said i looked up Eric had it in his hand rolling down he street i chased him ..he was in the bus stop leaning on the window  he had it in his hand i rushed in the bus stop "hey,give me my phone!" i said  he shook his hand i could feel the white lines of me stretching my lips in a white firm line i was pissed" give me it!" i said

he shook his hand this time i tried to grab it  but he held it up i wasn't tall i told you he was three inch's taller but his arms were long"seriously " i said  he shook his head "hey mate, give her phone back " i heard another voice say it was .

jack's .

 Eric starred at him like jack was dumb "you want it Anna?" Eric said  i nodded .. he starred at me to jack i turned around and greeted jack  i look back at Eric i was inpatient i saw Eric fist clutched  jaw firm his eyes locked with jack's

" then kiss me" Eric said  i starred at him wtf,hell no i wasn't kissing him what for a phone ..and why was he suddenly ma at jack ?



" " Anna said "then you  can't have your phone" i said i knew jack did something to her i wanted to  make him jealous i could see the way he looked at her he liked her. i was mad because i knew that jack was up with something and he hurt her. why was i so mad all of a sudden  .was i jealous.??

"it's fine, i don't need my phone" Anna said  she didn't want to kiss me ? all girls wanted to. "are you sure?" i asked   she bit her lip and nodded "i don't want to kiss you for a phone" Anna said "but it's your phone" i said she looked down the bus came we paid and went on  i felt someone's hand on my wrist  and pull me back i looked it was jack's  "what the hell?" i said i was already pissed "give her back her phone " jack said sternly "she has to kiss me first " i said " why,are you that pathetic? , and cruel you want a kiss ,wow" jack said i looked Anna behind jack's  back "don't call me cruel your cruel yourself" i said coldly and took my wrist away from him he let go he smirked "what are you talking about ,? are you high now?" jack said i wanted to punch him we held on to the poles " no I'm not and don't play dumb" i said  that offended me i wasn't high and if i was it was sometimes prob lay once or twice a week . "seriously ,what are you talking about " jack  said  "you hurt Anna ,you dumb ass!" i said  Anna came behind him "Eric what are you talking about he never hurt or did anything bad to me"  Anna said  "yes he did it said in your--" i said but realized i gave the clue that i read her book

she raised  her eyebrow "you read my book ,i wasn't talking about jack!' Anna said   "oh " i said "sorry jack " i said he nodded  but i still knew there was something wrong about this kid jack "i think you just admitted on reading my book" Anna said .shit . "fine i read it  but i only read 2 sentences i swear " i said  she nodded "payback " Anna said " what are you going to do?" i said   "you'll see " Anna said very creepily what was she going to do? we reached our stop jack and Anna were first to get off she talked with him and entered  inside the school .i was behind them i saw Anna turn back and smirk what was she going to do ??,i put her phone in my back pocket .. they got to there lockers and talked  i walked past them i  looked at Anna she gave me a death glare and gave me the finger .okay..i went off to my locker my boys standing around it i greeted them and we talked...i was still worried what was Anna gonna do?




i honestly don't  know what to do to Eric ..shit i tried talking to jack about this we both had no plans i knew Eric read that part in my journal  but no way it was about jack way.. mmhm, i didn't quite have a plan  maybe i could just get him paranoid ..i was near my locker the bell rang i got my things and went to class.


*************************************** lunch***********************************************************************

i met up with jack,and Allison near the cafeteria doors  we caught up and entered the cafeteria  we waited in line  i got a cookie and a burger again we went outside we opened the doors when i saw someone crash into us they had there arms around a long blonde hair, slut   the were making out then i saw it was Eric..eww i saw my phone in his back pocket i grabbed it as soon as i was going to reach it i felt someone knock my hand off .Eric did that. shit. i was so close ugh...

he starred at me then smirked and   went on to kissing that slut. he grabbed her  started shoving his tongue down her throat.ugh he disgust me  i walked off with jack and Allison we started talking about incoming  tests  we  hang out  under a tree in the field . i started laughing how Allison saw Eric and she started talking bad  about him and how she felt bad for me .. i started eating my burger .when we started bashing  about Eric i didn't say much just about how he kissed that girl..

 then i heard "tsk,tsk it's not nice to talk about people like that" Eric said coming  from behind the tree  we all starred at him  i  ignored him when he came close to me and i saw jack and Allison whispering they were only 5 inches away from me. Eric came closer when i  felt and almost touch  of his lips but he backed  away slowly i felt the warm breath tingling on my cheek .then he held my phone close to my face. my  eyes widened i wanted to snatch it but i knew Eric was faster quicker than me i gulped "if you want your phone ,kiss me" Eric whispered i looked at him and he smirked "why do you want a kiss?" i said "cause i want one " Eric said  "well you can keep my phone i wouldn't kiss you for anything" i said Allison and jack whispering louder "really?" Eric said he went on my phone but i locked it i had a password he suddenly showed my pictures of camp in 2011  my eyes widen he hacked and unlocked my phone .wtf  "i have your pictures" Eric said  "okay " i said  he starred at me and licked his lips  "i can do something with them " Eric said  i nodded "why do you want a kiss from me ?" i said  Eric shrugged "i don't know i want one "  Eric said  "then come close " i said i had a plan .suddenly Eric came close our noses almost touching when  i leaned in and touched his hand i saw him smirking and he let go of the phone it was on his lap now i leaned closer he closed his eyes i wanted to laugh in his face i wouldn't  kiss him. i came closer until our noses touched i turned my head  my hair swept his face i saw the phone and grabbed it and ran .i saw his eyes open he looked at me i kept running i  ran  inside the school to the girls washroom Eric wasn't behind me i stayed there until the bell rang shit i had to see him again at last period  i came out  no one was in the halls all in class . i grabbed my things for the last period this time i hid my phone in my shoes .i ran to class 

"your late" the teacher said  "sorry" i said  "detention" the teacher said grabbed a note pad and wrote something at gave me it.i sighed i went to the back Eric .wasn't here where was he i sat in my chair i sighed then a few minutes later i heard the door open  "Adams ,your late ,detention " the teacher said he nodded shit.he be in detention with me .shit.shit

the teacher gave the  a note to Eric  there was only one seat left the one front of me  he got in his seat he smirked at me then after a few minutes Eric turned around "I'll get the kiss,some time" Eric said then winked "sure" i said sarcastically then bell rang .shit i had to go to detention with Eric.great  




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