in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


18. RESTURANT and cutting?





school was over   ,i walked home with Eric hand by hand  we were inside the house  i met  a older man prob lay in his 40's he had black hair  sleeked back nd had on suit   and green eyes but not brighter than Eric's  Eric tightened   my hand "oh, hello I'm Anna  " i said "hey, call me david  " he said  he stuck out  his hand i reached to shake it but Eric pulled me up  to his room "he's such a bastard " Eric said walking back and fourth "Eric, calm down we'll get this over with it together" i said  getting up and kissing him kissed back "I'm gonna take a shower" i said "can i join?" Eric said "ha,no" i said  i walked out i got my towel went to the bathroom stripped my clothes got in the warm water  hit my skin i washed my hair  i got out put perfume on , i walked out 

to my room i got changed into a collared dress white lace sort of thing and black flats i left my hair wavy  but straightened my bangs put my bangs back  with a bobby pin i put more perfume  on, i did some eyeliner and make up i  always wanted to put red lipstick on so i did i knocked on Eric's door  he opened it "ready?" i said titling my head  "you look... beautiful " eric said he grabbed my hand   i came inside his room  " turn "Eric said holding my hand i turned  he checked my out "can i fuck you now?" Eric said biting his lips "ha no"i said  he frowned i laughed i checked him out he wore a  blue dress shit and jeans


  we finally were done Eric combed his hair and shook it love how he did that then  he ruffled my hair "ahh" i said taming  it.

we walked down stairs patty and david were there talking  eric held my hand "ready" David said i nodded  david checked me out,ew,   Eric held me by the waist.  "here goes the disaster" Eric said i felt bad for him , we went in the car i was beside eric in the back david driving patty beside him  david kept looking at me in the rear mirror and  winking disgusting..ew

Eric saw  he came closer  wrapped his arms around my  shoulders  we started talking  Eric kissed me when i smiled , i smiled

he kissed me again  "stop your getting  my lipstick on your lips.." i said  Eric shrugged  started tickling  me "stop !" i whispered  Eric stopped by his dad  talking "Eric you heard her , i don't know how you got a girl , you're worthless" David said  i widen my eyes

 WHO says that??....

 and it's Eric's dad

 Eric gripped tightly around my hand  "well I DID!" Eric said i could tell he's hurt  and angry  "oh  rude "David said  he clicked his tongue we drove in silence ,after a few minutes  i whispered in Eric's ear "are you okay?" he nodded i kissed his cheek i wiped it it left a red mark  he smiled i could see he had a small dimple oh my godddd!!!  i thought ,...Eric had to go through this i felt really bad for him  he was broken .

" you're not worthless , Eric , you're perfect" i whispered   he looked at me and  mouthed 'thanks' i smiled and nodded i leaned  my head on his shoulder   i placed our hands on my lap . we drove to a restaurant called 'RILEY'S.' 

we stopped in a parking spot got out  Eric helped me out " my princess"Eric said "ah,thank you my prince " i said and bowed

he laughed we walked  into the restaurant we got a four people booth i sat with Eric across from  patty and Eric across David wrong idea.

we order food we ate in silence when the alcohol came David offered to celebrate ew,wtf   Eric shook his head "your such a loser " David said to Eric while patty stayed quiet, wow  i kept eating "what about you ,sweet heart?" David said i shook my head "no thanks, " i said "Eric you picked her she so... boring" David said slurred prob lay drunk  


"i picked her cause of ' her 'she is wonderful , don't you dare to say  she is boring she is not ." Eric said i smiled "whatever you make the wrong choices  anyways" David said .i want to beat the shit out of him  . seriously .

ruining Eric's life. fucker .piece of shit. ugly. drunkie.

i could see Eric giving him death  glare and Eric gripping his fork hard. thinking it might explode  i held his other hand , once we were finally done  ."everyone's done?, I'm surprised Eric ate he's too fat now, and ugly " David said wow can you not? David ..


we went out of the restaurant Eric basically dragging me out  we went in the car Eric crossing his arms across his chest

i took a deep breath ,patty took over  to drive we drove in silence  once patty was going to drop off David  he opened the door turned to Eric "i never  wanted you Eric, you are stupid, ugly and not worth my time , good bye. " David said and left and slammed the car door   " you BA--SSTTA--RDD!" Eric shouted  Eric broke down in silent sobs  i cuddled him "no, your not any of those things ,trust me?" i said   

 he nodded patty  comfort him "David is an ass" patty said  we drove to our house parked the car   Eric  went straight to his room i think i should leave him for a bit  , and i followed up to mines . i listened to music after  a while  i felt really bad i opened my door   went and knocked  Eric's door   no answer again ,no answer .. what the hell? i turned the knob i opened his door i looked around he wasn't there what the hell?

i came in the hall way   i looked around i saw the bathroom room had light but there was a shadow covering some light from the bottom of the door  .

Eric has to be there.

 i went and knocked and opened the knob i pushed it open  Eric's body was  laying behind the door as i moved the door forward  he fell to his side i saw  his wrist

 FILLED with CUT-S....and blood.

"oh my..." i said i came to his side "Eric, why?" i said "my dad" Eric  mumbled i saw he had a razor in his hand   i shook my head i got a towels and  wrapped it around  both of his wrists got a wet paper towel  dried  his cuts..

wrapped them with gauzes from a nearby first aid kit "are you okay, damn it Eric i told you not too " i said 

"yeah i know, I'm fine " Eric said

"don't ever do that, agai-" i said got interrupted by Eric's lips on mine's  "thanks for saving me" Eric said i chuckled "your welcome" i said and smiled Eric caressed my cheek "i love you"Eric said

"i love you too " i said and smiled damn this kid was going to make me cry...

"let's get you too bed" i said i dragged him up carried him and slept with him on his bed 

i love you..." Eric said i smiled "i love you too" i said he slowly went to sleep

Eric was broken but he could be fixed





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