in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


10. party?


       ANNA'S P.O.V

   i woke up by someone shaking my shoulder  i slowly opened my eyes i saw Eric sleeping behind me his his wrapped around my waist his chest on my back his crotch near my bum, i looked around i we were sleeping on the couch. shit. i fell asleep i looked up and saw patty

" hey darling ,did enjoy your sleep?" patty said i poked Eric but he hugged my waist tighter

" oh sorry i fell asleep here" i said she nodded "i need to wake Eric up " patty said Eric finally let go i got up patty went in the kitchen  she grabbed i bottle of water she looked at Eric i did too i starred at his features  the way he slept  patty shoved Eric multiple times "wake up sweetie " patty said "wake up " patty said  Eric groaned "go away" Eric mumbled patty sighed "no worries" i said i got close to Eric 's ear  "do  you still want that lap dance ?" i said he opened his eyes quickly and starred at me and smirked  i stood back "just kidding" i   said  Eric looked at his mom "what?,mum" Eric said  "sweetie you never woke up , although you guys are getting along pretty good ,there was no funny business right?" patty said "no mum of course not we just fell asleep" Eric said  patty nodded "you guys did look like a cute couple" patty said i blushed "mum!" Eric said and smirked patty giggled "anyways ,Eric honey I'm gonna be gone this weekend and  next week for work .i left 200 dollars for food ,I'll come back next Saturday " patty said


what the hell she's leaving us! oh great.great,yay so much fun hint the sarcasm "seriously mum?" Eric said she nodded Eric sighed "okay" Eric said "well i got to go now " patty said she had a suit case a small one. Eric got up kissed his mum on the cheek "alright, mom take care" Eric said "alright" patty  said i went and gave her a  hug "take care " i said "of course " patty said

she walked to the door "you guys act, like I'm leaving on vacation" patty said then chuckled i giggled "I'll miss you!" Eric said "you too sweetie,don't wreck the house!" patty said Eric blushed i saw he had a cute crimson co lour ,patty left i sighed was walking back to my room, Eric went to the kitchen "not hungry?" Eric asked while i was walking up the stairs "yup" i said i walked to my room  i slept.....


                                                                                           *2 hours later*


 i woke up and smelled  pancakes and bacon i opened my eyes and saw Eric watching me i rubbed my face and sighed "were you watching me?" i said "uh...huh? no" Eric said "i-uh er came to uh give you er this "Eric said he stuttered he had a plate with bacon and pancakes .."thanks" i said i grabbed it and started eating  Eric watching  "quit starring" i said he smirked "i uh er..uh wasn't" Eric said "your so cute, when you stutter "  i said  he smirked grabbed a bacon strip "don't you mean ,hot" Eric said "no cute" i said i continued eating and  Eric ate my bacon strip "so what made you to make breakfast to me?" i said  he shrugged "okay.." i said " you missed me, and wanted to give me breakfast,just  to see me " i said i had the last bit of bacon he grabbed it and ate it i watched his lips close in and his teeth eat it the ways his jaw moved then starred at his abs i quickly realized i was starring i looked away .." i think you missed the sight of my abs" Eric said smirking "no " i lied "sure" Eric said "so when can i get that lap dance ?" Eric said "never" i said  i was blushing "soon" Eric said "nope" i said  he grabbed my plate and was walking out my room "thanks for breakfast" i said "no problem " Eric said  he walked out i got up took out my phone surprisingly still in my pocket  it was 4 already ugh, i got up i got my towel went to the washroom did my usually( brush my teeth .comb hair,wash face. shower)

i got out of the shower wrapped the towel tightly i grabbed my dirty clothes went to my room closed the door put my clothes some where in a dirty clothes  hamper  i changed to a sweater crop top thing showed a bit of my stomach i wore white shorts that were mid thigh i straightened my hair put on a bit of make up i cleaned up my room ,i walked out with my phone listening to one direction loud with no ear phones ,  Eric came  out of now where   "ugggh" Eric groaned he watched me sing  i saw him check me out , a lot "nice clothes try to impress? me" Eric said "no" i said "and thanks" i said he checked me out again and sucked a deep breath..he went to his room  i went and watched t.v



 i went up to my room from the sight of Anna damn fit

i got bored  started to text my friend Paul

me: hey wanna come over i wanna have a big party ,my mum's out"

Paul : sure  I'll invite a lot of girls and our boys ,I'll bring some booze you got drugs?

me:of course yeah thanks"

i started inviting people  calling them everything i changed into some skinny black jeans and a navy blue t - shirt i combed my hair sprayed  some cologne  ,body spray i tried to clean some of my room i went to down stairs  i saw Anna sitting on the couch her legs, her stomach everything was sexy and i liked it ..i shook my head from dirty thoughts

" why are you always  turning me on ?" i said and smirked "i am ?" Anna said  i nodded i sat next to her "princess I'm having a party "i said

"what a party?"   Anna said "yeah, come on join don't be a loser" i said "i don't know" Anna said looking away

" come on it's  just a party are you scared ?" i said "no" Anna said  "then come on " i said  i started convincing her

"fine " Anna said "can i invite some of my friends ?" Anna said " sure ,but not that Austin kid ,he's trouble"  i said

"Eric, you're trouble, it's just Austin " Anna said she looked at me with her shimmering brown eyes  i starred at her "fine" i said coldly i didn't want that jerk to come ....

she walked up stairs

" when?" she shouted  "now" i said  "okay" she shouted  she walked to her room ..i got things out anything chips ,drinks i put on some music on i heard a knock .




  really a party ,oh well i invited Austin ,Hallie ,Allison and told them to invite James, and Kevin ..they would all come soon ..i heard a knock, loud  music  i go out my room and shut it i went downstairs i saw lots of people i just went to the fridge grabbed a coke i went outside and waited for my friends ...

 i saw  Austin ,Hallie, Allison and James ,Kevin walking  they came to the porch "hi!" i said  "hey!" they said in unison Austin came grabbed me by the waist kissed me on the cheek ...what the hell  he always done that "hello princess" Austin said "hi" i said he let go of me and checked me out he  bit his lip and smirked the boys and the girls whistled

" so is this your house?" James said

" no I'm staying here with Eric ,my parents are on a business trip to Australia"  i said  they nodded we came in  they followed me to the fridge i gave them coke  they drank it  ..the music was loud we went to where a crowd was we started dancing 

i saw Eric walk past me i continued to dance when i felt arms around my waist  i turned i saw Austin smirking "hey" Austin said "hi" i saw we started talking he leaned  closer to my ear  "wanna dance?" Austin said i nodded we danced Austin was behind me my bum on his crotch i started grinding what the hell...

i tried to go but Austin pulled me back he pushed my hips closer my bum close to his crotch i started grinding

it felt so wrong but also it felt  right.. i think the others were some where Austin and me kept grinding he moaned and groaned i guess he wanted it .but i wasn't gonna give it to him.



i saw  Anna grinding on Austin ugh.. what the fuck that should be me! i was so pissed off something is wrong about that boy Anna kept going the way her body moved i wanted to be Austin i walked in their direction pissed  i grabbed anna's arm  Austin stood there in surprise "what?!" Anna said loud i pushed her to a corner  i held her by her shoulders "what were you doing"? i said "dancing" was her response  "what did i tell you about that guy" i said "you don't know him i was just dancing " Anna said "i don' care i don't want to know him "i wanna dance " Anna said she tried to walk back to Austin but  i held her back i could do this so much better then Austin "dance with me" i said  i was a bit drunk not crazy drunk not much people were but what the hell i gave it a try.. she starred at me  i held her hand turned her  around so that her butt was hitting my crotch it felt so good we moved in sync some times she went harder i moaned i pushed her hips back in more  .i need it i needed her i kept going i moaned she moaned i pulled her off and pushed her against the wall my eyes filled with lust roaming around her body  i leaned in i was close to kissing her but  she moved she didn't want to kiss me "sorry" Anna said  she walked away what every girl wanted to kiss me why not Anna? i tried chasing after her..but couldn't find her...




did that just happen i didn't even know oh but it felt so right, ughh he tried to kiss me but i didn't want i want  a kiss to be at a perfect time  ..not this time i just didn't want to ,well i was confused ..i went to Austin he was hanging out with the others i started talking to them .."where did you go?" Austin asked"oh some where" i said he nodded we started talking

James had a lap dance  by a random girl he enjoyed it  Kevin was talking to some girls Allison was grinding with a guy Hallie was  somewhere talking to some guys ..i was standing awkwardly with Austin "when are you gonna give me that lap dance" Austin said huskily in my ear "never" i said and smirked  he frowned we started talking a lot of people were dancing talking smoking ,doing drugs, drunk 

i looked around to see where Eric was he was kissing some girl basically  sicking his tongue down her throat her legs wrapped around him his hands on her ass holding her up they looked both drunk ...they headed up stairs i was pissed "hold on" i said to Austin he nodded i followed Eric and that slut  they walked into my room no .not my room i was pissed and jealous ....

they shut the door  i was close i stand ed there shocked  i opened the door ..and saw something i was truly hurt...very hurt..



i was totally getting it in with this random chick she was cute but not as hot as Anna wait why was i thinking of Anna i was  drunk  now and a little high ..i went into a room i put her on the bed  we started stripping off i  needed it i heard the door go open i groaned in frustration  i saw Anna her eyes looked hurt  "get out!" Anna said  this random chick put on her shirt and i put on mine's too i came close to Anna  but she pushed me away out the door "get out!" Anna said  i was gonna turn to say something  but she shut the door on my face ..



did i just see  Eric getting it in  with some other girl i felt sick, jealous,hurt  i liked him it took me long to figure it out but i liked him ..and it hurt me to see that.. i was so pissed i got out in disgust off Eric almost having it with some random girl on my bed blehhh...i got down stairs i saw Eric starring at me  .good he was gonna talk to me he was 3 inches away i saw Austin grabbed him put my lips on him Eric saw .. he was starring i kissed Austin but i felt nothing.. like i was supposed to ...nothing i pulled back "sorry, i didn't mean to " i said "it's fine "Austin said i saw Eric starring hurt in his eyes..wait hurt ??  Austin smiled " why did you kiss me?" Austin said i blushed "  i don't know" i said i didn't feel anything i mean he was sweet, cute but i felt nothing  "sorry , i didn't meat to do that sorry " i said he smirked "it's fine it was a mistake ?" Austin said "yeah. i guess" i said not really a mistake Austin i only did that because Eric saw he nodded he carried on  like  he forgot about it  we talked Eric looked at me every minute  it was 10 now Austin felt tired  "bye,I'm gonna go home , thanks for the kiss" Austin said and smirked  i blushed hard "okay..sorry" i said Austin left  i was so stupid why did i kiss Austin   now mostly everyone went home i said bye to Hallie ,Allison , James and Kevin they all left after time  people left so it was me and Eric  we decided to clean up Eric couldn't look at me i wouldn't look at him talk to him we were in silence

" why did you kiss him?" Eric said  i could see him pissed  his jaw tensed up his knuckles turning white "cause i did ,why were you gonna fuck that girl?" i said i still had hurt in my eyes  he starred at me "cause i wanted to " Eric said coldly then turned around cleaned up went up stairs very drunkenly  shut his door hard. "jerk " i mumbled   i cleaned up and went up to my room and shut it my door  hard  i got my sheets out i didn't want to  sleep on that  i decided i just put my blanket and slept with my blanket i opened my window i turned i saw Eric smoking he looked at me starred at me then out to the distance "Anna" Eric said i couldn't be mad at him " yes?" i said coldly  "when you kissed him did you feel anything " Eric said

"to be honest .no i didn't" i said  "and you did you feel anything when you were going to fuck that girl " i said "no i didn't I'm a boy i wanted it,but i could tell she wasn't very good at it  "Eric said earning me a chuckle "oh  okay Mr. i-know-every-thing" i said i  laughed "yes i do know everything" Eric said "sure i whispered  i wasn't really mad at him any more something about him makes me not mad  .....  "good night Anna" Eric said  and smiled i saw his smile so perfect it killed me  "good night" i said and smiled back he went inside shut the window i went back and shut the window i sighed "i like him alot" i whispered ...i felt very sleepy


i was jealous she she kissed him it should've been me  they way she smiles she tries to brighten up a situation her smile,body everything i liked her madly .... i fell asleep thinking about her














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