in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


9. park



  i woke up i sighed deeply i could get much sleep i saw outside it was still  day i checked my clock it was 9:00 today we didn't have school it was Friday i sighed  i took off my shirt  and pants i had my boxers on ....  i got  up  walked to the bathroom and i peed,and  brushed my teeth  ,washed my face combed my hair but it was a bit wavy i ignored it i walked back to my room i left the door open a little i didn't know  and didn't care i slumped down on  my bed  wrapped the cover over my self and closed my eyes and slept a little better..



  i woke  by my phone ringing i saw who it was ...

 Kim (kimmy!) it said, i smiled

i started talking with her how it was ..her trip ...then a few minutes later i was done talking to her i got a text from Hallie i was more closer to Allison but Hallie was alright.. the text said .

 Hallie!: hey me  and Allison are planning going to the park  and few of my friends are coming wanna come along? since we don't have school ..i wanted to ask you.:) i replied  quickly 

me :  sure, !I'd love to "* i was thinking  would Eric want to come?

me: can um.Eric come ? Hallie responded quickly

Hallie! : why?, wait are you actually friends with him?!

me: um kind of. i guess

Hallie! : really? ,okay fine he can come .. as long as he doesn't cause fights or bring drugs or any sort .

me: yeah .okay promise thanks

Hallie!: no problem  come at this direction its near the school but it's  a different park then wide loge park.

i knew which park wide loge is she soon send -ed  me the direction ..okay i could walk from here... easy

Hallie!: come at 2? okay :) see ya soon

me: yeah sure Kay see ya soon too!:)

 i checked my phone it was 12:30  shit i had to go .. i really slept late  ..i got up .shit i wanted to see if Eric wanted to come ..socialize  i walked in front of his door  it was slightly open i knocked one respond again i  knocked a little louder  i could hear Eric mumble "go away" but i knocked again "coming in " i said  he groaned and fell deeper in his pillow  i saw his room  white plain and messy  ,the covers  were over his head i walked in front of him standing beside his bed i poked him "wake up " i said he did' t move again poked him  again he sighed " go away" he mumbled this time i took of his cover revealing his face  his shinning  face his wavy/bed hair seemed spread out, his lips  pink i could feel how bright his green even if it was his eyes  closed  i saw his body shift when the blankets move down i could see his six pack abs OMG it was really attracting  he stook up the middle finger i grabbed his hand "get up!" i said trying to drag him out of bed " why, go away!" Eric mumbled "cause I'm wondering if you wanna go to the park" i said  i still had my hand in his  he grabbed my wrist he pulled me in his bed ,what the hell "no" Eric whispered coldly in my ear. basically he dragged me down in his bed covered me up with his blanket  and his chest on my back cause i turned around when i wanted to get out  he pulled me to stay ,his grip was tighter and basically i ended up staying there in that position

i felt his breath run down  to my neck was warm and ..i can't explain it he had his arms around my waist i was wearing shorts with a tight shirt  not a good time... "why?" i said  i wanted to turn but he was  so close to my  face/cheek that if i turned around my lips would touch his lips or tempting .but i manage and didn't  "sleep with me a bit" Eric said

"nah" i said teasingly he grabbed me closer to his chest so close that if i moved an inch I'd be touching his crotch "then. no i won't go with you" Eric said  he pulled me closer where i was touching his crotch i pushed him off"please come on " i said starring at him for his  response "no" Eric said i turned around  and let go of me so now his turned  back was facing my back i saw his back features..... beautiful  i got up i sat on his bed legs crossed i poked him like a billion times"getup!" i said "get up,get up!" i said i kept repeating and poking him he grabbed my wrist, my cuts didn't hurt at all any more  he dragged me on him so i was straddling him  "what the hell?" i said  i  tried to get off him but he pushed my hips further in his crotch he smirked ,dangerously sexy damn,  "let,go me !aren't i hurting your you know..?" i said "no" Eric said i pinched his cheeks  he flinched and his eyes open now  "ouch "Eric said rubbing his cheeks "good" i said i got off him "don't do that to me again " i said i walked out of his room " oh shut up i knew you liked it" Eric shouted "you wish " i shouted  and walked to my room i guess Eric wasn't coming  .i grabbed  my towel went to the washroom  brushed my teeth washed my face combed my hair with Eric's brush .ha i got in the shower after 10 mins  came out towel wrapped firmly around my body  put on perfume  i walked out to meet Eric's green eyes meeting my brown ones he put his hand over  his nose "that's a lot of perfume"Eric said  gagging for air "oh shut up " i said and smiled i walked out to my room  i shut the door  i looked through my clothes okay i got on some short mid thigh black shorts a Bandeau  bra  i shaved my armpit hair  i left my hair natural i put on  a sleeves shirt that had a band on it got on my jordans and my head phones out with my phone and a 10 dollar bill in my pocket  i walked down stairs i got to the fridge saw left over bacon i cooked it and ate it  i cleaned the dishes  i didn't see patty i guess she was at work i  got out the door  "bye" i shouted i shut the door   i began to walk i decided to walk to the park a long 14 minutes walk .

i put my  head phones in and listened to one direction and more on my phone then walked while i hummed  ...



when Anna left my room i thought.. maybe i should go ..i got up  grabbed my  black skinny jeans and put it on  and a white v- neck shirt and  some cologne and  body spray i brushed my hair okay i heard anna say bye  and shut the  front door  i walked down she left bacon i grabbed it and ate it i saw her put in ear phones and walk  i followed her and ate my bacon  i wanted to scare her. i walked faster but quietly  i was an inch away from her damn , those shorts looked good !on those  sun tanned legs and her ass was so firm ! i walked up so my chest was hitting her i grabbed her waist  to my body pulled out one of   her earphones "hi" i said 



i was walking when i felt someones chest hit my back and there hands grabbed my waist to them i was gonna scream when the pulled one of my earphones out   and said "hi" i realized by the strong, yet soft ,calming voice it was Eric.

i took out my earphones wrapped them around my phone and put them  in my pocket "so you decided to come" i said breathing the air  and closing my eyes and opening them i was  staring over at him he put his hand in his front pocket dug deeper i loved it when guys did that.. he shrugged "ah, missed me?" i said smirking  he starred at me  and playfully shoved me  in the arm "ha, no,you wish, you missed me" Eric said i shook my head "no. " i said  we stood there in silence

"so?,why did you come?"  i  said  he shrugged "i don't know" i nodded  "you obviously   missed me " i whispered  he heard turned to stared at me he obviously heard me..   "ha you?nah" Eric said  "denying the truth i see " i said leaning my head back to take in the sun  i closed my eyes then opened them. Eric looked at me "your funny " he said "yeah I'm i know I'm a pro " i said  he shook his head the ruffle my hair "cute too " i heard him whisper  i heard it clear but it ignored it

I'M CUTE?? since when ..??

okay so we passed our  school i started  talking  about hot guys  ,sweet guys , my dream guy for some reason


 Eric put his hand to my lips again "shh" Eric said "i get it, your talking about me" Eric  said cockily and smirked 

" ha, no" i said coldly he frowned  i smirked  "you seem to put your hands on my lips a lot " i blurted  out " yeah and your body i can't help it it's tempting " Eric said "okay " i said awkwardly my body is fit but never knew it was tempting?

we walked more i we passed the wide loge park sign walked further when i saw a Denver park " sign i saw Hallie's hair and Allison's and five other people "hey!" i shouted waving my hand i grabbed Eric's arms "you have no drugs right?" i said " no why ,you want some?" Eric said  raising his eyebrow "hell no ,  come on " i said  i dragged him "i don't want to " Eric said " are you anti -social ?" i said chuckling after " no,why?" Eric said" just come you'll have a good time  " i said

i dragged him  we got closer to Hallie and Allison with 3 other guys  one had blonde hair gray  eyes ,other one  very fit  , deep jawline  smiled beautifully had brown eyes and light almost dirty blonde hair, other had black hair with Crystal blue eyes o.m.g !!!

"there hot .crap!" i whispered didn't even noticed Eric beside me he pinched me "ow" i said he chuckled "not as hot as me" Eric said i could see his jawline tighten and his  jaw too  okay... "ha your wrong!" i said i dragged him Allison and Hallie waving back at me  "hey girl!" Allison said  "hi " i said all three guys checking me out  especialy the black hair with Crystal blue eyes he bit his lip   and smiled  while the dirty /brown blonde hair guy whispered to the black hair guy something i blushed  "what's up!" i said  we were standing in front of them the guys dug  their hands deep down in their front pockets ..turn on!  Eric beside me he smiled " yo" Eric said

Hallie and Allison exchanged weird looks

"not much !" Hallie said she pushed me and i stood in front of the guys  Eric was behind me looking bored starring into the field or park or even the sky he wanted to look bored..."hi" i said  they nodded and smile their smiles MADE my legs turn into jello and my heart pound out of my chest

" this is Kevin" Hallie said she pointed at the  blonde hair gray  eyes boy "this is James" Hallie said pointing to brown eyes and light almost dirty blonde hair i nodded "this is Austin"  she pointed at black hair with Crystal blue eyes boy

" I'm Anna" i said 

"hi" they said in unison  i nodded and smiled  i grabbed Eric 's hand  and pulled him "this is Eric " i said pointing to Eric

" hi Eric!" they said in unison  Eric waved back

"um is he your boyfriend ?" Austin asked

Eric looked at me.

"no ,why are you interested in me ?" i said

he came close "maybe" Austin said . shit. i blushed hard  i lowered my head and to the ground and shook my head i looked up Hallie and Allison caught on the moment and winking at me i looked away i knew how to play hard

"too bad, I'm not interested in you" i said then winked at Austin

"oh shit dude " Kevin said laying his hand on Austin's shoulder  ,Austin  shook his hand off

i saw Eric shocked why?

Austin bit his lip .shit .the way he bit his lip .

"we'll see" Austin said   i looked away

 "okay then , there all single  Anna " Hallie said and winked

  i nodded Allison grabbed my hand i grabbed Eric's arm and he followed

we sat down on the grass i sat near Austin(on my right)  and Eric (on my left)siting next to me   then  Kevin ,James  in front of me and Allison and Hallie next to them we started talking ...



 oh shit did Anna just rejected him oh shit i actually felt angry the way  the dick played it .ha i could do better  also the way he looked at her like he was  mind- stripping her off, please boy!  she rejected you .ha i felt a bit jealous her friend's  (girls) they were  hotties but Anna was  a something bigger than them  ..shit i got hard "stop eric!


maybe i shouldn't have not said that oh whatever ..

we all started talking Hallie was taking  about Austin and winking at me  Allison was taking to  Kevin

James got up and started  talking  Eric .good luck james.

" are you interested  in Austin ?" Hallie said

"eh.not really " i said Austin looked at me i could feel the heat gaze that he was checking me out

" i 'll change that "Austin said  i felt butterfly's in my stomach Austin grabbed my hand "let's walk " Austin said  Hallie winked at me  when he grabbed my hand .oh dear warm soft . "ugh, now?" i said he nodded i got up  i looked over Eric having  a talk with James  while the girls  had their talks' with  Kevin . they seemed to have fun  i looked over to Austin his eyes so crystal blue and captivating

" so tell me about yourselves ,Anna" Austin said  starring at me damn ,this boy was hot

" um well there's not much " i said  he was checking me out again and he bit his lip

" there has to be .hmm what's  your favorite co lour?" Austin said

"green,you " i said 

" blue" Austin said

" cats or dogs?" i said

" dogs" Austin said "you"he said

"dogs " i said

"favorite ice cream ?" Austin asked

" um ,mint chocolate you" i said

"vanilla" Austin said

" vanilla ew.." i sad i hated vanilla ice cream

" what's wrong about it?" Austin said

"it taste  weird " i said

" weird?" Austin said we got into a playful argument   he shoved me a bit but i laughed i lost my balance and dragged him down with me "oops sorry" i said blushing he layed on me straddling me without putting weight on me i starred into his eyes "favorite food?" i said smirking  " chips" Austin said huskily leaning closer to me  "you ?" Austin said

" orange chicken" i said  he nodded  "  i like that too " Austin said  now it got quite and awkward  he got off me "sorry" Austin said  i nodded "it's fine" i said we started walking

" any boyfriends before,if so how many ?" Austin  said

"uh like three two in elementary " i said thoughts came back on Jacob the guy i loved last year but i think he mostly used me played my heart i guess but i was so sad after our breakup when i caught him making out with some slut .

Austin  nodded 

"you any girlfriends ?" i said

"one" Austin said "oh okay" i said we walked

"did you love her?" i asked

" a little..wait why are you  asking about this " Austin said

"well i wanted to know if you loved her" i said

" i said a little, she's my ex. were over" Austin said angrily but cooled down

"what did she do ?" i said i could tell he was angry

" cheated" Austin said

i hugged him  he hugged back we hugged for a while his arms were so warm and comfortable  "she was a slut wasn't  she?" i said he laughed "yeah a huge one she cheated on me with three guys" Austin said  "oh" i said

" did you love your boyfriends?" Austin said

"no" i said "i really didn't know what i was doing" i said  he nodded

" there lose  for letting you go" Austin said and grabbed my hand "your so beautiful " Austin said he looked into my eyes   i blushed hard  "your not bad yourselves." i said and smiled  he let go of my hand

" you have a phone ?" i said

"yeah,why?" austin said

"  just give it" i said and smiled

he gave me his phone i put my phone number in the phone i gave it back

" so do i have a chance?" Austin said

" maybe, we could be friends " i said he leaned closer to me and kissed my cheek i was shocked his lip soft and warm it tingled

" i hope more then that " Austin said and smirked  i gave him my phone he put his number  in it .  he put him as "future boyfriend" i laughed and changed it to "Austin!" i wasn't sure if i liked him but i started to develop feelings he was so sweet

i didn't know

" you live  near here?" i said

" um about 30 minutes " Austin said i started talking about how  he met my friends' hallie and Allison' he said at a party

"do you live near here"? Austin said

" about 14 minutes away " i said

he nodded started talking about jokes and Kevin and James childhood friends they were cute , i learned from Kevin he was crazy, funny and James more sensitive ,but wild too ..later Austin started taking about jokes

" i like one direction and Justin bieber and .." i said i  named a lot of bands

" okay one direction eh.there good so with Justin bieber oh my gosh do you like you me at six? "
 Austin asked

"um hell yes" i said excited we had a lot in command  we started talking about them ..and bands ,food then we walked back to where Hallie still talking to Allison and Kevin and James talking to Eric ..Eric seemed pissed off not at James he was ignoring him but Eric 's eyes lead to me AND Austin  we were close to them about three inches away Eric got up and walked off  "hold on " i said to Austin he nodded  i chased after Eric he reached the corner shit he was fast  "hey, Eric!" i said

he ignored me and  walked faster i grabbed his wrist hard "what's wrong?" i said "what's wrong?WHAt's WRONG?! you left me with that James guy for a dick Austin or whatever  " Eric said in hurt eyes shit those eyes killed me "I'm sorry " i said

" go, back enjoy your day " Eric said and turned around i knew he was pissed off but sometimes i liked it ..sometimes

i ran after him  grabbed his wrist  "no stay with me" i said "why so  your annoying friends will talk to me all the time ?"Eric said

" no just stay with me Eric..for me  " i said  with pleading eyes he looked at me and sighed " okay for you.." Eric said  he walked passed me i  walked after him then he stopped which made me crash into his back

"do you like him?" Eric said in a serious tone

"a little " i said i didn't know but some feelings were there

" well don't" Eric said coldly

"why?" i asked

he turned to face me "just don't" Eric said i starred at his eyes he was pissed

" i do what i want!" i said

"just this once listen do what you want but if you get hurt then don't say i  didn't tell you so " Eric said

" who says I'll get hurt "  i said

"i don't know,just at least l be aware for a bit" Eric said

"ok" i said i walked off in front of him what's wrong with him ..


i was pissed yes i saw that dick kiss Anna's cheek she smiled was i jealous  yes and furious that James kid was cool but i ignored him ..poor kid ..ugh those eyes Anna has like a spell..i couldn't say no i felt bad for telling her what to do  with that guy i just didn't want to see her hurt.



i walked ahead of Eric i could feel his gaze on me /body  i walked to the park i saw Allison running "wanna head over to MC Donald's? all of us are going? what happened to Eric?"  Allison asked

" it was nothing and yes i would  love to go" i said she nodded Eric was behind me we walked i didn't really want to walk near Austin  no offense sweet guy i just wasn't really in the mood to walk with anyone i walked behind Eric we walked about five minutes when Austin and Kevin lifted me "waaa?" i said screaming the girl's laughing Eric just emotionless

the put me down at the front when Austin put his arm around my shoulders and started rubbing circles he started telling me jokes about Kevin and embarrassing moments i laughed  Kevin and him had a argument it was funny the girl's laughing as well ..i looked over to Eric i went down grabbed his hand "join the fun." i said  "whatever " Eric said so i walked with Eric our hands touch every moment i ruffled his hair  and grabbed his hand when i saw MC donald's sign i dragged him down inside  we all entered  we sat in a 8 person booth  i aw next to Eric and Austin in front of me James beside me,and then Kevin  ,Hallie on the other side with Allison .

i turned to Eric

" what do you want ?" i said he shrugged  "oh come on " i said "I'll get ya a burger " i said he shrugged ugh Eric party pooper   we got up except Eric i got two burgers and a mc flurry  i went back gave him he burger"thanks" Eric whispered "your welcome" i said we ate then we started playing this game  where we admit something that  we never have, done or anything

"never ate a burger in a month " Kevin said i laughed 

" never bit my nails "Austin said

"really?" i said he nodded then Hallie went on then Allison then james then to me and Eric

" never gave a lap dance to anyone " i said Hallie was winking Eric looked at me and smirked

" mind giving me one"? Austin ask and smirking

"maybe" i said

Eric starred at me then his fist clutched tightly his knuckles turning white  jaw tightened

" depends? are you up to it?" i said

"of course any time" Austin said

" i was kidding! " i said he face looked so shocked  i laughed "nothing personal ,I'm not like that any ways  " i said  i began eating my MC flurry when Eric took "hey" i said  "I'm hungry " Eric said i sighed he began to eat it 

Austin nodded Eric's turn ..yay!

"um er.. i never had a real" Eric said he looked so cute when he stuttered

"you a player?" Austin said

"eh .i guess" Eric said

Austin nodded

" do you think it's cool to play with girl's hearts ?" Austin asked oh shit this is not going well..

"no.but they  play with mine plus they approch me there sluts" Eric said coldly

"okay"Austin said the air was tense "okay..anyways .." i said we started talking about things  we eric came to my ear "let's go home" Eric said "okay "i said back  a few minutes later

" bye guys gotta go see ya" i said  Eric following me  they nodded "bye Anna!" they said in unision "i'll still need that lap dance" austin said and smirked "nope never gonna happen" i said  he frowned  "ha ,rejected " eric said  "whatever  "austin said

"gonna call me soon "? austin said "i'll see" i said "bye!" i said " bye my future girlfriend" austin said  i sighed and forced a smile "bye!" i said th others said bye eric got fed  up and pulled me out and we walked out

we walked in silence almost reaching the house  "would you give a lap dance to me?" eric said  "ha,no " i said

he smirked i loved how he smirked ..i laughed shook my head " you want one from me why?" i said he shrugged "horny ,much ?" i said  he laughed "no" eric said  i nodded we got in and i suggested

"movie?" i said

"sure" eric said i looked through  got it the"note book '  o.m.g

"this gonna make me cry" i said holding the note book

"then don't watch it" eric said taking off his shoes grabbed chips i choose pitch perfect '

" why do you have the note book" i said

"mom's" eric said i nodded

i put in the dvd   i sat back sat next him the couch was medium but he had the chips  our arms touching all the time we moved

" stop hogging the space, move " eric said"okay..i will" i said  i moved a bit we starred at the t.v

after a 40 minutes ..

i felt eric's head  on my lap    he looked so hot/cute i wanted to move then i didn't but i should i moved and eric pulled me back   his head fell on my lap he got up took off his shirt "it's hot" eric said i looked at his abs almost drooling he sat back down i watched the movie i felt his head on my lap..and  let him stay there i drowned every  detail on his face i got sleepy too .....




                                                                              ? -ASHLEY<3 BYE









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