in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


8. naughty detention -.-'



    ERIC'S  P.O.V

   the bell rang. shit. i had detention i got out of class went to my locker packed all my homework shit like that. i walked off i saw Anna near her lockers packing her  things .i was worried who was this kid that made her  feel that way back in time .and why wouldn't she kiss me ? every girl wanted to they'd always try to pleasure me so they can get in my pants and leave after never stay with me so therefore  i really didn't have a true girlfriend . but Anna damn, she was playing hard to get why didn't she want to kiss me .? and what was she going to do after i stole her phone would she tell my deepest secrets i couldn't let that happen even if it's Anna. i shook my head from my thoughts i saw everyone leave as it was an escape to get out of school . as soon everyone got out of school no one was there. i saw Anna  locking her locker and grabbing her bag, walking down the hall  damn ,she moved smooth her curves ugh i was getting hard. okay stop Eric!" she walked faster and i walked slowly tip toeing and stopped by the wall that came to go down the hall ,left i peeked Anna went in the washroom i casually stood my head up  i was taller and a lot stronger then Anna, after one minute i came and walked to the girl's washroom no one was there .expect i knew Anna  was ..soon she'll give me that kiss ..soon


*suspense ,ooh*



   i walked to the washroom shit i got in a stall i needed to put my phone somewhere else i got my phone and put it on the side of my hips clearly my sweater covered it the sweater is somewhat big. i covered it i needed to piss i peed i swear i heard a noise .but i ignored it .i got up zipped my pants flushed the toilet  i neaten  my sweater i unlocked the door the lights suddenly turned off   i walked  out i knew no one was here but then ..i felt some one crash into me or push me against the wall

" waaa" i said got cut off  but the  someone  pushing me harder against the wall they put there hand on my waist and pulled me closer to them i felt breathing from above.yup this person was tall  and this person chest was strong there hand was soft, and warm i could feel them smirking harder ,harder they push me into them .i pushed them off , i ried to run but they grabbed my arm pulled me back suddenly i felt something hard under my hard i was pushed again by this person i soon lifted my arm and felt the lights .LIGHTS! were under my head i could see who this was they saw i put my arm out they pulled it down to my side they leaned closer i suddenly  felt this person's breathe on my warm,tingling but smelled terrible  . smelled like weed , i knew who this was .Eric. he leaned closer held me tighter so i couldn't move suddenly i felt a hand to my cheek  okay one hands out i could move one of my arms  i soon felt a nose he was so close i   i didn't  want it .harassment much !  he leaned closer the fact no space between our bodies so close .. i felt his lips so close he leaned in more. i put my hand over my lips  and with my head up flicked on the lights i felt Eric's lips damn they were soft on my hands he backed he had his eyes close she smiled damn his smile the lights were open he opened his eyes my hand over my lips ... he looked angry i smirked my phone still on my side  "did you enjoy my hand?" i said smirking got my bag and walked out when i felt someone grab my waist.eric.



i just kissed her hand.ugh i was so pissed off i saw her smirk and say "did you enjoy my hand?" Anna said with  that she walked out but i grabbed her waist she stooped i pushed her harder now   her fit ass was  close to my crotch i felt myself get turned on and hard " i will get that kiss" i whispered in her ear "hmm, never now can you let go your boner is really uncomfortable" Anna said i smirked " did it turn you on ?" i said  i could see her blushing  she was so cute when she blushed ..wait Eric stop! "a little " Anna said  i stood shocked i let go of her waist she turned around so she was facing me she touched my thigh i got really. i mean really hard. i wanted her pretty  little mouth of hers to give me a blow job .. she starred at me i starred at her trying to keep calm "w-what?" i said trying to control myself  she pulled me in "just kidding " Anna said with that she ran  ugghh she just got me turned on now she ran ..she just is a  i can't describe her was she a player?.. oh hell no she wasn't i bet she didn't kiss any guy or even have sex or a boyfriend i gave her a death glare ..i was pissed off i saw her turn around "and it was small" she shouted with that i clutched my fists began to walk faster the point where i was running after her this time i said "it's huge!" i shouted it was true totally true mine was huge ..okay she entered a classroom  on top of the door it said detention  we got in casually Anna walked i wanted to pull her i was about to when  i saw a teacher crossing her arms .Anna said hello and sat down i sat down beside her "now, Eric?"  the teacher said i nodded she was reading off her papers "what's huge?" the teacher said  i felt myself blush really hard i saw Anna snicker and giggled lowly i wanted to hit her to shut up  "nothing" i said bowing my head down "okay,then ..see you guys can not talk just do your work i will be out for a bit ,and i swear if i don't see you hear herre or talking you will be in a lot of trouble !" the teacher said sternly  i eyed her soon she left and shut the door i heard her heels faint a bit she was gone   i got up stood  pushed my chair and desk  roughly, Anna looked at me .mhhm thinks she can play good well i could play better.




ha ,i messed with him that's what he deserve i felt his boner it felt uncomfortable but i also was happy i could make him do that by myself  i made a comment that made me laugh and well the  the detention teacher was funny herself i saw Eric blushing quite hard ,it was cute. wait stop!,then Eric stood up pushed his desk and chair hard. when the teacher left  i starred at him   i could see he got pissed , he gabbed my arm pulled me up and put  me on a desk. laying down what the hell is he going to rape me?!!!

he got close to my face  " it's huge , very do you want me to prove it I'd be gladly too" Eric said then smirked  he slowly started un - zipping his pants i panicked i put my hand over his hands that were on his zipper "no,please don't i was just messing with you!" i said closing my eyes "that's  what i thought" Eric said  i tried to get off the desk when Eric pulled me by the shoulders  and the desk further back  where my back hit the wall  " you're not going anywhere do you know what you did to me, very naughty ,you deserve punishment " Eric said  i starred at him  his eyes filling darker with lust ..?!! OMG.. i 'm gonna get raped,touched, by Eric  what the fuck !!!  "what are you going to do?!!" i said  trying to sound strong but failed it came out worried and croaked my legs were up against my chest  then Eric  pushed my legs  down .okay defiantly he's gonna rape me..!!!  "don't worry princess ,a little teasing , like you did to me and maybe a kiss or two   " Eric said and smirked  he got on me basically straddling me i felt his ass on my thighs  he looked at me "get off me ,you weigh a lot!" i said trying to push him off but he was too strong  he held my hands  lifted up his shirt he layed my hands on his six pack shit. teasing okay ..."you like that don't you ?" Eric said cockily this time he was still straddling me but got  up so he was above me   i tried to get my hand away from his abs  but he pulled my hands tighter with one hand other one trialing my lips he got closer she pulled my hair  to one side he let go of my hands that were on he leaned closer this time he put his breath on my neck breathing the tingling feeling  he then kissed my cheek down to my neck i pushed him off but he stood where he was  .then his other hand , trailed  up my shirt his warm fingers tingling on my skin his fingers rubbing circles" your so damn fit!" Eric said   my phone was on my left he was touching my right side he wanted to do the same to my right as soon as he reached my left  i pushed him off me hard.! honestly he was hot but i didn't want to kiss him, i don't even know  him why did i have to ? i had a choice .and i didn't want to!  he fell to the ground grunting "enough!" i said with that i got pissed off and fixed the desk and i  sat further away praying that the teacher would come   Eric whispered in my ear  "lesson learned  ,don't tease me ever again " Eric said coldly  "shut the hell up, all i did was touch your thigh ,but suddenly you can't control your boner  !" i said  he starred at me "i'm a guy! ,well you learned your lesson,now i had some fun" Eric said i could feel him smirking i wanted to punch him right there ."  you fucking touched me more than i did to you" i said  "whatever,i had fun  " Eric said and i could feel he  winked this time i got up and stood in front of him he was behind me sitting  in a chair  "no it's not whatever you fucking idiot,really you have to say whatever ,is that what you do all your life playing with girls hearts then breaking them . your disgusting"  i said  i plopped down to my original seat   he starred at me "you touched me too I'm not disgusting half the time girls throw them selves at me "Eric said  i looked away "shut up i only touched you once ." i said "why are you so pissed off , i touched you,and you deserved it " Eric said "i don't deserve that  ,your so stupid  you don't get that  I'm not like those girls you kiss or do anything with them i don't throw myself at you I'm not like that  " i said Eric pounded his fists  on the desk really hard  "BULL SHIT!, it seems you threw yourselves at me before " Eric said

" that's  cause half of the time  you grabbed me and i was trying run away from you ,so i did that basically you harassed me " i said  "whatever ,were both even now   " Eric said   i ignored him after  two seconds   " sorry for touching you more than i should i couldn't  help it .." Eric said  "it's fine sorry for teasing you too and the things i said  " i said i blushed when he said he "couldn't help it, ' Eric nodded  "and sorry for grabbing your phone" Eric said i nodded suddenly he came closer to me and hugged me i didn't hug back i still needed to dis-fume myself  .  i heard clicking noise of heels the teacher was coming  "Eric the  teacher is  coming" i said  "okay "Eric said he fixed his desk i grabbed a book from my bag so did Eric we at there silently  reading whatever we had in front of us . the teacher came in "sorry i had things to do " she said  what can ya possible do you gotta take care of these detention kids! i thought any ways "your off early guys ,you can leave" the teacher said  as soon as she said that i  had my things in my hand and ran off "well,by-" the teacher said  but got cut off  i put my books in my bag  while walking/running fast i felt weird Eric touching me ,but i guess he was that typical bad boy/player guy  i put my bag on i walk out of school   walk faster i wanted to get away from Eric it was too awkward . i heard "Anna!" Eric said  then i walked faster  then i heard  sounds of a skate board shit he had his skateboard it was faster than me. he was close to me  i could sense it i walked to the bus stop and waited Eric stopped on his skate board and grabbed it in his hand   "seriously ,taking the bus?,come on let's walk" Eric said "hey ,you take the bus too and nah, I'm fine" i said  he grabbed my sleeve  "let's walk " Eric said i stood in my place  "i don't want to " i said   it was a 8  minute walk home i know I'm lazy ,to to get to school was a 10 minute because of the route  "your lazy" Eric said i looked at him his eyes seemed lighter then usually his lips soft and pink  and shoved him "no I'm not!" i protested

"just walk with me loser" Eric said "I'm no loser!" i said  he nodded "yeah you are" Eric said "then why are you hanging out with one ,huh cool kid?" i said he ruffled m hair "your cute" Eric said then i realized what he said and how he said it made  my legs weak like jello and my stomach turn .what the hell what was i feeling ?, he starred at me in shocked eyes that he just said that   "okay ,your cute too " i said .shit !!!. ..did i just say that out loud?!! "i mean ,i didn't say that i didn't want to, no that's not- .." i said but got cut off my Eric's hand in mines  he walked faster basically dragging  me "whatever ,princess it's  fine" Eric said blushing wait ..BLUSHING?!!!!

"okay" i said he called me princess O.M.G  .what the fuck .Anna stop why was i thinking like this ?!  we started walking in silence i looked over  i saw him putting his hands deep in his front pockets the way he stood so tall and his swept hair his green eyes.shit. stop! i saw him shivering well a little bit .shivering in the middle of summer ?well almost fall because i admit it was getting a bit cold  t.b.h i wasn't really cold ,but some how in  my bag i always carry a cardigan i got the cardigan out Eric looked at me .confused  he stood there shivering a bit i smiled and i walked over and wrapped my cardigan over his shoulders "put that on ,are you cold?" i said  "yeah,thanks" Eric said but i could still see him shivering ..



the way she smiled, her body  i was thinking about her i was such a pervert and nasty i touched her off boundaries she prob lay hated me but legit i couldn't help it i was tempted i  hope she truly forgave me  i suddenly got cold ..i never get  cold i saw Anna look over  i just looked straight ahead she got something out of her back pack i stopped and looked and her confused ?... she smiled took out a somewhat cardigan and wrapped it on my shoulders sh smiled the way she smiled her lip piecing revealing made it perfect .she asked ""put that on ,are you cold?" Anna said  i said 'yeah ,thanks'

from there we walked  she was so cute and everything about her  they way she walked ,talked damn was i falling for her? i couldn't  ..

i talked with her ,i knew a lot of things now she liked the color green , she prefers dogs instead of cats ,and her favorite ice cream is mint chocolate  ,she likes one direction and justin bieber   ...

as soon as i said i liked one direction a bit  she jumped in front of me "really?!"  Anna said i nodded  she grabbed  my arm and starred talking about them   i felt tense the way she lit up and she was holding arm

"who do you like from one direction ?" she asked

"um. i like harry the most but zayn's my second you?  " i said

"i like all them but i liked Louis a bit more  than the rest " she said "oh" i said " what about you ? tell me about yourselves!" Anna said  okay...



i learned Eric liked  one direction a bit... he likes harry but zayn's he's second aww  ... now  we talked about him  i know he likes dogs instead of cats ..yay!  he likes the co lour red . he likes chicken and beef jerky ..

" and i want to wait for the perfect girl" Eric said

" then wait for your princess"  i said and smiled

" i think i found her" Eric said wait ..what he found his perfect girl  what the fuck where was i?! i feel a bit jealous is that normal?  wait .....did i have feelings for him ??...i was so confused

" who?!" i asked   he smirked and shrugged his shoulders  i stood in front of him with my arms out "oh ,come on spill!" i said he shook his head and moved away from me i stood in front of him again "tell me!" i said  he moved this time  he took his skate board and rode it almost stepping on my toes .hey!  "you'll tell me sooner or later!" i shouted "whatever" Eric shouted  he got close to the house and went inside i forgave him for touching me he couldn't help it. lol  i was curious i walked slower to the house Eric left the door open ,



what the hell is wrong with me why did i say that ughhh now she 's gonna bother me ..i knew i couldn't tell who it was... wait ...was it her..? i wasn't  sure why did i say it ??

she told me she forgave me for touching her like that i shouldn't have ..i was truly sorry..



i walked inside the house shut the door  and walked upstairs  i felt tired i walked into my room  .i saw my door open cardigan   laying on my bed folded .Eric, i closed my door i ran to my bed and snuggled up with the cardigan  the scent of his body spray  still on  my cardigan  i sniffed it and smiled "Eric,Eric" i thought i smiled the way he smiled how he looked his sweet parts when he apologized  the way he laughed at the rudest moments his bad boy look his hair,his personality when he played rough i  smiled at everything about him ..i definitely was falling for him ..was i?


i fell asleep thinking about one and only Eric .

yup i was falling for him and ll his little"bad-boy"things my heart told me ..?(cheesy?) i don't care i think i like him..:)



                                                                                         -ASHLEY -XXX


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