in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


4. Morning

Eric P.O.V.

I had a dream of a magical unicorn in candy land. Damn! I smoked too much weed i was high on whatever. I woke up by music, i walked over to the wall and it was One Direction? Fuck shes a directioner. I like them but like im not obsessed what ever you call it. Stupid bitch ugh she woke me up, she's so annoying. I got up and i changed into an obey jumper and some black jeans. I got my vans and i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I saw her tooth brush with green flowers on them ugh. I brushed my teeth and i went to go reach for my hair brush. When i was sleek straight black strands of hair clinging to the brush. It wasn't my hair and it wasn't my mom's either it was that bitches. I washed my face and i fixed my hair. I walked over to her room and i knocked on the door hard. She opened the door.

Anna: "What!?" 

Her hair was a mess and her brown eyes were shinning. 

Me: "What did i tell you don't touch my shit and look you used it!" 

She stood there silent. 

Me: "Well talk bitch! Did you use it?"

She turned around and sat on her bed. 

Anna: "I though you said don't talk to me?"

Me: "Well now talk!"

Anna: "Well I did use it whoops" 

I tightened my jaw and my fist clenched around my hair brush. 

Me: "Why!?"

Anna: "I'm sorry, I needed to use it. Hi did i introduce myself to you, I'm Anna Harrison"

Me: "Hmmm. No and i don't care. I'm Eric Adams, don't touch my shit! Got it?"

Anna: "Whatever" 

I got pissed so i left her room and i slammed her door hard and i walked into my room. 

Anna P.O.V

What;s his problem? I got up and i grabbed my towel and i used his hair brush...oh well. I went to the washroom and i brushed my teeth. I locked the door and i took a shower. When i was done i sprayed myself with perfume and i tied the towel around myself and i walked into my room and got changed. I wore a crew neck 

tied the towel walked to my room i wore a crew neck jumper  that said "hipsta please" and i wore some black jeans and my vans i let my hair down did my make up  and got my bag walked down stairs Eric and his mom there "good morning!" she said "good morning!" i said  he rolled his eyes i sat next to him his mom placed pancakes with syrup on them "thank you" i said  she nodded  "good morning ,Eric!" i said and smirked "loser " he muttered  flipped the finger his mom saw "Eric!, that's not nice apologize" she said "sorry"he whispered  i nodded "at least walk with her to school ,make  a friend "patty said "whatever ,do i  have to ?"  Eric said

"yes." patty said  my phone buzzed i checked it was Kim she wasn't going to school today aww she left me all alone with Eric.  we were done our food  "come on loser" Eric said i followed we walked out side he skate boarded to the bus stop  and took out a cigarette i coughed  he chuckled  we stood there in silence  he kept smoking ,until i broke the awkwardness  "does your mom know you smoke?" i said "yeah,she doesn't care and i also smoke weed" Eric said his voice sounded deeper than before "that's bad for you , you should stop" i said "hmm.i don't care" Eric said  "well you should unless you wanna die" i said  i started saying  how percentage of people die of cancer and all those things when Eric put a hand on my lips "shut  up,i heard enough i don't care." Eric said he quickly moved his hand "oh okay" i said

the bus came  Eric put out his cigarette we got on ,payed Eric  reached for the pole above me his muscles stood as a bit of boxers showed and part of his abs his sweater rose a little he smirked and turned around so now his back was facing me i turned as well i  knew i was looking at him  he knew as well what's wrong with me?! we stood there silence

"i like your shirt " Eric said  " i thought you said don't talk to me?" i said "weren't you talking to me? ,ignore it  any ways yeah" Eric said " um.okay thanks i like yours too" i said he nodded  and starred out the window the sun hitting his  face he licked his lips his green eyes shinning the way his hair was swept bed hair looked cute on him okay anna stop.

i shook my head  "quit starring at me " Eric  said " i wasn-.." i said he put his hand on my lips his hands were long  slender a bit pale ,warm  "shh,i know you were thinking about me" Eric said  he took his hand away "i wasn't " i said

"you were" Eric said  "no "i said








i got enough i smacked him on his arm "no i wasn't" i said he rubbed his arm "ow" he said  his  eyes seemed a lot  lighter and was a co lour of bright green  he was a lot taller than me  i zoom ed out "you were just now!" Eric said "nope" i said i looked out the window our stop was here i got off  he followed i got in school eric pushed past me "bye loser" Eric said and rode his loud skate board  down the hall  i ignored him ,and rolled my eyes  i got to my locker  jack near my locker "hey "jack said "hi" i said "guess what " i said

"what?" jack said

"I'm living with Eric "the bad ass"" i said

"" jack said

"my  parents left me ,some how I'm neighbors beside him and my parents are friends with them  they had to leave to go to Australia  for work business so they put me there" i said

"for how long .that sucks" jack said

"a month ,jack a month!" i said

"sorry" jack said

"oh no it's fine" i said

"perfectly great." i said  i got to my locker got my things  for first period   Kim wasn't here i had to go alone .yay fun. not, any ways it was almost time the bell rang i went to class.


************************************** LUNCH. ************************************************************************

 it was lunch i made my way to my locker put my things  got money made my way  to Allison and jack and Hallie we walked to the cafeteria line  we waited we ordered i ordered a cookie and beef patty with a juice box we didn't find any tables so instead we went out to the big green field we sat down  on the grass we talked ate i noticed Eric    skate boarding and smoking a blunt with his gang  a group of 4 guys that he always  hangs out with . really Eric at

 i laughed with jack as he told me something funny  then he made fun of Justin bieber and one direction Kim and me loved one direction and Justin bieber ,Allison liked them so with Hallie but didn't love them like me and Kim did but  jack didn't like them at all

"excuse me?!" i said

"you heard me"jack said flipping some of his blonde hair he starred at me with his blue eyes

" you better run " i said Allison and Hallie were laughing

"ooh what are you going to do ?" jack said

"this !" i said  i walked over where he was i started pushing him he shook it off put down his sandwich got up and  he laughed

"ouch!,that hurts much " jack said "it should!" i said i started hitting him harder 

"catch me if you can -!!" jack said he started running i ran after him we reached the corner  where Eric was smoking his head held up high against the wall curving his jaw line i ignore him we started running me and jack he laughed really loud so did i we ran in circles  until i jumped on jack pushed him down so i straddling him "don't you  dare talk like that about justin bieber or one direction! got it?! " i said he laughed and smirked he starred at the position we were in i looked over  and saw Eric smirking and smoking  "whatever anne" jack said he pushed me off "your such a fat ass" jack said "aw no way i totally kicked your ass" i said "hmm" jack said "that's cause you jumped on me!" jack said i giggled "whatever" i said

we walked over Hallie and Allison were dying of laughter  "hhahha,you guys make such a good couple" Hallie said

"" i said "yeah "jack said agreeing with me  i  looked over jack was closed to me that are shoulders were touching

we moved a bit "just friends"jack said i nodded and finished my food  the bell rang "wanna come over ?" i said

" sure i 'll come after-school we'll walk to the bus" jack said "yeah" i said

we went to are lockers it was last period i had history grabbed my things i was late to class ugh I'm never late

i walked in  the only seat i found was near Eric .ugh great  i sat next to him he  was tapping his pencil the teacher started teaching when Eric moved his desk closer to mines "that was a nice position before" Eric said "so is he your boyfriend"? Eric said

"no,were friends ,he said something and i chased him " i said raising my eyebrow   "okay" Eric said i nodded i listened to the teacher sometimes my hand touched his and our knees too we were so close! it was awkward finally,the bell rang  i got out went to my locker  jack standing near it i never really noticed his blue eyes shimmering the way his blonde fair sways as he shakes i walk over put  my things in my bag i have no homework ,i ruined jack's hair with my hands" hey bieber" i said "don't call me ,by the fag's last name " jack said fixing his hair  "hey ,!he is not a fag!"  said pinching jack's arm "okay.okay!" jack said putting his hands up  . i shut and locked my locker  "here,let me carry your bag" jack says

"okay,but  have nothing in it " i said he shrugged i gave him my bag  he carried it we went walking out to the bus s top i saw Eric  "oh ,hi " i said  "hey" Eric said  jack raised his eyebrow at me  i nudged jack we went on the bus we payed jack pulled my sleeve to the back basically dragging me we sat at the back "what?" i said Eric was standing glaring at us he was always in the front. "since when did you get soft to ,Eric i thought you hated him ?" jack says "well when you leaving with someone you hate for a month you talk" i said  sweeping my hair to one side  "oh, :" jack said  we waited on the bus jack told me funny stories jack was like my best friend  he arrived in grade 7 i became friends with ever since then he was like my best friend hero and Kim too.

we arrived Eric  drove his skate board down the road me and jack walking behind him we got close to the house Eric went in and shut  the door "so what else do you know about Eric?" jack said  "that he smokes weed a lot" i said

jack laughed "oh,that's bad " jack said i agreed and nodded we got to the house "here it is" i said "oh wow it's big" jack said  i opened the door lead him to my new room he took off his shoes and layed his arms under his head laying back on my new bed  and put his feet  in my face  "eww!!" i said moving his feet away from my face. "move" i said i sat on his lap since  he didn't move " ughh, my balls!" jack said i got off   "what balls?" i said giggling i jumped on my bed when jack took my feet down  he layed above me i smiled he was so beautiful up close "i have balls!"  jack said  "mm sure " i said "i do!" jack said i laughed really hard when someone opened the door "gosh shut up " Eric said  he was shirtless  in his jeans and a beanie me and jack moved from our position .awkwardly "sorry" i said he smirked "whatever "Eric said  "what is he doing here?" Eric said " i invited him is that alright?" i said "um yeah too me i guess" Eric said he moved to   jack  "who are you?" Eric said "jack " jack said " I'll leave you guys to talk" i said jack gave me a glare and i smiled

i walked out  and went down stairs to eat  after 10 mins jack came down "thanks for leaving me!" jack said "ughh,sorry i was bored" i said i hugged him  he hugged back  "aww he's so mean  " jack said "really ?!" i said

"nah, I'm kidding!" jack said i grabbed my sandwich i made and made my way to the couch that they had we sat there close i layed my legs on top of jack's lap he rubbed circles i moved my legs "sorry"jack said "oh,it's fine" i said we ended watching a movie i was down to my last bite  when jack grabbed it "hey!" i said i got off the couch  "what, you want it ?" jack said "yeah,give me it!" i said   jack held it high i went to grab it i slipped and fell on top of him  he breathed lightly my heart pounding  almost hard out of my chest i leaned to get off when jack grabbed me back held me by the waist he leaned in i was shocked .

he kissed me.

my first kiss was with my best friend  jack's lips were soft but i felt nothing ..i didn't like jack "jack" i said "sorry" jack said "let's forget about it " jack said " yeah " i said we started  talking about school we forgot about like it was nothing .  jack had to leave he got his things i walked him to the bus stop "listen,Anna lets forgot about it" jack said "already forgotten ' i said he smiled i smiled back i waved good bye i walked back  to the house  Eric was in my room "get out" i said

" let's not be feisty ,i wanna stay here for awhile " Eric said he was smoking "fine I'm a be in your room" i said i got out of my room into his  door knob Eric grabbed my wrist "okay,don't  go into my room " Eric said "fine don't go into mine " i said "who puts a roof  under your head"? Eric said "your mom" i said i walked back to my room  after a few minutes  i walked outside  i was going to the washroom  i needed to talk to some one  Kim ....

Kim wasn't picking up ..okay i got  back to my room i put on my  alarm  i decided to sleep...



a/n: how do you guys like it ooh jack & Anna action but there just friends team Eric ,team jack which ? thanks for reading!

                                                                 -Ashley -xxx


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