in love with a Bad Boy

Don't put two people that hate each other together for over a month especially if it's Eric Adams and Anna Harrison.
What will Anna the good girl do when her parents have to leave to go to Australia for work for a month. Her parents let her stay with the neighbours to take care of her. Until she finds out her next door neighbour is the person she hates Eric Adams. But then it turns out now how she thought she slowly falls in love with him over all his little bad boy things.


16. ice cream

          i woke up in Eric's arms ...shit school , ughh i came up and yawned  i shook my hair and   i saw Eric damn   he looked hot i took the sheets off, good  again my  clothes  were on.. thank god but i defientily would want to lose it to Eric.   though i dis-tangled Eric's arms and shook him '' get up '' i said i left the room  i went to my room. i grabbed my towel this time i checked my phone it was 7:30 i have time yahh i took a shower , brushed my teeth washed my face i was walking out when  someone hit me hard i looked up ,Eric..

"oh morning ,babe " Eric  said in his warming strong voice

" morning" i said  i walked out when i heard Eric clicking the bathroom door i went to my room i grabbed my underwear ,bra i put on deodorant  grabbed my 'one direction' t shirt i really loved   i grabbed black skinny jeans put on my vans i left my hair wavy but straighten my bangs i got a hoodie on but left it open i combed through my hair i grabbed my things  and went downstairs i saw Eric at the bottom of the stairs  , i smiled he looked hot  he had black skinny jeans with a' pierce the veil' shirt and a cardigan  and vans i walked down stairs  went to the kitchen grabbed a apple  Eric continued eating his cereal when we were done we walked together  I'm not sure if  Eric will show were a couple in school,"love you shirt " i said "thanks" Eric said we walked in silence "so are you willing to expose yourself that were a couple now?" i said Eric looked at me "of course "Eric said we went to the bus stop Eric started taking a cigar ,no i grabbed the cigar and his pack of cigar and threw them in a near by garbage came back "smoking is bad  "   "I'll help you stop" i said  Eric frowned "alright, all stop " Eric said  Kim didn't come she said now on her parents would drop her off  i really needed to tell her a oh and jack and Hallie and Allison we stood there when Eric came closer to me and held me by my waist came in and kissed me  i kissed back  god, he was such a good kisser he held me closer we kissed until we stop i was slightly panting  "you're so amazing" Eric said  "i know so are you" i said Eric smirked  "oh i know" Eric said i hit him in the shoulder playfully  , the bus came we started talking we got off to school  we went our different ways  i saw Kim and jack and Hallie by my locker "guess what.." i said "what ?"    they said unison   "im dating ..Eric " i said i looked over there shocked faces  especially jacks disapointed ,hurt wait hurt? face "why? he's trouble" Kim said "no he's not if actually get to know him , he's really nice"i said  "whatever" jack said Hallie and Allison were congratulating me while Kim and jack at there lockers "I'm sorry if i disappointed you guys it's just i really like like him" i said jack turned harshly "what do you like about him he's just a delinquent and trouble , you'll get hurt" jack said  " i like everything about him , why do you hate him so much ?" i said  "i don't i just don't want to see you get hurt,again "jack said i looked into his eyes "i won't, can't you just be happy for me ?" i said

" ANNA , i like you " jack said i stood there shocked  Kim came by my side  jack turned and walked down the hall jack liked me i know Kim always told  me he seemed to like me but i always thought that wasn't true ..but now..jeez i just hurt him

"i feel bad, are you mad at me too?" i asked Kim " of course not babe , he's just hurt maybe you should talk to him  later" Kim said i nodded the bell rang i went to my locker and grabbed my books ...





lunch finally came  i came to my lockers and saw Eric standing near there ,'' hey stranger" Eric  said "hey." i said he kissed me  i noticed jack was near my locker ..awkward   jack slammed his locker Eric raised his eyebrow and jack  went off the hall "wait here"i said to Eric he nodded i  chased after jack he went outside  "wait " i said  he didn't stop walking i grabbed his wrist"w-ait" i said  he turned and faced me "look i know you're hurt and I'm sorry i really didn't know you liked me ,and well i'm really sorry please i really am ." i said "it's okay " jack said  "can i ?" jack said  "can you-- wh--.."? i said but interrupted by jack's lips on my cheek   "a friendly kiss" jack said


ERIC'S p.o.v

 i got curious i followed Anna what's that friend's of hers problem? they went outside  started talking then jack's lips were on Anna's cheeks  what!!?!!?  i went over there  "excuse you, why are you kissing my girl on the cheek?" i said angrily "it was just on the cheek " this kid said "well  she's my girl , you shouldn't do that!" i said  my fingers curling fists ready my jaw set anna rested her hand on my hand and leaned to my ear "calm down"  she said "im all yours" Anna said i nodded and relaxed " now don't do that again,understood  "i said "whatever" the kid said "wow Anna  good luck " this kid said and left


good luck ?!!

what the fuck

Anna was in front of me " sorry he's being rude today" Anna said  "it's alright" i said i let it go, whatever that kid was stupid

"come on let's get ice cream " i said and took her hand we went walking to the ice cram parlor   " you got so jealous "anna said while liking her ice cream we sat in a bench  at somewhere but nobody was there.   "of course your mine" i said  she put the ice cream on my nose "oh,oops" Anna said and smiled evilly "wow" i said i put my ice cream    on her cheek "hey!" she said trying to get it off i licked it off  slowly "ew" she said  i smiled she put  ice cream on my neck then she licked my  neck slowly it felt really good  ,now she as straddling me  i got a massive boner she sucked my neck gave me a hickey then licked it  she kissed it all to my collar bone she rubbed my thigh . i sucked in a deep breath,it was going really hard, she rubbed slower i moaned  she  went deeper the stopped she rubbed her hand up my chest  and then kissed my lips.

" i want you now"  i said  , "i want  you too but not now okay? " anna said  she went walking off i followed "so you were just teasing , your so mean " i said  "look how turned on you got me "i said  i grabbed her hand placed it on my boner  she bit her lip . instead she went  down  in my pants "wow you got real turned on " Anna said moving her hand out i bit my cheek not to escape a moan i grabbed her wrist and shoved it back she started whispering stuff "later" Anna said i shook my head

i cumed on her hand  she made me, her hand was so warm and soft  she took it out and licked it ..

"seriously stop I'm going to come back to school with a big boner" i said she  laughed "  but it's hot" Anna said  i smirked it's hott must have been saying  it was big ,

"later " i said winking  she nodded she smiled i kissed her cheek . we went walking back .. my  boner was gone damn she was great couldn't wait after school  ...


 Anna's p.ov

 did i just gave him  a (almost ) hand job wow ,not but it was huge oh Eric is so good i wonder if will do it after school i honestly can't wait i want Eric now.

    **************************************after school***************************************************************

Eric  kept touching my thigh in the last class i tried not to moan but damn it's really hard.  i walked out and met Eric  was smirking we went home ..and honestly this is going to be the best.. 








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