"What the hell Sidney!" He yelled. "Why the fuck did you go home with him! And why are your clothes and hair disheveled! What'd you do with him!" I didn't reply I just looked down at me feet unable to look at him in this state. Next thing I know I'm pushed up against a wall with Harry holding my two wrists above my head with one of his hands. This position seems to be very common between Harry and I. I still refused to look him in the eyes as Harry went on "You're mine! Okay?You do as I say. When I ask you a question you answer. Understand?" I quickly nodded yes.


10. Chapter 8.

Harry's P.O.V

There she was, looking so frail. This is all my fault. I heard the door open but I didn't bother to turn around.

"Get the hell out!" A voice yelled at me. 

"No!" I finally found my voice. 

I turned around to see Seth. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked looking at my feet. 

He just pointed towards Sidney. 

"Excuse me but visiting hours are over, we must run some more tests" 

****** 4 Hours later******

Seth, Cameron, Jake and I have been waiting for the Doctor for 4 hours. No one said a word. Jake hates all of use, Cameron hates Seth and I, Seth hates me. I have no reason to hate them they didn't do anything to me. We heard someone cough in the corner as I looked up. 

"Uhm, Is this Sidney Matthews group?" We all shook our heads. "Well she has just come out of the coma, Which is very good news. and has requested to see some by the name of Harry" All eyes shot toward me with daggers. 

"Are you sure?" Jake asked. The doctor just nodded his head and told me to follow him. When I did we went to the room Sidney was staying in. 

"S-S-Sidney?" I said 

"I just wanted to tell you one thing"


"Why, me? You could have any girl in the school but you chose to harass me" I haven't really thought of that. She was right I wanted her no one else. Why did I want her?  

Before I answered the question I leaned in and crashed me lips to hers. She tried to push me away but then gave up. I licked my tongue across her bottom lip and to my surprise she let me in. 

Sidney's P.O.V  

Woah. Was all I could think throughout the hole kiss. This wasn't like the others, it wasn't forceful well it was at first but then it lightened up and I liked it. I was almost happy to say that I kissed Harry Styles. But I'm not supposed to be, I'm supposed to hate him! Aren't I? 


(A/N) Sorry about taking so long to update I'm currently working on a new book! And Yes this chapter is some what boring with no drama or action but I PROMISE next chapter will be AWESOME :) Don't forget about my contest! 

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