"What the hell Sidney!" He yelled. "Why the fuck did you go home with him! And why are your clothes and hair disheveled! What'd you do with him!" I didn't reply I just looked down at me feet unable to look at him in this state. Next thing I know I'm pushed up against a wall with Harry holding my two wrists above my head with one of his hands. This position seems to be very common between Harry and I. I still refused to look him in the eyes as Harry went on "You're mine! Okay?You do as I say. When I ask you a question you answer. Understand?" I quickly nodded yes.


3. Chapter 3.


Sidney's P.O.V

I felt like everyone kept starring at me. I got the usual dirty eyes and some girls would cough "Slut" as I walked by them but I ignored it. I saw Cameron in the hall and he looked me up and down, then took out his phone and started texting I just walked away knowing he wouldn't talk to me as usual. Then my phone vibrated I took it out and saw I had a text from Cameron.

Cameron: You look beautiful today ;) 

I rolled my eyes and remembered Jake's words from last night saying how pathetic Cameron is for never talking to me at school. So I replied with,

Me: Leave me alone, I wouldn't want to hurt your reputation 

I felt a tap on my back and it was a Senior "Hi, you must be new here I'm Seth" He said while shaking my hand. 

I just giggled "I'm not new. And I'm Sidney"

"Are you sure you're not new? I think I would have remembered a face like that"

I smiled and opened my locker taking my books out. When I closed the locker door Seth was still standing next to me.

"Can I walk you to class?" He asked

"Yes you can" I replied with a smile

We talked for a while then arrived to class. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and I blushed again. Then he asked for my phone number I gave it to him and then he walked to his class.  When I got there almost all the seats were taken except for the one in the far back. I put my bag down and sat on the chair. I was taking Algebra 2 so everyone in my class was either a Junior, or a Senior I was the only Freshman. I looked up to find Harry Styles in my face. 

"What do you want Styles?" I asked 

"Wow, Sidney you look different today." He said while he winked. 

I hated Harry Styles he never actually bullied me but the bimbos he hooked up with did. He was a man Whore. Every girl in the school wanted him except me!  

"Feisty, I like it" He smirked and took the seat next to me. My phone vibrated I looked to see who it was and it was Seth 

Seth: Hey, Do you want to hang out later today? 

I was about to type Yes but my phone was snatched out of my hand by Harry. 

"What the Hell?" I screamed in a low whisper 

"Seth? Football star Seth? Quarterback for the school?" He began asking me these questions. I ignored him trying to take my phone back "Aw! how cute he wants to go out on a date, To bad you're busy tonight" I looked at him in disgust and confusion 

"No I am not!" I argued. He started typing something into my phone and then gave it back. He replied to Seth for me 

Sorry, not to night I'm busy! 

"What's wrong with you?" I asked 

"You're going on a date with me tonight so you can't go with him" He replied with a cheeky smile 

"No i'm-" I was interrupted by the bell. Harry kept smiling like a mad man.  


When class was finished I went up to Harry and told him "I'm not going out with you Styles" 

He grinned "Yes you are" 

I glared at him, And was about to say something but I was interrupted by the bell signalling it was 2nd period. I was about to walk away until Harry caught my wrist and dragged me out of the school. "Get the Hell off me" I continued to scream but was ignored by him. When we got to a car I figured it was his when he unlocked it and and threw me in the passenger seat.  He got in the car and we drove off. 

"You know this is kidnap right?" He just laughed at my words. I sighed and then crossed my arms around my chest 

"Don't act like you hate me I know deep down you have a crush on me" He smirked. I nearly spit at his words and burst out in Laughter. "Ouch! That hurts!" I rolled my eyes. The car finally came to a stop at some building that was empty.

"Take me back now Styles!" I screamed. He rolled his eyes and took my hand pulling me into the building. I pulled away from him trying to leave but he pushed me up against the wall. "Get off of-"

I was interrupted by his lips crashing into mine. I tried to pull away but I was stuck between the wall and him. I put my hand on his chest but he was to strong to push away. When he forced his tongue into my mouth I bit it thinking he would stop. I was right he leaned away and started to chuckle. 

"What the Fuck is your problem, Harry" I yelled 

"So you're calling me by my first name now?" He smiled. I huffed in anger. When I looked back up he was at the door "I'll be at your house at 8, I got your number so don't think about backing out." 

"How'd you get my number?" I asked in anger 

"When I had your phone earlier I texted my phone" He winked and with that he left. I was so confused why did he kiss me? Me? He can have nearly any girl in the school why me? 

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