"What the hell Sidney!" He yelled. "Why the fuck did you go home with him! And why are your clothes and hair disheveled! What'd you do with him!" I didn't reply I just looked down at me feet unable to look at him in this state. Next thing I know I'm pushed up against a wall with Harry holding my two wrists above my head with one of his hands. This position seems to be very common between Harry and I. I still refused to look him in the eyes as Harry went on "You're mine! Okay?You do as I say. When I ask you a question you answer. Understand?" I quickly nodded yes.


19. Chapter 14.

Sidney's P.O.V

"Harry can I at least call Jake and tell him I'm staying at a friends so I don't get in trouble?" I asked

He clenched his hands even tighter on the steering wheel making his knuckles turn white. 

"How do I know I can trust you not to tell him you need help?" He said calmly. I was planning on telling Jake and then get him to call the cops on this Psycho so he'll be sent to Jail. 

"I pinky prooooomise" I begged giving him puppy dog eyes and extending me right pinky finger. 

He just rolled his eyes and took my pinky in his very large one compared to mine. 

"But-" He began as I groaned "But, You have to do me a favor" He said with a smirk. I nodded my head for him to continue "You, have to kiss me. And a real kiss" When he finished my mouth was basically on the ground as I quickly shook my head no. He began to chuckle "Then, no, you can't talk to your brother." After hearing him say that I sighed.

"Fine." I groaned. Before I hardly could blink Harry had unbuckled and was basically on top of me. "Woah." I breathed beginning to get nervous.

"No backing out now." He laughed as he kissed my neck. 

"I said you could Kiss me not rape my neck" I spat. He took hold of my wrist and pulled them above my head. 

"I don't like that tone" he hissed.. "You're mine. I'll do as I please, you're lucky I'm even letting you talk to your brother" I looked down at my lap not wanting to look in his piercing eyes. "Look at me" He growled in my ear. I continued to look at my lap. He took hold of my chin and forced me to look at him. "You broke a rule Sid. You don't want to be punished now, do you?" He asked. I shook my head no. "Then I suggest you kiss me and then you can call your brother and we will be on our way."

I quickly moved my head toward him as he just stayed still obviously wanting me to do all the work. My lips were nearly touching his as he whispered "go on." I placed my lip onto his and quickly pulled back. 

"There." I said calmly 

His eyes were dark as he darkly chuckled "That was not a kiss." He began to move his head closer to mine. "This is" And with that he slammed his mouth onto mine and forced his tongue inside I swear he explored every inch of my mouth and I just let him not even bothering to push him off, close my eyes, or kiss back. 


After the 'make out session' Harry drove us to his house and said that I could call Jake when we are there. 

I waited for Harry to unlock the door as I waited on the front porch. Once it was opened he gestured for me to come in. Since it was dark outside I wasn't able to have a good look at the house but once I was inside I could see just how big it really was. 

"Woah." I breathed "T-this is amazing, Where are your parents?" I asked

He just smirked and shook his head "They don't live here, they wanted me out of there hair so they bought me this" He said while gesturing his hands to the house. 

"Oh.. Well can I call Jake now?" I asked. 

"Sure" He handed me his phone "You have 2 minutes." I shook my head yes and quickly started to dial. I had come up with a plan on the way here after I was basically forced to french this douche in the car. I couldn't call Jake because Harry would be listening to me talking so I had to call one person that knew everything about me especially when I act unusual. 

That person was Cameron.

Although I was kind of mad at him I would have to get over that. 


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