Secrets can Kill

Sometimes secrets can be deadly. What of you know a secret a deadly secret, do you speak up or stay speechless? This is my story for the speechless contest.


1. Chapter 1

We all have secrets. Some of them are small ones that we just keep to ourselvesfor no reason. Then there at the big ones. Those are the type of secrets that if they get out they can ruin your life. We don't always keep the secrets to ourselves, we usually tell our closest friends. Friends you feel like you can trust and that they will help you with your secret. But friends are not always the way that the seem. Some can let your secret slip and can ruin you. There are a few friends out there that keep a secret but most of the time it is a secret they should tell to protect someone. Those secrets that people let out or hold in can sometimes be deadly. Do you keep it a secret or speek up?

***Hope you guys like it so far. If you did please comment on what you liked and if you did not comment about what you think I should change. Thanks for reading and don't forget to like and fav. So I can Winn the contest. Thanks bye :)
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