If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


7. Day 6

Which one of the boys would you have children with?

Harry: I would have a child with Harry cause he has beautiful curls and beautiful eyes. I also think he would be mature when it came to children.

Niall: I would have a child with Niall cause he has beautiful hair and unique blue eyes. Also I would love it if one of our children got his laugh. I also believe he would make an amazing dad.

Louis: I would have a child with Louis cause he has beautiful eyes and cause I love the color of his eyes I also would like to have help picking out baby clothes (he would probably pick out strips or suspenders!). I think he would make the children laugh and play with and be a father figure/mature if needed. Personally i think he would act like one of the children.

Liam: I would have children with Liam cause he is mature and already used to being a father figure. I also loves his face, hair, and eyes.

Zayn: I would love to have a child with Zayn cause he has BEAUTIFUL eyes and black hair. I think it would be cool to have a child with a mixture of his and my features.


A/N: srry i havnt updated I didnt have my computer. But yea like usual comment your thoughts and which one you would choose. If u want u can also become a fan of mine! Love all my readers!

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