If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


5. Day 5

Which one of the boys would you marry?

Harry: I would marry Harry cause he seems like he would make a great dad. He also looks like he would always make me happy.

Niall: I would marry Niall cause he is hot and always makes me smile when I see a picture of him. I also believe that he would always be happy and cheerful.

Zayn: I would marry Zayn because he is good looking and cause he is mature. I think it would be a good idea to have a guy who is a little more mature than me, but he has to be able to have fun and relax.

Liam: I would marry Liam cause he is caring and a great dad(Daddy Direction). I would like it if he was with me cause I would need someone who is experienced in dealing with hyper people. 

Louis: I would marry Louis cause he is good looking and funny. He also is spontaneous and loves to make people laugh. I think he can easily brighten up anybody's days!

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