If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


4. Day 4

Which one of the boys would you want to go shopping with?

Harry: I would go shopping with Harry to see what kind of clothes he would pick out. Like if he would pick ugly clothes or nice clothes. I think he would pick cute clothes because he is extremely cute!

Niall: I would love to go shopping with Niall cause I would make him wear high heels just to see how many weird looks he gets. And after awhile I would give him a reward of either the food court or Nandos.

Zayn: I would go shopping with Zayn because he has the mysterious cool looking style that would be cool to wear. I think he has great taste in that type of style.

Liam: I would go shopping with Liam because he would help me pick out decent looking clothes for like fancy diners. I think he would help keep me away from something to short.

Louis: I would go shopping with Louis because he would help me pick out colorful clothes that would be fun for partying. I also think it would be hilarious to run around and ask people if they have seen my pet unicorn or run around near pigeons yelling Kevin!

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