If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


3. Day 3

Which one of the boys would you want to be your brother?

Harry: He would make a god brother because he would probably be protective and a goo shoulder to cry on. I would definatly go to him with problems.

Niall: He would make a wonderful brother because he is funny. He would be an amazayn brother to have. I would go and hang out with im all the time. Most people don't like to be around there brothers (especially me) but I would love to be around him.

Zayn: He would make a great brother because he is protective. He would stand up for you in a heartbeat if he needed to. He would definitely be there for you and a shoulder to cry on.

Liam: He would be the brother to literally go to for anything. If you went through a bad brake up he would be there. If you were pissed off he would be there to calm you down. If you even got pregnant he would be a little mad but still be there with you for all the ups and downs.

Louis: He would be the brother who spoils you. He will let you stay up late, let you eat spoon fulls off sugar from the jar. But when he needs to be the big brother he always is there for you. Say you get called rude names at school he would hold you when you cry. Then go to the school and get it dealt with. He would be the one and only best brother!

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