If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


2. Day 2

A/N: Since today is the first day i will do 2!


Which one of the boys would you want to date?

Harry: I would pick Haz cause he could be romantic and sweet. But he also would probably care for you and be protective. I also think Harry would be fun to party with!

Niall: I would pick Ni cause is cute and adorable. And I would love to wake up seeing him laying next to me. I think he would be cute, sweet, funny, romantic, and himself!

Zayn: I would pick Zayn cause he looks mysterious ut under that he could be romantic and protective. I think he would probably buy you chocolates and roses on your birthday. Or sing to you under a moonlight sky.

Liam: I would pick Li cause he is caring, nice, and very mature. He would be the real deal. He would also be the gentlemen to open your door fro you, or give you his jacket when walking down the road after a date. He would take care of you when you are sick.

Louis: He would be the fun to be around type if boyfriend. He would make you laugh when you blue or even make you smile when you are not. He would wake up early in the morning just to drive to starbucks and get you coffee.


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