If you knew One Direction who would be what to you?


1. Day 1

A/N: I'm going to post one of these question everyday. I will write my answer to why I would pick any of the boys. If you want you can comment what you would do!


Which one of the boys would you want as a friend?

Harry: I would pick Hazza cause he is cheeky and can be major fun. I picture that he would be my friend I would go to if I wanted to do something adventures or fun.

Niall: I would little Nialler cause he LOVES eating. I love eating too. So if I wanted to go into town and eat from like every restaurant I would choose him. Also if I wanted to go out and have a good time and party I would choose that special little leprechaun.

Zayn: I would pick the Bradford Bad Boy cause he would probably be fun to prank call people with. He has so many different voices. For example 'Vas Happenin' I love that one. 

Liam: I would choose Daddy Direction cause he is thoughtful, caring, and probably a great listener. I would go to him with break up troubles or anything I needed help with.

Louis: I would pick Boo Bear because he is spontaneous, loud, funny. I would love to go out in public and scream and cause chaos with. I think it would be funny to go running in public screaming Kevin and asking people if they have seen my pet unicorn!


Thats what I would do comment what one you would choose and why!

I had to re-add this story because my friend didn't want to co-author my story anymore!

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