One Way Or Another

A MASSIVE shout out to @Music Has Taken Over Me (Hayley).

Niall had been dating Hayley for a while now but what happens when Hayley has to keep a secret. Will Niall find out what the secret is? Will that secret ruin their relationship? "He's going to find out one way or another, Hayley!" Dominique exclaimed.

Find out in One Way Or Another......


1. Introduction of Characters and book...

Hey what's up?

I'm Hayley Danica Brown and I'm 19 years old. People call me Hayles and I'm the cheekiest out of everyone I know. I definitely not a party person though and whenever I do go out to wild parties or clubs, I try my best to stay careful and clean in other words NOT DRUNK! As much as the wild girl I am, I'm not a party animal. I'm from New Zealand but I was born in England and lived there my whole life so far. There's this really cute new boy at my college and I think I might have the slightest crush on him. Ok, MAJOR crush! He had brown hair but dyed it blonde an he has amazing blue eyes with the HOTTEST IRISH ACCENT EVER! I just don't know his name yet. :(



So, do you want One Direction to be famous in this book or just normal teen boys?

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