In Love With Your Bully

Aubree has always had one bully in her life. Aren't people supposed to hate their bullies? Not for Aubree. She's desperately in love with hers.she can't help but fall for those sparkling blue green eyes and light brown hair. She's deeply in love with her bully, Louis Tomlinson.


1. Bully

Aubree's POV

I always have been an average student in high school. I'm not too popular but I'm not a total nerd either. I'm just in the middle. I'm normally liked in school but there's always that one person that hates your guts for no reason. Doesn't everyone have someone like that? Someone that tries to drag you down and make you miserable in every way? Well, no matter who it is that's exactly what they do. In my case, that person is Louis Tomlinson. We were somewhat close in 6th and 7th grade but one day things changed. He gave me no explanation or anything as to why he dropped me a friend, became one of the popular kids and he just stormed out of my life. Well not necessarily considering he bullies me every day. It's really hard being bullied by the one you love. That's right.... I love my bully. I don't know how or why it it just did. I fell for those gorgeous blue green eyes. I fell for that somewhat tan skinned brown haired boy. And you know what, after all he's done to me I'd still take a bullet for him. I can't explain it. It kills me to know he'll never feel the same way. To him I'm just an ugly troll who should hide their face the rest of their lives. I'm just some fat whale walking thought the hallways when really I'm not that fat. If he'd realize that I starved myself because of him maybe he'd think differently. I doubt it. After 7th grade he really changed. Ever since then I've been called names, tripped, slapped and kicked around by Louis and his friends, like I said not easy being bullied by the one you love.

The past few days Louis and his friends have been bullying me even worse than usual. I've been kicked and punched in the past few days more than a punching bag has when a UFC fighter trains. I was just dreading getting up for school today thinking, what's going to happen today? Am I going to get verbal then physical abuse or is it going to be the other way around? Am I actually going to have a decent day today? Haha I crack myself up.i bro out f bed, stretched and took a nice warm shower. I got out wrapping my self in a towel and brushing out my hair. I put on a white cami and pink plaid t shirt to go over that, denim jeans and black converse. I let my hair dry into its natural curly state, and put minimum makeup on. I never wore too much because I think if you put on too much you look a little like a slut, so I just go with a light brown eyeshadow, very little eyeliner, and mascara. I went down stairs and got breakfast and drove to school.
When I got out of my car, Louis and his friends were already waiting in the parking lot for me.

"Hey troll." Louis said to me. I just ignored him and kept walking.

Bad choice. He ran up behind me and grabbed my arm, grasping it tightly he left nail marks on my lower arm.

"You didn't answer me. You know that's not very polite. When someone says hi you say hi back!"

"H-hi." I said quietly stuttering on my words. I may love him, but I'm scared to death of him.

"Good. Now get inside your presence disgusts me." He let go of my arm with force and I moved back. I turned around and never looked back at him, so he couldn't see the tears that threatened to come down my face. Now you're probably thinking this is all I have to deal with him for today, nope he's in every class of mine, along with his friend Liam but for some reason he's not mean or he doesn't bully me. He just stands behind Louis with a fake smile like he feels like he doesn't belong in Louis' group. One time he's even told me he's sorry the way Louis treats me. Liam always has tried to be nice to everyone. He's really sweet when he's away from Louis. I think Liam's a little afraid of Louis. But any way back to the story.

I walked inside and went straight to my locker. My friend Kaylie was there waiting for me. Kaylie is really short, like 4'8 short. I'm 5'2 so she comes up about to my chest. It's kind of awkward when you try to hug each other but whatever. She has black hair with green under it. She's kind of emo and she wears a lot of dark clothes and makeup. She listens to a lot of metal bands, I do too but I listen to other music too.

"Hey, are you okay? I saw everything." She asked me with concern in her eyes. She really is a true friend. Nobody ever has many true friends but she's one of them. I love her to death.

"I'll get over it."

"Are you sure? Your arm looks bad." I looked down at my arm and he dug his nails in my arm so deep, his nails drew blood.

"Yea I think I'll be fine."

"Ok just let me know if you need anything. I don't know why you let him do this. If I were you he'd be drop kicked by now." I giggled at that. She always has been feisty and it's funny to watch when she tries to fight someone. She's so short she can barely reach their face when she throws a punch.

"Ok." I grabbed things out of my locker and went down the hallway. First class is art. On my way I ran into my friend Cierra, CC for short.

"Hey CC."

"Hey Aubree. How bad was it with Louis this morning?"

"Take a look." I said showing her my arm.

"Damn. He's done for. If he touches you while we're in art I'm kicking his ass." She's so protective over me. Like Kaylie, she's really feisty. She broke her cousins nose one time when they got in a fight.

We got in class and Louis gave me an evil grin when I sat down by my two other friends, Megan and Jessica. It didn't help that Louis' seat was right across from mine. His eyes burned wholes in mine the whole time the teacher, Mrs.Baltic was talking. I tried to look away but his eyes were just so beautiful. The perfect mix between blue and green. The green is around his pupils and it fades into a light blue closer to the whites of his eyes. Very beautiful.

"Alright class today we're starting a new project. You're going to get into partners, and paint your partner. Your partner will be the on sitting across from you. Get your paints out and get started." It was kind of awkward at first. Surprisingly he didn't have anything smart to say. I guess he was painting me first. He grabbed a canvas from the corner of the room and paints. He came back over and told me to sit a certain way. He had my hand pushing my hair back behind my ear with a slight smile on my face. He had been painting me for about 20 minutes when he started to speak.

"You know, you're really beautiful Aubree." What the hell? So I was a troll this morning and now I'm beautiful? Perfect sense. Wait he thinks I'm beautiful. Or is he just trying to mess with me. "But I think you'd look better with this on your face." He was trying to throw me off guard so I wasn't expecting the cold paint scattered all over my face. That's it. I've had enough. I can't take it anymore. This time I got really pissed off. I went to the cabinet where Mrs. Baltic kept the paints and grabbed a whole can of red pain and poored it all over his t-shirt. He gasped. He's shocked I actually did anything.

"You've got what you deserved." I said. Walking out I high fived Cierra and walked out. I had tears in my eyes and I think Louis saw. He had a sympathetic look on his face as if he was saying 'Im sorry.' Was he really sorry? He can't be he's Louis Tomlinson. A cold hearted uncaring bully. But somehow I'm still in love with him.i think maybe under all that jerkiness he's a really sweet boy. What if he did apologize? Would I forgive him? Maybe. I walked towards the bathroom and someone grabbed my hand. I turned around and......


So this is the first chapter. I hope you like it :)

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