In Love With Your Bully

Aubree has always had one bully in her life. Aren't people supposed to hate their bullies? Not for Aubree. She's desperately in love with hers.she can't help but fall for those sparkling blue green eyes and light brown hair. She's deeply in love with her bully, Louis Tomlinson.


2. Beating

I turned around expecting one of my friends or Louis coming to apologize but I was wrong it was one of Louis friends, Austin. Austin always has gave me a glare like he wanted to hurt me. He even has joined in a couple times when I was being kicked to the ground, or smacked in the face by Louis.
He stared into my soul and I could tell he only wanted to make me feel miserable, like Louis doesn't already.

"So now you finally got the courage to stand up to Louis.... Tsk tsk tsk." He said before slapping me so hard I was knocked to the ground. I just couldn't help that the tears came down my face freely.

"Maybe the you'll learn a lesson, don't back talk my friends!" He said kicking me in the stomach.

"P-please stop hurting me!"

"Aww no can do sweetie, you need to be punished." He straddled me and for a second I thought he was going to rape me, right then and there in the middle of the hallway where students began to come out of class rooms to see what the commotion was. I was wrong, he didn't rape me he just repeatedly punched me in the face, several times. Then you'll never guess what happened. He grabbed a paint brush out of his back pocket and took the wood end and started to brutally hit me in the face, causing my cheek to burn. Louis hasn't even hit me with an object, just his hands and he hasnt even hit me like punched me, just slapped, but not with all his might like Austin or maybe louis was just weak. I give up. I'm never coming back to school. Ever. Again.

Louis came through the crowd of people and pried Austin off of me..... Wait what? Why? I don't even care at this point I just want to get out of here. I quickly got up running towards my locker. I'm going home. I don't care who tries to stop me I'm going home. On the way to my locker many people stopped me to ask if I was okay but I never answered, I just got to my locker as quick as possible. Then I remembered I left all my stuff in my Art class. Oh well. I'll just leave it there. I grabbed my book bag and stepped out the school door. Dumb school doesn't lock the doors during the day. I quickly raced home hoping to get home, from all the slaps in the face with that paint brush my head really started to hurt. I finally got home and I just ran straight up to my room before collapsing on my bed, crying my eyes out. After my tears were gone and I had no more to shed, I took a look at the time. 12:30. Wow I cried for 4 hours. I went to the bathroom and when I saw my self I broke down once again. I had a great big red mark on the side of my cheek, and bruises where he punched me, one of those places being my eye, which I couldn't really see out of. I just looked in the mirror terrified that this could happen again. I walked out of the bathroom and went back to bed, thinking about all the things louis and his friends have done. Remembering all the things Louis, the one I love has said. Tonight was another night that I cried my self to sleep.
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