Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


13. What To Wear

Ed's POV

As Niall showed up to my house, I hopped in and we headed towards the mall. We were planning in getting new clothes for our dates tonight. "Are we taking the girls on tour with us?" I asked Niall. "I don't know. I just found out that Tabby is in the X-Factor." When he said that I was confused. When did this happen? "I didn't know." I said. "I really want her to go with us but I want her to get a contract and things." He said really upset. I really wish I could... That's when it hit me. She can perform with us! That's a perfect way to get noticed by contract dealers! "Niall she can go with us!" I said excitedly. He gave me a concerned look "How?" I smiled and it just made his anticipation worse. It was actually pretty funny. "Tell me!" "Think about it Niall! We are about to go on tour. If she can sing then she can perform with us. So many contract dealers will see her!" He smiled, "Ed you are fantastic. I wouldn't have ever thought about that!" He was smiling. I could tell her was really looking forward to this next tour.

Niall's POV

I love Ed for this. She can get what she wants and I get to be with her. Not only be with her but perform with her. This is an amazing opportunity for me and her. We pulled up to the mall.
"Ready mate?" Ed said with a smile.
I couldn't help but smile back. He such an amazing guy. We hopped out and headed towards Ed and I's favorite clothes store. We were looking for the best thing to please our ladies.
"It's perfect!" I heard Ed yell from across the rack.
He came around with a pair of grey skinny jeans and a red button down shirt. "Let's see how it look." We started heading towards the dressing room. "Ill be right out, NO PEEKING!" He yelled at me laughing. "Ill try my hardest Ed!" I yelled back at him. I checked my phone to see a text.

Hmm.. What do you think? Red or blue?
-Tabby xx

I smiled. I've always loved both colors on a girl.

Surprise me!(;
-Niall xx

I sent it and saw Ed come out. He looked great. His skinny jeans fit perfectly, not to loose but not tight. And he left the top few buttons on his shirt undone to leave his tank exposed. "It looks great! She'll love it." I said smiling. "Now it your turn" Ed said cheekly. This is why he's my best lad. "I don't know what to where though!" I said. He took a good look at me. "I got this!!" He said like a little child with a new toy. He disappeared into the isles of clothing. *buzz buzz* I checked my phone.

Alright, can do! See you tonight!(:
-Tabby xx

I was nervous, she's going to look stunning. I see it now.

See you(:
-Niall xx

I put my phone away and Waited another minute or so before Ed returned with a white tank top and a blue and black plaid button up. With that he had a dark denim pair if skinny jeans. "GO TRY IT ON NOW!" Ed said. He really had confidence in this outfit. "Haha alright." I went into the changing room. Put on the jeans and the tank leaving the button down completely unbuttoned . I stepped out and did a 360 spin to give Ed the full view. "OMG! It just got really hot in here" and with that he pretended to faint. Oh Ed. "So this one?" I said sarcastically. "No. I just pretended to die because it looks horrible! C'mon lets go check out." With that I got back into my regular clothes and we checked out.


Tabby's POV

"Tell me everything!" Savannah yelled at me with anticipation. "Well." I started and I could stop from blushing and smiling. "What? Tabby tell me!" She said. How was I going to put this? Oh yeah I totally gave my virginity away while we were gone and I didn't tell you. I did feel bad about not telling her. She's my best friend and I didn't tell her anything that happened. "Well we are very much umm close?" I said hoping shed get the point. But with my luck she didn't. "Well I mean I hope you guys are getting close, you've been practically living wi-" "we had sex okay?" I cut her off. Her jaw dropped, and her expression was priceless. I couldn't help but giggle at her face. Like I said PRICELESS! "Tabby I'm glad you and Niall are getting serious!" I smiled I really did like him. She hit my leg "c'mon ! We got to go get ready!" With that we went into our separate bathrooms and took our showers. I turned in my pandora as I always do. Started the water and put it on hot. I loved hot showers I was rinsing my hair when this song came on. I liked it alot. The guys voice was amazing. "You and I, ended over U.N.I" I heard him sing. I dried my hands real quick to like it. I then noticed the name. Ed Sheeran? Isn't that the guy Savannah is seeing? Ill ask when I get out. So I liked it and finished washing up. I stepped out and put on my bra and undies, with my hair wrapped up in my towel. Savannah and I were close so it's not like she's never seen me in just a bra and undies. I approched her door and knocked. "Savannah, can we talk for a sec?" The door opened, "sure what's up?" I looked at her. "Ed, what's his last name?" She looked at me funny. "Listen to this." With that I turned on the Ed Sheeran radio and a song Be Like You came on and I handed her the phone. "Care to explain?" She busted out laughing. "How'd you not know he was a famous singer?" I was embarrassed. I never really talked to him so I guess I didn't really know. "Oh haha well let get our hair dry and get ready. This day must be big. Whatcha gonna wear?" I said in a five year olds voice. She smiled "For your information I am wearing a cute little black dress." She said cheekly. "Well when me and Niall met, I was wearing black. so I was thinking blue or red what do you think?" I asked laughing, " Why don't you ask Niall?" You know what I will. "Alright. You better show me how to dress looks woman!" I yelled at her jokingly. I then pulled out my phone to text Niall.

Hmm.. What do you think? Red or blue?
-Tabby xx

With that I started to blow dry my hair. *BUZZ BUZZ*

Surprise me!(;
-Niall xx

I smiled. He's such a cutie. I finished my hair and decided on straightening my hair. I pulled all my makeup out of my drawers and went to my room while the flat iron was heating up. I looked my my blue dress and my red. I loved them both. I thought of Niall and went with blue. It was strapless with a black belt and it was about mid thigh. With a kinda cupcake design bottom. I've always loved this dress. So I went with it. I got to the bathroom to start getting prettied up.

Savannah's POV

My hair was finally dry. And I decided to curl it. How did tabby not know Ed was famous. I got the flat iron. Flattening each piece before giving it a natural curl. I looked at the clock and it was six. Perfect. We had just enough time to do my makeup. I wasn't the greatest expert at this stuff. So I let Tabby do it. I walk in and she's just finishing her hair. "Can you do my makeup for me please?" I asked her. "Haha sure let me finish my hair." With that she got out her supplies and did her art on my face. She always had perfect ideas. My makeup always looked different but it looked good. This time she did my eyeliner with a little wing off to the side of each eye. It looked great. "We have 30 minutes!" I said rushing to get my shoes on. "I'm almost done. Relax!" Tabby said. She slipped on her heels and called a cab. We got in and prepared for probably one if the best valentine's days ever! I could wait for us to get there.


Ah(: so valentine dinner at Nandos! Romantic? XD well in sorry I haven't updated lately busy with school!! I will update soon again lovlies!<3
-Tabby xx
I love you all!(:

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