Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


4. The New Pub

Tabby's POV

I just made it past the first round! I know it isn't far but it's a start. "You nailed it!" Landyn said excitedly. We were arriving back home from the auditions. The ride didn't seem as long as it did on the way there. "We need to celebrate! Im so I hear there's this hit new pub nearby. You guys down for dancing, drinks, and cute guys?!?" Landyn suggested.

How could me an savannah argue with that? "After all the tension today. I think letting loose will be fun!" We headed back to my flat and all got showers. After we prettied up our hair and makeup, it was wardrobe time. I picked out a short black strapless dress that hugged tight in all the right areas.

Savannah was wearing a short party dress that had a lavender purple shade at the top with a deep dark shade of purple at the bottom completed with a black belt to make the color flow together instead of clash. And Landyn had a strapless dress with a flowey orange bottom. While at the top it hugged her perfectly as well being orange but over the solid orange was black lace all put together with a black belt placed on her upper torso. Savannah was rocking the straight hair while me and Landyn went in curls. We all looked amazing. I was glad to have a night out with my girls.

Landyn's POV

We all looked stunning and were ready to have fun. Tabby drove as Savannah and I sat in the back. When we arrived It was packed! You could definitely tell it was new. "There are so many people." Tabby said smiling. "That's a good thing! We have a better chance of finding our prince charming's tonight."

We all stepped out and got in the mile long line. As we waited we met some new people in line. They were really nice. As we neared the door, we could hear the music blaring through the door. We showed the front Man our IDs and entered. As soon as we walked in, we headed straight for the dance floor. As the song played "DJ Got Us Fallin in Love Again." We all started dancing our hearts out.

Savannah's POV

The place was so well put together. The lights, music, and drinks. Us girls were looking and feeling great swaying to the beat. We were getting tons if stares from guys left and right. As I looked at Tabby you could tell she was really enjoying the attention. She was showing off what she had. I don't blame her, this was her night and she was happier than ever. Just as we started to head off of the dance floor to get a few drinks, my eye caught a guy. He wasn't ordinary he was really cute. I think it was his hair color.


Things are starting to get interesting(; who caught savannah eye and why? I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter xx

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