Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


5. The Moment Eyes Locked

Niall's POV

We started heading towards the pub when my phone beeped. I look down to see Harry's name on the screen. I oped the text to see, "Surprise mate! I'm at you hotel ! Let me in!! " I could help but laugh I left the hotel so I decided to call him. "Hey Niall! What's up and let me in!" He said kinda yelling it in a way. "Me an Ed just left for a new pub in town, wanna meet us here?"

"Sure!" So I gave him the directions an we hung up. We arrived and there was a long line. "Well by the time Harry gets here the line should be shorter." Ed said as we sat for what seemed like forever. Until finally Harry pulled up.

Harry's POV

I got to the pub and gave Niall a huge hug! I missed him a lot and going out was the perfect opportunity to catch up. "I see someone missed me?" Niall said with a cheeky grin. "You don't even know! How's it been?!" I asked with excitement. What can I say? I'm excited to hear about what's been going on. It's been what feels like forever. "Great. Just been touring with Ed." He said.

"Well shall we go in?!" Ed said anxiously waiting for our conversation to end. "Sure mate" Niall said as we started toward the door. I could feel the bass of the music from outside and I knew this was going to be a fun night for me and the lads.

Ed's POV

We walk in and it wasn't as crowded inside as it was out. Probably because everyone was doing their own thing. I went straight to the bar and ordered a drink. I sit there and drink and I just get lost in thought . Then I decided to head to the dance floor with Niall and Harry.

Letting loose, that's why were here right? I'm just stressed over tour but no tonight's a good night and I don't plan on letting things that that ruin it. Besides I had good friends with me so why let everything else bother me? I dance for awhile before my feet started getting tired.

So I figured I'd go have another drink. When I sit down I see this girl . She was absolutely stunning. Her hair was straight and she had blonde highlights. She had beautiful blue eyes and glasses. Which looked cute on her. She was wearing a purple dress and she just looked perfect. As I took a good look at her and she looked back at me.

Crap! Caught great. But she didn't seem mad she just smiled and blushed. She had such a pretty smile. So I returned the favor and smiled back and she turned to look at her friends who were encouraging her to do something. She refused and her friends went to the dance floor. This was my perfect opportunity to talk to her. So I took a deep breath in and started her way.

Savannah's POV

As I looked at him, I notices his stare and blushed. He was so dang attractive. Even for a ginger. "C'mon Savannah!" Tabby said pulling at my hand. "Come to the dance floor with us!" I shook my head. "I need a drink and these heels are killing me. So let me sit down for a minute, please?"

Landyn and Tabby looked at me in defeat and walked onto the dance floor and started doing their own thing. While as I , ordered a drink and just relaxed my feet. That's when I noticed the attractive guy from earlier heading my way. Is he going to talk to me? Excitement filled me but I made sure not to show it. He sat right next me "Hi, I'm Ed" he said smiling reaching out for my hand to shake. "Savannah" I said and shook his hand.

His eyes were so beautiful a deep blue. His smile was perfect. "Nice to meet you Savannah" he said and winked. "You too" I said . I can't wink so I just simply smiled. We sat there and chit chatted while we finished our drinks. He's such a sweet guy. We told each other a lot about one another. Not as in my whole life story but little things. Like favorite food, music, and things like that. After about an hour he looked at me "wanna dance?" How could you say no to that. My feet were well rested so I was good to go.

"Sure" I said and smiled. As we made out way to the dance floor, we were having the time of our lives. I was grinding and swaying keeping in perfect sync with Ed's hips. This is defiantly going this be a good night.


Savannah and Ed! Whoop(; hope you guys liked this chapter ill be updating tomorrow xx

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