Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


1. The Big Day

Tabby's POV

"You've got this Tabby!!" My friend savannah encouraged on as I waited for my name to be called. I was about to go in front of the judges for my X-Factor audition. I felt my stomach sink as I waited . Every passing minute made my pulse race. I don't know why I was so nervous. It's not like I've never sang in front of a crowd before. Just the thought of performing right there in front of Simon Cowell ... Nerve racking. I sat here thinking about the song I was going to sing and I reapeated to myself "don't forget the words" every time I choak I don't sing bad I just forget the lyrics. I couldn't help but think about all the ways I could screw this up.


Savannah's POV

"You've got this Tabby!!" I said in encouragement. A much as Landyn and I try to boost her confidence, she still thinks she's a bad singer. I looked at her and I could tell she was over thinking things. When she's nervous she zones out a lot and over thinks. I still remember the day she made up her mind to do this .

"Tabby! The X-Factor auditions are coming nearby!!! You need to audition!" She had a weird look in her face when I said that. We hadn't been close for long but I've heard her sing and she definitely has talent! It was a great chance for her, and she would be stupid not to try.

"Do you really think so? I mean like I'm not as good as those girls in the other seasons. I just don't think I got what it takes." She told herself this and I don't know why. She's so talented . I'm just glad she actually made the decision to come. I look at her with a comforting smile and as much as I doubt it, it hopefully helped her nerves.


Tabbys POV

Savannah gave me a comforting smile which managed to calm me down a little. Savannah always had a way to let me know she was here for me no matter if I make it or not. She really was a true friend and I loved her for that.

"Take a deep breath, no matter if you make it or not you'll always be a national superstar in my eyes. And you can even be my wedding performer at me and eds wedding!" Savannah and Ed. She was mad for that boy. I don't blame her we all had our own fantasies about us being with famous singer. What can I say? We are the average teenagers.

As we talked for a little while our conversation was interrupted when I heard a loud voice shout from a little pretty lady "Tabby Berkley?" And that's when I grabbed Savannah's hand in one and landyn's in the other. This was it.... My big moment... And a I saw the crowd I said to myself I got this....



Well it's my first time writing! I hope you liked it xx comment what you think(:

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