Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


2. Off to L.A.

Tabby's POV

As the tech guys are spitting out information at me I can barley here them over the heartbeat in my throat. "And 3 2 1 you're on!" As he said those words I peered through the curtain an saw Simon picking on Demi as always. I quickly got my act together and put on a big smile and walked out on stage. "Hello" I said trying to hide my nervousness. " hi there. What's your name?" Simon said.

"I'm tabby" and with that he asked me what song I was going to sing. "Drops of Jupiter by Train" I said as I started to get adjusted to the feel if being onstage. As the track started so did I.

Landyn's POV

"Now that she's back in that atmosphere, drops of Jupiter in her ha-a-air" she started singing and Savannah and I stood backstage watching our best friend perform. We knew she was doing perfect! Every note perfect and soul added to give it her own touch. We started humming along to the music and then her performance ended and she seemed a lot more confident.

And she stepped forward and started getting the results.

Tabby's POV

"While you looking for yourself out there." I finished the song on a strong note, hoping that it would be good enough for the judges. As I stepped forward my eyes lit up as I saw smiles on their faces. From watching all of the other auditions, that was a good sign. After they said their reviews Brittany said "You were amazing and gave I think yes." That's one down three to go.

L.A. Reid said "you good kid You good kid, you could work on some parts but I think you got potential. I say yes." Then Demi " l think you have talent I say yes." Then last but not least.... Simon. "Tabby, I think you were quiet good and you deserve another chance on here so ill say ... Yes." I froze. Did I just get a yes from Simon Cowell? "Thank you guys so much!" I said happily and walked off stage. When I got off I was greeted by hugs from my friends and amazing complements. I was so glad to have them here. 

Savannah's POV

As I stood watching the screen backstage she was recieving her results. " four yes's" I yelled with delight! Me and Landyn high fived and waited for our little star to come out off stage. When she did her face was lit up with joy and ours were too. "Look at Tabby. The next international pop sensation" Landyn said with a cheeky smile. Landyn and I took turns give her hugs and high fives. We were all so excited! "So next stop is L.A.!!" Tabby said with glee. "Off to L.A. It is then" Landyn agreed, and I nodded my head in agreement. "L.A. It is" I said while celebrating with my best friends success.


I was really in a writing mood tonight so I got 2 chapters in one day! Hope you guys like it so far. xx

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