Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


11. Never Thought It Would Be Me

Tabby's POV

As I felt myself being pulled in, I wasn't as hesitant as I was last time. I felt more comfortable around him. He started kissing me. With passion and anticipation. I could tell what he wanted. I could say, I wanted the same. He pulled me on top of him with my legs on either side of him while grabbing the back of my head grabbing my hair to deepen the kiss. He was so intimate, So lustful.

Then he started running his hands up my sides and kissing my neck finding my sweet spot. He gently started to run his fingers over the bottom of my back giving me major chills. Then we start to sit up to where I'm on his lap and our chests are together. He grabs the bottom of my thigh lifting me up and carrying me to the bedroom. Then im laid down and he gets on top of me. As he kisses my neck I start to unbutton his top.

Leaving the top shown to me. He was so toned and well built. I rubbed up and down his stomach as he finished removing his shirt, then threw it somewheres leaving his whole upper body exposed. I couldn't stop my wondering hands. I could feel him take his fingers and grabbing the bottom of my shirt.

And start running his hands along my side. He doesn't realize how big of a turn in this is for me. I let a small moan escape from my mouth. He looks at me with lustful eyes and took my shirt off. Then he grabbed at my back with one hand tracing down my stomach with one finger. I started to fiddle with the band if his sweatpants and kiss him right below his ear. He slightly moans I smile to myself knowing that I found his weak point. I start to pull down the band of his sweatpants and he helps me.

It's not until all he had on was his boxers did I notice his throbbing erection. I kiss down his neck and towards his lower region. I decide to tease a little and run my finger right below the band. As I rise back up to meet his lips, his hands greet the top of my sweatpants pulling them off I kick them of the rest of the way and start grinding on him. I knew what was about to happen and I wasn't going to stop it now. I lean forward laying on him and he reaches around and collapse my bra. The minute it leaves I feel over exposed. Covering with my hands he notices "Babe, it's okay. The way your body looks doesn't matter to me. I like you for you, not your body. "

He grabbed my hands slowly removing them and his eyes never leaving mine. As my hands are completely removed he looked and my face turned a deep shade of red. I felt a bit more confident when I felt his boner increase on my thigh. He sat up and got back on top of me. He grabbed the band of my underwear. I got really nervous at this point. He looked at me asking for permission in his eyes. I laid back and let him do his thing. As soon as I felt them leave I was so embarrassed. I was calmed when I felt an unexpected finger. I gasped in pleasure. He stuck two in and started going faster. As my confidence grew I didn't care.

I started to buck my hips in rhythm with his movement. And just when I thought it couldn't get more intense, he curled his fingers. Reach my g-spot at a whole new angle. "Niall" I moaned. My walls clenched and I felt a knot in my stomach indicating I was close. "Niall I'm close!" And with that he picked up the pace and I released all over his fingers. He licked his fingers clean. "Mmm. Sweet, just like you." He said with a cheeky grin. I grabbed his back and forcefully shoved him under me.

"Someone's feisty" he said winking. I grabbed his boxers and took them off. My eyes grew wide at his size. I took it in my hand and began pumping his shaft slowly and the progressively getting faster. His moan filled the room, so I have him a taste of his own medicine. As he started to peak I put my mouth down on it. "Tabby." I could hear Niall moan and I moved my head up and down pumping what all I couldn't fit. I could tell he was reaching his peak.

And I felt his shaft twitch and I stopped. I hoping he wouldn't be mad at me. Instead he grabbed me and laid me under him. "Niall." I said hoping it would get his attention. "Yes love?" He said looking at me. "I thought maybe you should know that I'm a virgin. Please be careful." I said looking at him kinda fearful. "It's okay babe. It'll hurt at first but ill ease you through it. I promise" I gave him a nod and with that he entered slowly. God he was right, this hurt really bad. As I adjusted to it I told him to go deeper and he did. It started to feel amazing

. Faster I begged and he followed and soon enough he was all the way in. I clawed his back as he moved in and out of my entrance. As Doing so he kissed my neck and I moaned in his ear. I felt myself getting close by the way his thrusts were getting sloppier, I could tell he was too. "Come with me." Niall said and he picked up the pace going harder and faster than before. "Niall!" I almost screamed. God this felt amazing. I clenched tight throwing us both over the edge. As we rode out our high, I could help but replay what just happened over and over again.

"God that was amazing." Niall said to me. "That was great." I said looking at him. He pulled he into his chest and he pecked my lips. I stroked his hair and cheek. "Goodnight Tabby." Niall said to me as I feel asleep being inside someone's arms I truly cared about. I fell asleep and dreamed a wonderful dream...


Well guys yep. I guess Tabby and Niall are official. Next chapter we get a sneak peak of how Savannah and Ed's night alone went. Love you xx

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