Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


10. Day At The Fair

Tabby's POV

"C'mon tabby! I know you have a better aim than that!" Niall shouted at me as I tried to knock down that last set of pins. "Well if you think you can do soo much better than do it yourself." I said handing him the last ball. With one solid throw he knocked down the last set of pins and won a huge giraffe. "Here you go love." He said handing my the stuffed animal. I set it in front of me and looked up at it and Niall busted out laughing. "What!?" I said confused. He finally managed to say "The stuffed animal is taller than you!" I've always been short, my whole life. "Hey! That's not nice!" I said offended. "I like the fact your short" he said smiling "because if you were taller than me, I wouldn't be able to do this." With that he grabbed my waist with one hand and cupped my face with the other and kissed me passionately. I cupped his face with both of my hands and held him to savor this moment. He was literally the sweetest guy ever. He pulled away an smiled. I loved his smile. He was just perfect. His eyes were like crystal blue seas with the reflection of the moon glistening on the tidal waves. But his looks isn't what made me attracted to him. He was playful and had a great personality from the start. Very outgoing and his own person. I find it attractive when guys are themselves around me. It makes the their own person instead of a copy. And he definently wasn't a copy. "Want to go ride the Ferris wheel?" He asked. I kinda stood there I love rides and all but I had a horrible time with that one. I guess Niall could see me getting nervous so he grabbed me and pulled me close. "Ill hold you the whole time if you want me to." I looked at him. "Please?" He chucked and led me to the line. We stepped on and I say close to him and buried my face in his chest. I couldn't look, then I felt a hand grab my chin. Niall turned my head to face him. "Just look at me." His voice was so soothing. His nose touching mine. He smiled "look at the view, it's no different than riding a roller coaster. I look out slowly and see the beautiful view from the top. I couldn't help but smile. "This I what I've always been missing. It's beautiful." Niall's eyes never left me as he said "yes, it truly is." We arrived at the top yet again and it stopped. We herd the guy call from below there were having technical difficulties and would get it up as soon as possible. Great. Out of all rides , the Ferris wheel. Niall pulled me tight and held me into his chest. He smelled so good I didn't want to leave his arms. He just was so comforting. He tapped my shoulder and I looked up at him. With the bright blue sky behind him, it just made his eyes seem brighter. I looked around and the view truly was amazing an with Niall next to me just made it even better. He pulled me onto his lap. So that I was facing sideways with my arm wrapped around the back if his neck. And my other arm resting with his hand in mine. At this position I was taller than him. "I'm taller than you now!" I said sticking my tongue out at him laughing. "I can still kiss you." "Says who!?!" I said laughing . "Me!" He shouted putting one arm around the back of my neck and leaned me down like you see those dancers do in movies and he kissed me. He lifts me back up still continuing to kiss me. This time though I didn't mind being taller. I was just enjoying the moment.

Niall's POV

I pulled her up and continued to kiss her. She was just so amazing. We heard the guy from below saying everything was fixed and they started letting people off. We got off an started towards the bumper cars. "Haha it's so on!" I shouted at Tabby as we raced towards the line. We got our car number and got ready. Ironically she got put directly across from me so I had full head in advantage. I was so ready for this. As we waited for the red light to turn green . Beep. Beep. BEEP. And I went straight for her. And my mission was succeeded. Ramming straight into her car. She jerked forward and began laughing as she chased me around getting hit quiet a few times in the process. I come to a dead end and right before I back up, Tabby rear ends me. I can't help but laugh as the game ended. We rode almost every single ride in the park. And at the end we shared cotton candy. I looked at the time and saw ten thirty. The fair was about to close so we started heading towards the car. Her hand joined with mine. " are we dropping me off at my house?" She asked. I didn't think about that. We could stop by your house and pick up some clothes if you want to stay again." I asked shyly. "Haha sure." I screamed yes in my head. We arrived at her house. "Be right back." She said smiling and she ran inside. I decided to turn on some music as I waited. I put my headphone in and started singing out loud and closed my eyes as I sat there and waited for her to come back. A few minutes later I felt a tap On my shoulder. How long was she there? I took me earbuds out and look at her. She was smiling and blushing so bad. "What?" I said looking at her. "You're an amazing singer Horan." I couldn't stop from blushing "so you heard that eh?" She nodded. "You're really good." I smiled and we talked about anything me everything the rest of the way back to the hotel. We arrived and got back to the room. I went to the fridge and found a note from Ed " hey mate. Me and savannah we out for some drinks and we'll probably rent out a hotel too. For the night. So you and tabby have the hotel all to yourself tonight." I just shook my head and threw away the note. "I'm going to go change and ill be back." And she left me with a wink. She can back a few minutes later dressed. "So what you wan to do tonight?" I asked her. "Hmm. Movie night?" She said getting close to me. I couldn't help but to just pull her in. I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her on top of me. I just wanted to feel her close to me. Right here in the moment. I wanted her...


Oh lala(; haha will update tomorrow. I'm beat today :D love you all xx

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