Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


14. Blackout

Tabby's POV

The ride to Nandos was good thinking time. I have X-Factor soon which means I have to leave Niall. I know we aren't together but something about him makes my heart race. He's such an amazing guy. The fact him and Ed planned this for us girls... It's just mind blowing. I can tell Savannah is happy with him. I can see it when her eyes light up every time she sees him. They are so cute. We came to a stoplight. And I pulled out my phone.

Can't wait to see you beautiful
-Niall xx

I smiled. "TABBY!" I heard Savannah yell as we were pulling off. I heard a horn and screeching. Before I knew it, everything was black.

Savannah's POV

Tabby looked at her phone and smiled. I knew she was texting Niall. He treats her right I approve of him. I glance over at her window and see a car heading straight toward us. "TABBY!" I screamed. She turned and saw the car and immediately hovered over me. We got hit in full impact. Tabby was out cold but I was fine. She just saved me. She would always tell me things like "I feel as I you my little sis." Even though I'm only a few months younger. I underestimated her "I would take a bullet for you." She was out cold an I started to panic. "TABBY! Say something?!?" I started crying. My best friend practically just died on my lap. No, I have to think positive. She's just knocked out! The ambulance will get here and make her all better, right? Yeah! They'll save her. All I could do was hold her unconscious body in my arms and cry. "Ma'am are guys alright?" The ambulance man asked me. "I'm fine but please! She's out cold! When the car was coming she jumped over me to protect me from the impact! Please help her!" I started to weep. "Ma'am please calm down. We'll get her in the truck. Are you stable?" He said trying to calm me. "I'm fine!" I yelled. I seemed mean but I was just freaked out. The man tugged Tabby off of me and I got out, trying to get the numbness out of my legs. The man waved over to me I come in the ambulance, and I sprinted over to him. We took off, and I grabbed my phone to tell Niall just what happened.

Niall's POV

Me and Ed sat there waiting out dates. "I wonder where they are?" Ed asked. I checked my phone to see if Tabby responded. Nothing. "Maybe their just a bit late. You know how girls are." I gave Ed a reassuring smile. After about ten minutes I got a call. It was from Savannah. I was confused at first but I answered. "Hello?" I said confused. "NIALL! Oh my god! Get to the hospital now! It's a long story! Please get here as soon as you can!" She yelled. My heart instantly sank. Was Tabby okay? What happened? I ha so many things racing through my mind. "What happened?!" I exclaimed. "I'll explain when you get here just please you and Ed need to get here." As me and Ed were dashing for the car. "On our way!" Ed got the drivers seat. My nerves were way to shaken up to drive. The ride to the hospital was long. I little too long. I could help but me nervous. Very single bad thing that could've happened ran through my thoughts. I reassured Ed that Savannah was okay. After what seemed like forever we arrived. I was greeted by Savannah in the waiting room. She was crying and at this point I was too. She hugged me tight, "what happened?" I asked eagerly. "We were on our way to Nando's and this car came speeding through a red light. Tabby caught it last minute and hovered over me. She took full impact for me. That's why I'm not hurt. I'm not sure about her though. She got hit pretty hard. I'm not sure... Gosh I'm so scared." She said with her face in my chest. "Shhhh. It's okay. We just have to hope for the best. Okay?" I cooed in her. Ed came over and started to comfort her. We all sat and talked until the doctor came out. He had no facial expression. I held my breath until he finally spoke. "Good news and bad news. Good news, she'll be fine. Bad news she's out in a coma. We can't really tell how long she'll be out." I sighed in relief. At least she's okay. "Can I see her?" I asked eagerly. I needed to see her I wanted to hold her. I needed to feel her touch and know she was okay.

Hey guys! Sorry for the late update and short chapter! School has been keeping me so busy! Thank for reading! Love you all! xx

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