Never Thought it Would Be Me

Tabby goes to audition for the X-Factor and makes it through the first round, but when her and her friends go to a new pub in town, she meets someone what's probably going to change her life forever.


16. Be Mine

Chapter 15:

Niall's POV

Savannah and Ed left to Savannah's flat. While I went back to the hotel. I was only focused on one thing... Tomorrow. I get to see her and hold her.

I couldn't stop tears from escaping my eyes. I need her here, with me. I stepped into the hotel and it already felt empty.

She kept running through my head. It was already nine o'clock. As early as it was, I needed sleep. I want to my room and stripped into my boxers, throwing my clothes into the hamper.

Tabby's shirt was lying by the bed. The memories if that night filled my head. I closed my eyes and smiled as I remembered everything. The way she held me, the way she kissed me, and everything else about her was so amazing.

I smelled her shirt and the aroma of her scent filled me. I couldn't help but be excited for tomorrow.

Ed's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about Niall. I don't know how he's doing or anything. Niall is very sensitive an I didn't know wether to send him a text or just leave him be. Maybe he needs space, Not texting him it is.

I heard something from Savannah's bathroom and decided to be nosey. "It's not a Homeless life for me, it's just I'm home less than I'd like to be." She was singing Homeless and I could hear water running, so I assumed she was in the shower. I found it quite adorable. Everything about Savannah was adorable. Her blue eyes an long brown and blonde hair. I smiled to myself about how lucky I was. I decided to do something very cheeky. I laughed to myself and stepped in.

"ED! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?" She yelled. I couldn't help but laugh. "May I join you ma'am?" I asked with a grin.

She peered her head out from the the curtain. Her head was full of shampoo and she looked so cute. She stood there in silence for a second. She finally spoke "Ed you are so cheeky, but I guess it's fine." She put her head back in the curtain.

I stepped out of my clothes and threw them to the side. I looked in and she was rinsing her hair giving me a perfect view of her back. She truly was beautiful. I stepped in and snaked my arms around her waist. I kissed her neck and the water ran down our hair and faces. I could feel the heat in her face rise as she blushed.

Savannah's POV

When I got home with Ed, I decided to take a shower. With Tabby being in her condition, I needed to settle. I got in and started singing Homeless. It was my favorite song by Ed. As I was singing, I heard the door open. I yelled at him and peeked my head out. WHY WAS HE IN HERE?!?!

"Can I join you?" I was started by his question. I mean we've been together for awhile but not dating. Well it's valentines day so why not?

"Sure," on the inside I was freaking out but I just put on a confident smile. Not soon after I felt his hand wrap around my stomach. He kissed my neck which got me good...

He was rubbing small circles on my side. I blushed like and idiot and felt his friend on my backside. I bit my lip.... His size was just...

He turned me around and kissed me. Our lips modeled together perfectly. He cupped my face while leaving one hand around my waist. His hand slowly moved to my front. I jumped at his touch. He started rubbing my sensitive region.

A small moan escaped my lips, and I clawed his back. He stuck two fingers inside me and I but my lower lip trying not to moan to loud. God he was amazing.

He nibbled on my neck and threw my head back. I could feel a knot forming in my stomach. My breathing quickened and I clenched. Just when I was about to release, he stopped.

"You tease!" I yelled out at him. He smiled and turned off the water. He picked me up while kissing me an I wrapped my legs around his waist. We made our way to my bedroom and he threw me down on the bed. I pulled his neck in deepening the kiss. I pushed him under me and decided to return the favor. I kissed down his stomach and his breathing hitched.

I loved this effect I had on him. I started playing with his shaft. "Stop teasing Savannah!" He said demanding. I started pumping him and swirling my tongue around his tip. He threw his head back in pleasure. I felt his shaft twitch and I stopped. I gave him a little wink.

"Revenge sucks huh?" I said cheekly. He grabbed me and pulled me below him. He lined up with my entrance. He knew I was a virgin. We had talked about it before.

"Are you sure about this?" He asked me. I really liked him. And I was ready for this.

"Yes." And with that he entered me slowly. Gosh it hurt, just as much as people said it did. I tear slid down.

"Babe, listen I know it hurts but just focus on me. Think back to all of our good times. It'll be okay, I promise." I nodded and he started thrusting a little faster. The pain was unbearable, but once I adjusted the pleasure hit me like a ton of bricks. Oh god... I didn't think anything could feel this amazing. Now I see what people meant.

I eventually started pleading for him. He filled me and I enjoyed very minute of it. I felt the same knot I felt in the shower, but this one was way more intense.

"ED!" I exclaimed. I felt his thrusts getting sloppier indicating he was close. His moans filled the room, along with mine. I clenched my walls around him sending him over the edge. He released inside of me and I did as well.

"Savannah, stay with me." I looked in his desperate eyes. We intertwined our fingers and I kissed his lips softly.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" When I heard those words, my heart fluttered.

"Yes." And with that I laid my head on his naked chest. And we fell into a deep slumber.



Sorry for not updating! I've ha a horrible writers block!

Please don't kill me! But anyways, please comment and vote what you think(:

Love you !

-Tabby xx
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