Falling For You <3

Alexis was always an outcast.. in school, at home, everywhere. She seems invisible to everyone, except Liam that is. Has she met the love of her life or will he play with her heart like a toy? Read on to find out <3


1. Chapter 1.

     "Alexis wake up!! You're going to be late!" my mom yells from the kitchen. Ugh great, I slept through my alarm clock again. I lazily stumble out of bed. It's 7:15 and my bus comes in 20 minutes. I quickly grab a towel and hop into the shower. I shiver as the cold water runs down my back. I finish washing up as fast as I can and throw on a purple hoodie and some skinny jeans. This has always been my least favorite day of the year.. the dreaded first day of school. To make it even worse, we recently moved so I'm starting at a completely new school in a different city. No one knows who I am which means no friends. Well, its not like I really had that many before so I guess Its really not that bad.

     I slip on my shoes and head out the door. I rush down to the bus stop. Its only about a quarter mile away and luckily, I make it just in time, right when the bus is pulling up. I'm the last one on and I choose a seat sort of in the middle but closer to the front. Everyone else is talking with their friends about how awesome their summer was, but me? I just sit alone. I pull out my iPod and listen to music until we get to school. 

     We finally arrive at school and I pull out my schedule and make sure I know where I'm going. First period- English. Ok, this shouldn't be too hard, right? I make my way to room 225. All we do is go over the basic rules and what we are expected to be taught this year.. you know, normal first day of school stuff. Now its time for history. Same thing as before except I got a little lost trying to find it. Next comes algebra 2. I was always pretty good at math, so I was taking it in 10th grade instead of 11th. I chose a seat next to a nice looking girl with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. When the teacher takes attendance, I notice her name is Emily. After class ends, she introduces herself and invites me to sit next to her at lunch. She must realize that I'm new here.

     The rest of the day goes along just fine. Not an amazing first day but not horrible either. The final bell rings dismissing us from school and I pack up my books and start to leave. When I turn  from my desk, there is a tall, muscular guy standing in front of me. He has a short, messy haircut and an amazing smile. His giant brown eyes stare into mine and I am completely lost in his beauty. "Hey, I'm Liam. You must be new here." His words startle me at first.

     "Um, yeah." I choke out, "I just moved here."

     "Oh, well this is a great school, I'm sure you'll love it here. I could maybe show you around sometime if you'd like," he says scribbling something onto a piece of paper. "Here, call me if you need anything." He hands me the paper and written on it is his phone number.

     "Uh ok thanks," I say to him. Gosh, why do I have to be so awkward?!

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