My Romeo

Love knows no boundaries. When two hopelessly lost people cross paths, will love bloom freely? Or will people try to split them up?


4. Trouble.

My Romeo

Chapter 4.



(30 minutes later) Georgie's POV:

"Don't! Stop!" I pleaded, laughing.

"Oh, okay! I won't stop!" he said back, towering over me.

"You know what I mean!!!"

We are currently laying on my bed, him on top of me, tickling me. For thirty minutes, I've been running away from him as he would get closer. He would tease me, tickle me, chase me... I think I really like him.

"But you're so cute when you laugh!" he teases, tickling me more.

I burst out in laughter again, and then all of a sudden stop when his phone starts ringing. His face looked confused, as was I. As he reached inside his pocket, I saw a small scar on his forearm. I tilted my head to the side, wondering what he got it from. The scar resembled something of a blade... And it was perfectly straight.

"Yeah, what's up?" he asked into the phone. I watched as his face went to confused to angry. "Are you serious?! I ask you to do one thing!- I don't care.... When?"

By this time he was off of my bed and out the door, still on the phone. I just laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Wait, how did all of this happen? I saw him at a game, then the next day at the coffee shop, and now we're extremely close and in my house.

I heard something drop, and a loud curse, followed with more yelling. All I could hear clearly was, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!.... No.... I DONT GIVE A S***!.... HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!.... GOD DA**MIT!"

I closed my eyes, not enjoying the swearing, and slowly calming myself down. Obviously there was something going on that wasn't good... And I don't really understand what it could be. He's only seventeen, so he couldn't be up to much... Right?

A minute later, he returned, but he wasn't himself. There was something in his eyes... Something dark.

Sam's POV:

Everything was going swell until the idiot Eli called me. I specifically told them to not let anyone know where I went. I told them! But, no. Somehow Jack found out and is currently asking around for Georgie's address.

Okay, I know that you're all highly confused right now. I'm not a typical seventeen year old. I don't go to school, I don't hang out with friends, and I don't stay in one place for long... When I was seven years old, I found out what my father really did for a living. He wasn't an accountant. He was actually involved in a special group that went around the world, doing horrible stuff. This stuff includes: hurting, killing, raping, bombing, stealing, and anything else you can possibly think of.

Ever since then, my dad has brought me to their headquarters everyday to see what it was like, and to learn. But, when he died a few years ago, everyone made me their leader because he taught me everything he knew. Oh yeah, my dad was their leader. Now, here I am... Their leader, at seventeen years old, not allowing to be a real teenager, not allowed to have a real relationship. Not allowed to do anything I want to do.

Also, everyone except Brian are idiots. When I tell them not to do a certain thing, they do it anyway. Like now, I told Eli and Jake not to tell anyone outside our group of friends (Brian, Eli, Jake and I) where I was going, or who I was going to see. But now... People know that I'm with Georgie, and that I like, possibly love, her. Why is this bad? Oh, just wait...

The leader of the other group of people who do what we do hates us. It's our rival group. Jack, their leader, now knows that I'm with Georgie and he's going around asking where Georgie lives. He's capable of doing anything that he wants to her: rape, kill, harm, take. I can't let him do that to her.

"Georgie, put on something that's okay for going somewhere." I told her, grabbing a bag from her closet.

"What? Why?" she asked, sitting up.

"Just... Do what I say, Georgie," I look her straight in the eye and hand her the bag. "Go change and pack clothes for a while, please."

Her eyes were filled with confusion, but she did as told. That's why I like her this much. She understands when to stop asking questions. When to let it go, and who to trust. As I walked out of her room to give her privacy, I pulled out my phone once again, and dialed a number I never thought I'd have to dial: my mom.

Georgie's POV:

I jogged around the room, packing things into the bag he took from my closet, a million questions running through my mind. Why is he taking me away? Where are we going? What's going on? and Why do I trust him this much?

After I was done packing for a couple of days, I jogged over to my closet and pulled out an outfit I would wear out of the house. (Outfit!!: I just left my hair as it was, wavy.

As I neared the bottom of the staircase, I could barely hear his goodbye to the person he was talking to, "Okay, thank you so much. Bye." I cleared my throat, and he turned around. A small smile was on his face. "Thank you for trusting me. Don't worry, you'll be fine."

I nod, and walk with him to the front door. But, before he could open it, there was a knock on the door.

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