My Romeo

Love knows no boundaries. When two hopelessly lost people cross paths, will love bloom freely? Or will people try to split them up?


1. The Game

My Romeo.

Chapter 1: The Game.


The brightness broke into my eyes. "Ow, ugh." I groan, rubbing my eyes.

"Honey," my mother said, sitting on the bottom of my bed. "You have to wake up sometime. It's almost 3:00 in the afternoon."

"What?" I shift over so I could see the clock that laid on my nightstand. 2:56. Wow. "Oh, wow. Okay."

"Remember, there's still a game tonight. The band is playing tonight, so you have to go." she kisses my forehead, and walks out of my room.

I totally forgot that there was a game tonight... We're playing The Lions. I stand up and walk into my bathroom. Turning on the water, I strip off my clothing and jump in.


What should I wear?? The game is at 5:30, and there's a dance afterwards... I think I'm just going to wear my usual.

I walk over to my closet and pick out a black and red plaid shirt, white v neck, and black short shorts. Our school colors are red and black, so it works perfectly!

After getting dressed, I walk back into my bathroom and curl my long, golden-brown hair. Not even bothering about makeup, since I don't wear any, I jog downstairs into the kitchen.

There, I found my mom making me early dinner. "Mm... smells good."


I hop out of my black pickup truck, and grab my drum sticks. Yeah, I'm in the band, and I play the drum set for spirit band. I walk up to front doors to the gym, and open them. "Hello, Georgie! Gonna be a great game!" Mrs. Wanders, my English teacher, greets me as I step inside.

"I know! Hopefully we beat The Lions!" I exclaim back, grabbing a roster and inspecting it.

"I heard that The Lions haven't lost a game, yet." she told me, taking money from a lady who just entered the gym.

"Well, all the more reason to win, then!" I smiled, and quickly traveled to the other side of the gym where my drum set was waiting patiently for me to play it. I sat down on the stool, and began to warm up.


"So, Georgie! Heard you're single?" Balyn, a boy in my science class stated. Balyn is that boy who goes around flirting with everyone. It could be a joke, or not, but you'd never know. People tell me that he's had a crush on me for a while now, but I'm not interested.

"Yeah, why?"

"Wanna get a ride home from me, if you know what I mean?" he winks at me, and comes closer.

"Balyn, for the tenth time tonight, no. I want to wait until I'm married, and you're not even sex worthy. Especially when you flirt with every girl, and have sex with every girl in this school." I wave him off as our drum major, Isaac, begins to count us off.

The music comes naturally to me, no sheet music needed. My eyes travel around the gym, and I find nothing interesting.


"Georgie... Who's that guy?" my best friend, Ellie, asked me.

"Who?" I asked, looking around.

"That guy over there by the door. He's pretty cute."

Oh, now I see. There's a boy with curly, brown hair that's perfectly swept to the side. He was wearing a blue v neck, black basketball shorts, and blue vans. His hands were in his pockets as he talked to Mrs. Wanders. There were three other boys around the same age, same height, behind him.

One had straight black hair that was perfectly swept to the side, and he wore a black leather jacket, with a white v neck under it, and black skinny jeans. His shoes were also white. Another one had blonde hair that was spiked up a little at the front, and he wore white skinny jeans with a red hoodie with a grey v neck underneath it. His shoes were red. The last boy had spikey brown hair and wore a cut-off black t shirt with white basketball shorts and his shoes were basketball shoes.

They were definitely an attractive bunch that I've never seen before. Of course, my blonde friend, who's a cheerleader, notices too and runs straight to me about it. "Georgie! Those guys are so hot! Especially the blonde one, what do I do!?"

"Lydia, step one: Talk to them. If they have no idea that you exist, you can't go anywhere from there." I stated chuckling at her foolishness.

"Oh, okay. I'll do that right now!" she begins to speed-walk over to the boys.

"Wha- Lydia! You have to cheer! Like... Right now!" I exclaimed, looking at her like she's crazy.

"Oh, right! Later, then!" she smiles her pretty smile at me, and lines up with the other cheerleader.

"Okay, our fight song! One, two... One, two, three-" Isaac lead us into our next song.

I began to play, letting my arms take full control, not even thinking about the music. I've played our fight song more than a thousand times, so I've got it memorized. My eyes travel around the gym once again, and suddenly lands on a pair of chocolaty brown eyes that belonged to the boy with the curly brown hair. Why was he looking at me? Of all people, why me?



Sam's POV


The music in the gym was awesome. The beat soared through my body and made me want to tap my foot or dance.

I was at a local Mount Baker High School basketball game that was against the Lynden Lions. The boys, Brian, Jake, and Eli, and I decided it would be fun to go out and do something tonight, so we decided to watch some sports.

"Dude, those cheerleaders are hot..." Jake said, fixing his blonde, spikey hair.

"Eh, they're alright," Eli said, flicking his black hair back into the right spot on his head. "There's a girl in the cheering section who I have my eye on."

"I've got my girl," Brian said, his spikey brown hair staying perfectly on his small head. "So count me out of this conversation."

The boys all look at me, waiting for my response. "What?" I ask.

"Come on, you've got most of the girls falling for you at your feet back home, who do you want tonight?" Eli asked.

"Uh... I don't know... Maybe..." I scan the crowd, and then the music starts again. The cheerleaders do their signature dance to Mount Baker's fight song, and I take sudden interest in the drummer behind the drum set. It was a girl, and she wasn't even paying attention to what she was playing. She knew what all to do, and when to do it. Her curly, golden-brown hair fell perfectly over her shoulders. I couldn't help it when a single word slipped out of my mouth, "woah..."

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