My Romeo

Love knows no boundaries. When two hopelessly lost people cross paths, will love bloom freely? Or will people try to split them up?


3. Meeting Once Again

My Romeo

Chapter 3

Meeting Once Again.

Sam's POV:

Staring at them, I just stood there not knowing what to do. Should I walk out? Walk up to them? Act cool?

"Sam! Dude! What the hell?!" Eli flipped, shaking me out of my trance. "Seriously, what has gotten into you?!"

"S-Sorry... I-I don't know... I just-" I kept stumbling over my words. I'm usually not like this. I can't think of anything else to say- I can't talk period.

"Sam? You alright, mate?" Brian, my best friend out of the three, asked, standing in front of the girl, blocking her from my sight. "Are you feeling ill?"

"N-no..." I said, staring him in the eyes. I can't let this feeling inside of me go unnoticed. I just cant.

His eyes widen like he sees everything that I'm feeling. "...Who?" he asks.

Obviously he knows. That's why he's my best friend. He knows everything, and I can't hide anything from him. He sees through me and my actions. I nod my head, indicating that she's behind him, and he turns around.

Once he turns back around, he nods, smiling. The girl from behind the counter comes over to me with a new cup of whatever I ordered. "I understand the feeling, don't worry." she says, winking at me and smiling widely.

What the- what is she talking about?! Brian chuckles, and takes me over to the table where the other boys sat. There, he leaned in to my ear. "She's from the game, yeah?"

I nod, and take a drink of my mocha.

"So... She's why you never slept, always talked about the game last night and nothing else, and just wasn't with us for past 24 hours?" he asks, smirking at me.

I nod once again, my eyes flickering toward the two sitting across the room. She laughs her adorable laugh at something that he said, and I scoff without knowing. "Dude, you got it bad."

(5 HOURS LATER) Georgie's POV:

"Honey, I'm going to the office, I'll be gone for a while so behave." my mom explained, kissing my forehead.

"When do I not behave?!" I asked, dumbfounded.

"...Good point. Then be yourself!" she chuckles and walks out of the door.

"Alone at last!" I say to myself, placing my feet on the living room table. I never really do anything but listen to music or watch SpongeBob all night, so it's going to be a party! I wore only my PJs since I'm going to be home alone all night. (PJs!!:

I was in the middle of laughing at what SpongeBob did to Squidward's house when there was a knock on the door. Huh, that's weird. If it was one of my buddies they would have rang the doorbell... I quickly got up, and shuffled over to the door. Once I opened it, I was shocked at what- I mean who- I saw standing there.

The boy from the game was standing on my front porch, hands in pockets, with a little smile on his face. I guess he could tell that I was shocked because he started the conversation first, "I'm sorry for intruding on your night, but I..." he looked to the ground, probably to think of why he came here in the first place. After a moment, he looked back up, his smile faulting, and sighed. "Okay, I'm going to tell you the honest truth.

"At the game, I was scanning the crowd, and I saw you playing the drums. You were magnificent and beautiful," I blushed, "and then I saw you at the café this morning, and I thought the same thing... And I just had to meet you face to face, so I sort of asked the girl- Cassandra, I think- behind the counter at the café where you lived." After he was done explaining everything, I had a large smile glued on my face.

He smiled back, "I'm Sam Montgomery. Nice to finally meet you...."

"Georgia Summers. Nice to meet you Sam. You can call me Georgie." we shook hands and I invited him inside.

(THREE HOURS LATER: 11:30pm) Sam's POV:

Thank you God for giving me my awesome friend, Brian. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be inside Georgie's house, getting to know her. When Georgie and her friend left the café earlier today, he forced me to ask Cassandra for her address.

Of course, Cassandra said yes because of her little comment when I dropped my drink, "Don't worry. I know the feeling." and she was actually grateful that I asked her. She said that Georgie hasn't dated anyone before and that she needs to start. That, of course, made me laugh.

"Haha, wait," she laughs. "You're telling me that you've never watched SpongeBob before?"

"Nope. Never," I told her, smiling at her smile. "Good think you showed me though, it's the best show!"

"I know!" she smiles wider, and I stare into her eyes.

Her gorgeous hazel, brown eyes are shimmering in the warm light of the living room. Her hair is perfectly wavy. I can't help but freak out at how little clothing she was wearing. My heart sped up, and unconsciously scooted backwards, afraid of her hearing its frantic beating. Her smile drooped a little as she took notice of my movement.

In a swift movement she quickly covered her mouth with her hand. "What? Is it my breath?"

Putting aside her lack of clothing, I scooted as close as I could to her. "No! Your breath is delightful." I soothed. Deciding to tell her the truth about the matter, I placed my hand on her waist, looking her straight in the eye. "It's your pajamas... They're very... Revealing..."

Her eyes widen and her arms quickly cover her chest as she stands up. "I'm so sorry! I- I didn't think there would be any guests-"

"No! No! It's fine!" I said, stand up next to her. "In fact, it's pretty sexy."

Her eyes widen again and she backs away slowly. I follow her, though, not letting her get anywhere. I'm set on one goal: to kiss her. I can't leave this house without kissing her, and I won't.

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