My Romeo

Love knows no boundaries. When two hopelessly lost people cross paths, will love bloom freely? Or will people try to split them up?


2. Coffee and Unexpected Visitors

My Romeo

Chapter 2

Coffee and Unexpected Visitors.

Georgie's POV:

The game went well; we won, nothing that much different. One thing that I did notice that was different, was the feeling in the gym afterwards. As usual, it felt of happiness- some sorrow from the other team- and warmness. But tonight, there was something else; something added to it. I can't seem to put my finger on it, though.


After the game ended, the band remained playing our Fight Song. Many people -students, teachers, and family- rushed out onto the court to give the team pat on the backs, and "good job!"s. When the band was finished, some stayed to congratulate the team members, and some immediately wanted to go home. I, for a fact, stayed.

My best "guy friend" is on the Varsity team, so I stayed for him. His name is Cory, and he's a muscular dude, but very smart also. "Georgie!" Cory called for me, looking around. I decided to freak him out a bit by jumping on his back; taking him by surprise.

"Cory!" I screamed into his ear. "You rocked it, buddy!"

After I jumped down, we did our handshake, and then hugged it out. "Aw, thanks, George!"

"Don't call me George! I'm not a guy!" I cried, but I couldn't help but smile.

He's called me George ever since we met, which was in Kindergarten. I only let him say it; if anyone else were to call me George, I'd kick them where the sun don't shine.

Cory laughed, pinching my squirrel cheeks. "Aw, hey! I have to go! Mom wants everyone together for dinner tonight. So how about we get some coffee tomorrow morning and hang then?"

"Sure! I'd love to!" I hugged him good-bye and began to take my drum set apart.

Sam's POV:

I couldn't focus on the game at all. The girl was running through my mind the whole game, and she still is now. In fact, I haven't stopped staring at her yet. It seems that every guy she passes is interested in her. They would look at her bum, her chest, and the boys from other schools would call "Dibs" on her. She's a beautiful lady, and she's not an object that you can call "dibs" on.

I've been with many other girls, but this specific girl isn't like the others. She's confident, independent, beautiful, and perfect. I cant help but find my hands curling up into fists when I see her speak with a boy. Especially that basketball player that she congratulated after the game.

The way they were so close to each other made me sick to my stomach, and all around not a pleasant person to be around. I would often find myself mumbling harsh words and laying out a perfectly detailed description of how I would kill him.

The part that's really freaking me out about this whole situation is: I don't even know this girl. How could I feel this protective of a girl that I just met? No, it's not an Edward and Bella situation! I did not smell this girl's blood and want to keep it all to myself. No, just no.

"Hey, Sam. We're gonna head out, coming with?" Brian asks, tugging on my sleeve.

"What? Oh, yeah. Sure."

The truth is, I don't want to go. I want to stand here for all eternity and watch her. Wow, I sound like a stalker, but I can't help it! I turn on my heel, and begin to walk out of the gym. Before I stepped through the door, I quickly turned around to see her once more before I left. She was no longer with the basketball boy, but she was taking apart her drum set while talking with one of the cheerleaders.

I smiled and thought to myself, I'm going to see her again. I have to.

(THE NEXT DAY) Georgie's POV:

I see your face in every sun rise, the colors of the morning are inside your eyes. The world awakens in the light of the day, I look up to the sky and say, "You're Beautiful". Oo,Oo,Oo,Oo,Oo,Ooooo. Oo,Oo,Oo,Oo,Oo,Oooooo.

I sit up, smiling. This song, "You're Beautiful" by Phil Wickham, is my top favorite song in the universe. I listen to it all the time, and I can never stop smiling. The clock beside me blinks 8:30 am, and I decide to get ready for coffee with Cory.

Stepping into the shower, I begin to think about my life. The music playing in the background, allowing me to think more clearly. As the words, "I see your face, You're Beautiful. I see your face, You're Beautiful," are being sung, a face pops into my mind.

The boy from the game; that stranger who wont get out of my mind. His perfect, curly, golden-brown hair falling around his face. His stylish ways... Plus, his pants werent sagging around his knees, so that's a bonus. But the thing that makes my mind travel back to him every five minutes isn't his looks... There was something in his eyes that I needed.

The look he gave me sparked something inside of me; a want, a need.

As I walked out of the bathroom, towel securely wrapped around my naked body, my wet hair sticking to my face, I decided to let him go. I'll never see him again anyways, so why should I let him intrude in my brain?

I prowl through my drawers, looking for the perfect outfit. I finally decided on something more girly today. (Something you should know about me: I'm not girly, but I'm not a tomboy fully either. So, I have my girly days, and I have my tomboy days.) After drying my body, I slipped on my white underwear and bra (push up cause my friend bought it for me :/) and then stepped into my white dress. (Outfit!!!: the cardigan is unbuttoned :))

No makeup because I don't like makeup! Now that I'm set, I stash my iPod and iPhone in my bag, along with my wallet an other necessary things I would need. I walk outside, and into the cold-ish-warm air.

When I reached the little coffee shop in the middle of town, I walked in and sat Cory and I's regular table. "Good morning, Georgie!" Cassandra, the girl behind the counter, chirped to me. We're friendly acquaintances.

Cassandra is a middle-sized (like me) 17 year old girl. She's the same age as me, and we go to the same school. She has red/brunette/blonde hair that's naturally curly and reaches her elbows. Snap, she is gorgeous! Anywho, she's really nice and we always chat when I come in for coffee.

"Good morning, Cassandra!" I chirped back, now going to the counter to chat with her while I wait for Cory. He's always five minutes late.

"Georgie, please. Like I've said more than a thousand times, please call me Cassie." she giggles her usual giggle.

"Gosh, sorry, Cassie." I say, smiling back at her. "What's going down for you, today?"

"Well, nothing, really. I have to work until 3:00, and then I'm done! But I have no idea what I'm going to do for the rest of the day." She sighs, resting her elbows on the counter in front of her.

"Oh, snap. That's the same thing for me." We laugh. "But for right now, I'm having coffee with Cory again."

I could see something happen inside of her eyes. Some sort of... Twinkle? A large, genuine smile spreads across her face as she stands up straight. "Really?" she asks. "Cory's coming?"

I nod, cocking an eyebrow at her. "Cassie... Might you... Oh, I don't know... Enjoy his presence?" I ask, smirking.

"What?! No!" She defends, but I could plainly see her lying. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, snap! You like Cory!!" I start to dance around, knowing that someone who I actually approve of likes my brother from another mother, Cory. "That's awesome!"

We keep talking and laughing until we both hear the '"ding!" of the bell. Someone's here! I turn around to see Cory walk in, his blonde hair perfectly placed on his head. "Sorry I'm late!" he apologizes.

"I'm used to it by now, Cory." I roll my eyes at his apology, and go to sit down with him at our table.

Sam's POV:

The boys and I decided to be stupid and stay up all night. Well, actually... I didn't have a choice. If I were to go to sleep, I'd dream about that girl from the game last night. I couldn't handle the thought of me possibly liking someone that I wont ever see again, so hopefully staying up would make it better, right?


Everywhere I looked, everywhere I turned, everything I said, and everything I thought was about that girl. I could literally see her in front of me, I could hear her in my ears... It's so strange. I haven't told the boys yet, though. What would they think if they knew I liked a girl?

I never liked girls. I'd just play them, and leave them. My life style doesn't really allow me to have true girlfriends, only one night stands. Oh, yeah... What is my life style? Well, you'll learn at a different time. But let me tell you, it's not a good one.

I was wearing my regular attire: white V-neck, a plaid shirt, and black skinny jeans with vans. (Outfit!!!: hair: I'm not going to go into detail on what the other boys are wearing, because I don't really care.

"Hey, there's a good looking place!" Brian said, pointing towards a cozy looking coffee shop. "Race you to the door!"

We may be 17, but we act like we're 14. I don't know why, so don't ask. Jake ended up getting to the door first, but I really didn't care. I know you're all probably thinking, "what the crap?! He's a jerk." I'm not a jerk. I'm seriously not myself right now.

That mystery girl from the game is still in my mind, and I cant shake her out. No matter what I do, she's always there. We all enter the shop, hearing the bell's "ding!" as we open the door. We all walk up to the counter, reading our choices, when I hear talking; adorable laughter, actually.

"What do you want, Sam?" Jake asks.

"What? Oh..." I quickly scan the menu posted on the wall in front of me, and choose one. "White chocolate, caramel mocha, please."

When we receive our drinks, we all turn around looking for a cozy looking table to sit. But when I do, the cup slips from my hand and crashes to the ground. I probably look like an idiot, but, once again, I don't care. Why?

Because standing in front of me was the reason for my absent mind... That girl from the game was sitting right in front of me, looking as beautiful as ever. But it was who she was sitting with that made my blood boil. The first thought that ran through my mind was, "I'm gonna kill him."

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