Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


39. What's Wrong With You

      Dylan's P.O.V

     I sat there, fumbling my clothes,"Knock, Knock." Niall chuckled. I fake smiled,"Hey." "Are you coming to eat?" He asked. Answering very fastly,"Yeah." His blonde hair was up- his blue eyes were sparkling. I did felt bad about the plan- but what was done has to be finished. 
    "Well, where are we going?" 
    "Well, there's this place, where French does a buffet and in the end they give fortune cookies." He smiled. 
     "Hmm....seems nice. Let me change into my normal clothes. As you see I'm in my pajamas." I giggled. He walked over to me."Okay, you better hurry or else we'll eat before you." He walked downstairs. I rolled my eyes- closing the door. I took a bath, a quick one and walked out wearing my black converse, with shorts that has a lot of zippers. My shirt was designed writing, Music 
      I put a head band on my head, walking downstairs- smiling,"Wey Hey." "You took too long." Zayn whined. "Oh please. Unlike you and your hair doesn't take long. Word on the street is that, you take long styling your hair." "Mate, she got you." Harry laughed. "See isn't she funny!" Niall bragged. I fake smiled,"Where's Eleanor and Danielle?" I asked. "Danielle, well we got into this tragic fighting." Liam muttered,"She's not coming back anymore." I looked at them, shocked. "What do you mean? She just got here." "And it's time for her to leave." Liam said. I rolled my eyes,"Bullshit. Liam this isn't funny. I thought you guy's love each other. What happened?" "Personal reasons. And it's none of your business." I shook my head, unbelievable. This doesn't even make sense. Dani just got here. She was really into my type of best friends, everything. 
     I remembered, texting! 

 Text Danielle (: - Where are you? You're leaving me? What happened? Liam's acting weird now.
  Response- Sorry love, I really truly want to stay, but seems like Liam and I got into a misunderstanding problem. We promised each other not to talk about it. But the true reason is that, Dylan. I had fun for one day. But remember this. We're still best friends, for life. We can meet one day xx Have fun Dylan- true word, Remember <3 

    She typed. I sighed, she's gone. I don't get it...they broke up. But the word- remember? I don't get it. I rolled my eyes,"Guy's are we going to eat now?"  
    "Um yeah. Let's go." Zayn pushed me. "Don't push me." I muttered. "Sorry.."He smiled. "Smiling? When you pushed someone? You're nice." I stomped out of the room. To the lobby. "Hey." Eleanor smiled."Hey. Did you get the car?" I asked. She nodded,"Yeah, so got any issues between Niall?" 
     The boys were still in the hotel. I just raced down to here, for Eleanor. "Uh well. He's been acting all nice." I sophisticatedly touched my hair and combed it, like girls usually do. She nodded, saying nothing. I began to spoke."Are you sure, you got the plan? We're missing one person. Danielle!" I blurted. "I hardly have to tell you this, they are parting away now. Break up." Eleanor walked to the lobby seat. We sat down. Quiet- no fans, no paps. Where are they?
     "Dyl?You fine?" She said in her light British accent- mis saying her grammar. Then my phone rang- Heart Attack came on, by Demi Lovato. It was my text default song. "You got a text." She said. I nodded,"I'll leave you alone. I'm going to get the boys." And she left. 
      I grabbed my phone, opened the lock screen, punched my password. 

The Devil Of Sluts: Where's the money bitch. You have 1 week left till the month ends. After the wedding you'll give me the money or you'll be meeting death. 

Me: Puh lease, Gladly to die, to stay far away from you (: 

    I couldn't believe I did that, I'm going to die ._." 

The Devil Of Sluts: Actually I will. Just get the money. 

     I lied...I'm not going to respond. I sighed and rubbed my head, the boys and El came. 

"hey babe." Harry mimicked Niall. "Don't call me that." I snapped, having the worst day. "Let's just go." I sighed. 

   We sat there awkwardly- quiet. The resteraunt was fancy full. Paps were there in front of the window flashing cameras. 
"So boy's, Who's the best man?" Eleanor smirked. 
"Me." Liam shouted. I smiled then looked at the boys.  
"Not you peasant! It's Queen Louis." Louis shouted back. "You're a girl?" I gasped making Zayn chuckle. "I already know who's Dylan's Bridesmaid is-" Niall stopped. I cut him off. 
    "No you don't." I brushed my lips into the cold water, gulping the water and setting it down- facing his eyes. "Ooh, are you going to deal with that hasty word from Dylan, Niall?" Harry smirked. Niall rolled his eyes."She's just mad because her mother hates her and fully ab-" Before he could say anything I slapped him. Anxiously waiting to be slap, aren't we, Horan? I thought to myself. Slamming the table..I was red- dead mad...angry.
     "Shut the fuck up! You don't know anything! At all!" I shouted. Everybody in the rooms flashed their eyes towards me. We were in a private room. It's just the boys and Eleanor. Niall covered his mouth,"I'm sorry. Dylan I didn't me-" I slapped him once more. "And by the way. I never did liked the birthday you celebrate for me! Also being a fiancee to you douche!" 
       Running was the only thing- I ran out like there's no tomorrow- Lights flashing on me. I lied to him. Of course I did love the celebration...but I don't know anymore. I didn't know where to go I had no change. No money- well...20 dollars..Nobody ran to search for me. It's all good....Eyeing to the alley I sat inside the alley- dead end...with a garbage side of me. If I could only have Carter back. If only I didn't live. If only....there....was..HOPE.

Niall's P.O.V
     She slapped right at my face burning my face to red. My heart dropped. She left. "Niall mate..."Harry whispered. "YOu should find her." Eleanor muttered madly. "The paps are already making some rumors. You can't just sit here." 
     "It's all fine- she's probably at the hotel room." 
"What's wrong with you, lad! Shouting that out! And you're just sitting there! For god sakes she doesn't money on her to go! You don't know what happens out there! What about the past!" Louis screams in my face. He was right...I ignored him, maybe...just maybe she doesn't want this...maybe Louis is right. What is wrong with me...


A/N: YAY :D School has 3 more days left to summer Vaca! Well, I don't want to leave my bff D: but Ana invites me to her house, so it doesn't matter I'll be going to her house. I don't want to leave Cameron too D: My crush </3 I don't want to leave my perfect periods ): complicated I just hope I have the same lunch as them and periods <3 
HOPE. Also sorry for not updating during week days I have school!!! 
I have another chapter in my mind...Thanks for reading. Comment, Fan, Favorite, Like. 
~J.1D<3 or Jackie 

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