Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


52. Wedding

Dylan's P.O.V

"Where's Mackenzie." I questioned, looking at the girls standing there. They looked confused and rather not speak. I scrunched my nose. "Umm..hello?" 

"She said she has to go visit a friend and she'll come back tomorrow just in time for the wedding." Eleanor sighed."I know it's sad, but she had to go. She already made plans." Made plans, that seemed strange. 

"Wait- did she said who she was visiting? Either a male or female, she's visiting." I was suspicious, all of them shrugged. Sophia then looked at me and said,"Don't worry. So, are you excited?" She raised an eye brow and hugged me. 

I didn't want to respond but closed my eyes,"Yeah. I'm really tired. See you guy's tomorrow." I fake yawned. They laughed and Danielle patted my head,"Get some rest, sleeping beauty. Bye Mrs. Horan." Eleanor rolled her eyes and closed the door, leaving me all alone wondering on where was Mackenzie. I opened my phone and text Mackenzie. 

Text Mack^~^: Hey where are you? >.< 

Response: Busy, didn't tell the girls tell you that I'm visiting a friend. He just got a diploma and I'm congrats-ing him. :P 

Something was bothering me. I didn't feel like replying. I simply closed my eyes and thought about mum. So, if she wasn't abusive; never meant to hurt me, then why does she need the money. Did she mean it? I mean- she could lie and want to get out. I couldn't sleep, I rubbed my eyes and looked at my phone, is he watching me?


"Knock Knock." I heard Eleanor's voice. I groaned without anything I woke up. Surprisingly I was excited. I looked at Eleanor and smiled,"Morning!" I rapidly stood up and grabbed my phone."C'mon let's get this wedding started!" I heard Daniell's voice shouted. Sophia grabbed my hand and pushed me into the shower,"Take 1 hour to prepare yourself and get out. We're going to get ready at the salon. Well, near the wedding." 

I didn't know where was the wedding placed. I had a lot of questions. Everybody except Niall and I know about the wedding that takes place. I stripped down my clothes and jumped into the bath tub. There was already water, warm. I tied my hair in a bun and relaxed. 


"Dylan. Come on!" She knocked on the door. I was already in my wedding dress, prepared. I was nervous, thinking about how I was 19 and about the man. I brought the money and it was in my purse. I looked at the mirror thinking about how I looked different. I wasn't Dylan. I was another girl, I changed. Look at me, I look so bad. My face-wearing make up ; I mean, I don't wear make up, I never did. I opened the changing room, walking to Danielle. She looked at me and smiled,"Wow. Did Niall choose that dress? He really has style!" She giggled hugging me. I gave a grin, not wanting to speak. 

But something went on my mind,"Where's Mackenzie? She's suppose to do my hair." I looked at Eleanor who shrugged. "Like she said she'll come back. Don't worry." She patted my back. "We'll do your hair." 

I sat on the seat waiting for the girls, my dress was very poofy- I looked at my phone and saw Niall's ID caller. "Hi Niall." I sounded happy.

"Hi Dylan, are you alright with everything?" He sounded scared. I smiled and whispered."I'm fine." I lied. 
"I can't wait to marry you Dylan." He sounded so sweet. I felt bad,"I can't wait to marry you too. Alright I have to go, see you at the wedding..somewhere I don't know." I laughed. He chuckled,"Yeah. The boys won't tell me. I'll see you soon. Bye." I made a kiss noise,"Bye." Dani started to jump in the room and hugged me. "Eek! Here, we hired Lou Teasdale, the boy's make up worker. She's here to do your hair. " I didn't pay attention and saw a cute girl wondering around. 

"Aww who's that." I pointed. Lou laughed, she looked at the girl and picked her up,"Her name's Lux. My daughter." 
"Aww she's so adorable!" I cupped her cheeks. Lux giggled and poked my cheeks. Her giggle was so cute. She sat Lux down to let her wonder off to Eleanor. "Now, ready to be Mrs. Horan." She looked at me. I nodded."I'm ready. You may put make up on me." I smiled with my pearl teeth. 


In a hour, she removed the blush and let go."Now, see it for yourself." She moved out the way, so I can see myself in the mirror. 

I looked at her, amazed,"It's so pretty. Thank you." She smiled,"My pleasure. Even though Mackenzie isn't her, I put your hair like that. Is it okay?" She pointed to my hair that was in style. I nodded, not needing Mackenzie's help. "Mind if I have my time alone. I want to talk to my mother. We have a problem." I lied. Lou smiled and nodded, leaving the door. I sat in the room alone. The door was locked. My phone rang- a text-Unknown ID...

Response: Oh my, you look so stunning! You do have your looks, just like your mother. Did you get the money, babe? 

Text Unknown: Yeah I do. Meet me in a secret place. Just text me where it is...I don't know where it is but just bring my mother. 

Response: Perfect. All you have to do is give me the money- and you get your mother. But if you tell anyone. I will have to kill the one you love, even the boy. 

I didn't feel like answering, I wanted to scream and cry. Why is this happening to me...I stood up looking at my dress- concentrate Dylan. 

I sat in the car, quietly. Mackenzie still hasn't shown up. I felt like screaming at her face- she promised. What the hell is she doing? Wait- why am I thinking about her? Since she has been acting weird lately, could she be working with the guy...I clutched my purse, leaving a mark on my palm. 

"Oh no. You are not carrying that purse." Sophia looked at me. My heart was pumping hard.."Why?" 
"Because brides don't have purses at their special day!" She pouted,"Please." I was stubborn and crossed my arms,"No. I am carrying it." 
"At least put it in the car." She looked at me.Sophia was having attention. Eleanor looked at me- and I groaned."I'll just leave it on a table then." I rolled my eyes. She sighed in disappointment,"Fine." 

Danielle on the other hand kept chatting about I'm going to have two babies on my honeymoon and life and crap stuff. This was going to be a long ride...

Niall's P.O.V

"So, are we clear for the plan?" I put my tie on.

Harry stood up and agreed,"I will pretend to go to the bathroom and watch out for any recent activities,mate." Louis nodded,"I'll watch out for Dylan. And you mate, relax. Liam and Zayn will be guarding."
"And as for I, I will just cry." Zach shrugged and laughed. I rolled my eyes and then walked out to the car,"You look great Niall." My mom stood there fixing my neck tie. I smiled and kissed her on the cheeks,"My little boy is growing up." I hugged her,"I'm still here mom. Don't you worry." 

We arrived first than Dylan- there were already families and relatives of mine coming. Friends and family from Dylan came too. I saw Mason and walked over to him,"Remember me, Mason? We used to be locker buddies. And you were hitting on Dylan? Even though I'm marrying her." 

Mason smiled,"I can't believe you're marrying at age 19! Dude you're so lucky. Use protection on your honey moon!" He patted my back and started to walk over to his car and calling somebody. I sighed and rolled my eyes, looking for the girl's. Lou and Lux were here, but no sign. 


(A/N: This is the wedding place. Pretend Dylan and Niall aren't dancing yet!)

I waited and it was time to stand on the stadium. The forest was quiet, there were lights falling down-and the stadium was short. There were beautiful lights and decoration around the tall big oak trees. I stood there waiting for the priest. Everyone was in their seats. Then I saw a car driving in. There was a house in front of the forest- a huge mansion. It was for weddings/ parties for. I bit my lip and saw Harry nodding at me. 

Nobody was there to bring Dylan to me- but my dad. He stood there and talked to the girls to sit in their seats. I saw Sophia putting some kind of purse on the table of mine and Dylan's. I closed my eyes and opened them slowly- Dylan was holding onto the bouquet. It was a bunch of Wilton French Roses. Wow- she was so beautiful, all mine to myself. She glared at me and gave me a huge smile- showing her pearl white teeth. The music began to start- she walked slowly towards to me- as my dad linked their arms and began to walk. 

Dylan's P.O. V

I was nervous- everyone was staring at me. Today was my day to shine-and a bad day for me to save a life. After the wedding I will have to meet the stranger near the mansion. There was a maze- a small maze- and in that was a water fountain- in the middle of the maze. I took a deep breath, one last step and I'm becoming Mrs. Horan. 

One step- and then the music ended. Niall's father, Mr. Horan removed his arms and sat on a chair with his wife. Mrs. Horan. 
(A/N: Blah blah blah. Now let's go to the, I do's . xD )

"- Sickness and Health, Do you Niall James Horan marry Dylan Charlotte LeVale." 
He looked at me straight in the eye and said,"I do." The priest now turned his head to me and said the same thing,"Do you Dylan Charlotte LeVale marry Niall James Horan?" My mouth froze and opened,"I-I Do." 

"Does anyone disagree?" The priest continued, no one said anything but smiled and cried,"You may kiss the bride." Niall and I leaned in and kissed-I felt sparks running in my mouth-memories flowing in my mind, I went into a car crash when Niall left me to perform X-Factor. We let go- leaving me wanting to cry. A kiss gave me my memories back...I heard people cheering and I saw people filming the wedding. Niall James Horan...he's back. 


A/N: The kiss broke the spell! Surprised? (; 

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