Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


36. Spilled

 Niall's P.O.V  

*One Week Later*

   I sat up, walking towards the kitchen. Dylan- cooking? "Morning sleepyhead." She smiled. I smirked,"Making..bacon and eggs." She shook her head,"My treat for taking me out on a fancy resteraunt, I'll be your servant for today." She smiled. I laughed,"Servant? As in making me food forever!" She shook her head,"It's today. Only." While smiling. He gorgeous hair in a bun looked so beautiful. I smiled,"Okay. Let me eat- and you eat with me. We have stuff to do." The stuff to do was to pick up the boys. It was already a week. We sat down and ate, quietly. So lonely. I felt bad for showing her the video, we tried to take it off our head. We went, Cliff diving- tour and etc. You could of think of in Paris. But one thing I wanted to do- but it always ruins the moment- mostly people. Louis calls me, when I leaned in to kiss her. A waiter accidenttly spilled tea on her lap. A little girl asked me for an autograph. Last but not least, paparazzi. 
   "Niall." She whispered. "Hmm?" I looked up. "You're not touching your eggs and bacon." She whispered. "Yeah because I was thinking, about what I'm going to tell you what to do." I laughed. "You know servant, is in serve your food." She rolled her eyes. I looked down,"Oh." She shook her head. "Shut up." I laughed. I nibbled the bacon. It was delicious. She made it so crunchy but with flavor. I smiled,"You should make me more!" She laughed,"okay okay. Later." She walked to wash her dish. I finished the egg and licked my lips, putting it for her to wash. She shook her head and muttered something. "What was that?" "Never mind." I nodded, getting upstairs and wearing a white t-shirt and some shorts. I wore my converse and grabbed my other snap back. I walked out and saw her already dressed with her ripped jeans and shirt that said,'Hipsta Please' I smiled,"You look nice." I looked down to her wrist. Her cuts were fading away. She smiled,"Thanks. Now let's go where you wanted to." I nodded, holding her hands. 

   We were standing in the airport. Fans were backed to the outside doors. The paps too. We were standing there and waiting. "I hope they take forever. Like a princess." I joked. "Louis is probably adding his make up on."  
She rolled her eyes,"That's so mean." I laughed,"You know you want to laugh." She looked quiet and looked down."Yeah I do.." "I'm sorry." She shook her head,"it's fine. I just don't feel like laughing a lot. It hurts." She mumbled. I looked at her speechless.I opened my mouth but a scream came through. Louis ran over and jumped on me- making me fall on my back."Shit Louis that hurts. Get off of me!" "BUDDY!!! HOW'S THE 1 WEEK!" He shouted through my ears. I groaned,"If you get off of me I will tell you." "Louis c'mon mate, say hello to Dylan yet?" Liam said. I saw Harry was already talking to Dylan. Zayn was trying to get Louis off me. Then. Liam grabbed his phone and started talking. I rolled my eyes. 
   "get off him!" Zayn pushed Louis. Louis got up grabbing my arms. "So how's Dylan going through.."He muttered."Well she laughed, finally did. But she is stopping now." I hissed so he could be quiet. He nodded,"We'll talk later. But there's going on with Harry..." He finally ended. I sighed, getting up with Louis. "So, where are we going? Should we leave the love birds or..." Louis said. "Hmm, actually we should wait here. Eleanor and Danielle are here in about-" I heard squeals. I saw Danielle and Eleanor, tackling their boyfriends. "Wait what are they doing here?" I asked. "Well, 1 we didn't want Dylan to be an only girl. 2. We boys are very lonely without our girlfriends. and 3. Eleanor and Danielle are on break- so Harry and I decided to tell them to come with us." Liam explained. "And what about my girlfriend?" Zayn crossed his arms. 
     "Well...she's doing 'How Ya Doing' music video." Liam confirmed. Zayn sighed,"Fine, Fine. But until then she comes here I will be having a mirror for my date." 
I rolled my eyes and turned to Eleanor."You guy's should meet Dylan. Dylan..." Walking to her, I saw Harry and her talking and she was nodding. She looked up,"Hi. I was just talking to Harry." I gave Harry the eye, he shrugged and walked away- dragging his feet. "I got 2 girls for you to meet. So you won't be the lonely girl. They're Louis and Liam's girlfriends." I explained to her. She cracked a smile,"Finally some girls around here." I laughed,"Was I too bad?" "Nope..but I don't want to be lonely with boys." "Hey we're not that bad!" I heard Zayn shouted. "That." She smiled. I laughed,"Eleanor,Danielle." 
     I heard them run over and saw their expressions."Is that Niall's girlfriend? Wow Niall, you got some strateg-" Danielle stopped. "sorry, about her- I'm Eleanor Calder." Eleanor walked over, Dylan walked in for a handshake but Eleanor hugged her-"I hug. I don't do handshakes.We'll be great friends." She gave a warm smile. "I'm Danielle Peazer, Perrie is somewhere not around us- She's Zayn's girlfriend. I'm Liam's girlfriend and Eleanor is Louis'. We will surly be great friends too." She hugged her. "I'm Dylan LeVale." She smiled. "and yes. yes we will." Dylan and I were in our car- except the others, they're in a taxi. "they seem nice." She muttered. "yeah they are." 
    I set the bags in the hotel. "There we go. There are rooms...upstairs." I smiled. Dylan sighed and sat down on the couch. "Well, well, well. You guy's are fancy. The hotel room is so huge. Probably enough to have a -" Liam nudged Harry. I chuckled,"Shut up. Anyways Eleanor and Danielle will take you around. They know everything about Paris. While the guy's an I are going to hang out." I explained. "Okay!"Danielle smiled and walked out the door. "C'mon Dylan!" Dylan smiled and walked over with Eleanor. They started walking away. Closing the door. 
   "So, you and Dylan. How is it?" Zayn sat down on the couch. "It's okay. I accidently showed her the memory videos. I thought it was Nemo."  "How can you-" "Before you ask, it wrote Nemo on the dvd player cover." I sighed. They smiled,"Okay, so any notify things she remembers?" Liam asked. I shook my head,"Just well....she remembers this little boy. Who's me, but she doesn't know it's me. She always has" 
   "Any kiss?" Harry pucked his lips and holding his arms up. "Almost, but her cell ruined the moment. Last week." "I'm proud of ya Nialler. But you need to make her remember..."Louis informed me just like Zach. "But what if she hates me!" I scowled. "Woah mate. We're just saying this so you know what to do." Zayn said. "Help? Tell me what to do? I got it! You don't understand one thing at all!" I looked at Louis while said it. It was the truth. Except Louis knows. "Do you think she trusts you." Liam moved on the question. "I don't know." I was unsure. What is this? 20 questions with Niall Horan!?  "Well. I'm going to the mall. Anyone with me?" Liam stood up. Zayn and Harry agreed. Leaving Louis alone with me. They all left.  
   "You know. You are really not telling them anything. That's okay. But Niall- tell me what happened,really." He said- crossing his arms. I gulped,"Well I don't know...I told you everything is messed up. Her mother abuses her- blaming her of her father's death. But it's not her fault! And I'm scared to let her go. I want her to remember but, she might hate me if I did made her remember. I still think she's lying to me." I explained. I explained everything. 
    "I knew it." Harry walked in crossing his arms. Damn it...."don't worry I came just by myself. They already left." He sounded mad to me. I was speechless- Louis was too. That's it....I'm doomed..



Hey guy's! Happy 1000 days of One Direction! 
The wax is done (: 
And I'm very very sorry. I finished the California Test. CST. 
Also, I'm having some best friend's trouble. She's mad at me for SOME reason. Oreo. If you are reading this, she isn't my friend anymore. She's my enemy- like she said. I CAUSED everything. Uh huh...
Actually making someone cry is their fault? I cried, and calling me a bitch...
~J.1D<3  or Jackie


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