Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


45. Reality Ruined My Life

  Niall's P.O.V

    It was morning, everything was so quiet and peaceful. I took a sip into my coffee and heard Liam and Zayn arguing over which movie was better. Toy Story or Pitch Perfect. I pulled out my phone, thinking about what Louis said yesterday. Should I call mum? I mean- she could help, uncover all the secrets from the abusive mother, Cassandra. Then again, if we do that, Dylan will be harmed. I don't want that to happen. I mean, Cassandra could over react and start abusing Dylan after our marriage. 
    Speaking of marriage, Niall Horan. From One Direction, getting married at age 19? Seems very oddly weird to marry. Fans will be over reacting, sending her hate. I didn't want to marry her- just a relationship would do. Date. 
"Hey mate." The voice startled me. I turned around and eyed towards Harry. I smiled,"Hello." 
"That's all you can say?" He smiled. I rolled my eyes,"Yeah. I don't want to call my mum." I then spoke out towards him. 
    He looked puzzled. "Why?" I shook my head,"It's for the best. I mean, my mum doesn't need to know all these non-sense. It'll be bad." He sighed and nodded,"Whatever. I'll call then." I bit my lip."Fine." The word escalated through my lips. I didn't really care but, if he wants to, then it's fine with me. "Hey Harry, have you seen Dylan?" He pursed his lips. Lying? Was he? I mean, he's my bud, he has to tell me everything. C'mon now, spit it out. I clutched onto my phone, waiting for the answer."I haven't seen her all day." I rolled my eyes,"Is that bullshit I see?" He sighed,"Stay away from her. She's trouble." "No she isn't. She's trying to save herself. I can tell!" 
    "Believe what you want too. But I'm not going to trust her." He sighed and stood up. He left. All I wanted to do was to talk to Dylan. Why was I so obsessed with her. She's just a girl. RIght?

    I was outside of the hotel. I heard fans shouting my name and some of them were crying. It wasn't really annoying. I began walking over them and smiled. There were 3 girls smiling. About 18 years old. "Hello, girls." I smiled. One of them stuttered,"H-H-Hi." I started to chuckle,"There's nothing to stutter about. I'm just a regular lad." The other girl smiled and began to ask,"We just wanted to ask you about, a girl. You are living with in the hotel. Is she your girlfriend?" 
   I blinked twice. Girlfriend? Dylan hates me with her guts. "Um, we're just close friends." 
"Then, why did she kissed you on the cheeks. When you guy's were in the Eiffel tower? " Another girl asked. Wow are these girls, spies? I smiled,"'s complicated. I really like her, but she hates me." 
"How can someone hate THE NIALL HORAN." They tittle my name. I chuckled,"I don't know." "What's her name?" "I don't thinks she likes to let people know. How about this, I'll give you guys an autograph and some pictures, and we'll all forget about this." They smiled and nodded. 

 Dylan's P.O.V

    I looked at Niall, across the street. I heard the fans screaming out his name and I could hear them talking about me. Jeez, their voice are so loud. Me, hate Niall? No I don't hate him, I just have this thing between him. I don't want to hurt him- my mother could hurt him. That's why I have been ignoring him all day. Or all week. I turned around, and looked at the pond. There was a ramp around it. I sighed and thought to myself. If I ran away....
   Still no sign of my phone. I growled and began to quiver. What if somebody read my text. Impossible...I have a hard pass code to crack. Wait- crap. I remembered I put a paper in my case the wrote- Carter. Stupid me. Why would I do that! 


   "To South street lane. 23690." I told the taxi man. He nodded. 
"Say. Are you Niall Horan's girlfriend?" 
"No. How would you know that? We're just friends." "My daughter has been shipping you guys. Seems like she couldn't shut up about Niall and his girlfriend. I mean, I have seen you all over the magazine with Niall Horan. Even though the paps haven't gotten your name yet." He blabered. I bit my lip,"Well I'm not his girlfriend. Just a girl that wants her phone." He looked confused,"Pardon?" "It's an inside joke." 
   "Ah. Well nice meeting ya." He stopped and I stood out of the taxi. I gave him $25 dollars even it was a 20 dollars ride. I smiled,"Keep the change." And left. I knocked on Zach's door. I really need his help. And to tell him everything. Random answers fluttered into my mind; What if Zach will call the police. What if he doesn't believe me and sends me to a mental hospital. But, Zach wouldn't do that, would he? He loves me. I shook my head and muttered," You can do this, Dylan."
   I knocked the door- 3 times. The door was made out of glass. Surely, Zach is rich now...Wait- if Zach was rich, why couldn't my stupid mother ask for Zach's money. And what was she going to use when she has the money. 
    Zach's blue eyes, met mine and smiled,"Hey Dyl-lish! What's up?" He opened the door, letting me in. Taking 5 steps; Alright Dylan! You're doing it. Just nice and slow. I took a huge sigh and then a big lie came out of my mouth. "Just here to say that...uhh.." 
He nodded,"Come on. Spit it out." I hesitated, maybe this wasn't a good idea. Should have thought of it before I come and start doing stupid stuff like right now.
    "Dylan. I know you're going to have to tell me." He paused and then put his left palm on my right shoulders. "You know I'm always there for you. Please, once in a life time. Tell your brother what you have to say." 
I gulped and gasped out,"You're cooking is terrible. I never ever wanted to eat your meatloaf on my birthday. Aka on my 10th birthday. And- And-And..."
      He looked confucked. Even though confucked wasn't a word. Oh noes! What did I do! Well- I did tell the truth. He asked for it, right? Then, he let out a laugh,"Well, you're right. My meatloaf was awful. Thank you for the tip, Dylan." I rolled my eyes-"But I need to tell you something..." 
"Does it involve you criticizing my cooking." He raised his eyebrows. 
      "No it's important." He grabbed my hand and we walked over to his work room. Or 'Zach's time' I laughed to myself....does sounded wrong. He closed the door and leaned against the wall. "Okay. Shoot." He phrased it to mean, go ahead. 
       I sighed,"Reality ruined my life." He looked confused,"What?" 
"Zach, there is something I really wanted to tell you." I couldn't speak. There was a lump in my throat....and my eyes became all teary. He hugged me,"Come on Dylan. I'm here for you, give it a try." Reality did ruined my life, because of no memories- my mum..."Ever since dad passed....You left..." I started....


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