Catch Me Before I Fall

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  • Published: 9 Feb 2013
  • Updated: 27 Oct 2013
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I'm just a girl, there's nothing wrong, my abusive mother is an alcoholic person, ever since my dad passed away. I hate One Direction, by the way....Now everything is messed up because my stupid mum that needs money, and I have to marry this stupid guy I don't know. All I want is for someone to Catch Me Before I fall oh and my names Dylan LeVale, did I mention?


9. Problem


Dylan's P.O.V    

I walked out of my shower in my sweats and my dad's large shirt. I felt home, when I wear my dad's shirt. I usually use them for PJ's. I put my hair in a messy bun. I grabbed my phone and saw   

1 missed call>1 text.  

I unlocked my phone and saw an anonymous text. I read it....   who was he or she? Wait.....Niall? Can't How'd he get me phone number? Why is he stalking me. I sighed and text Mackenzie.  

text Mac ^~^ :   I know it was you, who gave that Niall guy, my phone number!>:(  

Response: I'm innocent >-<

  I sighed....when she makes those face, she's guilty.  
I decided to make dinner, I walked downstairs seeing my mother in a slutty short dress and heels. Urgh,MY EYES!!!

"Mum, where you going?" I asked.
"To a club, you better behave, if you don't I'll beat the shit outta you." She snarled as she left.  
 1. Outta is not a word, god....and
2. When have I not behaved?
Mum actually let me have permission to the fridge this time.
I grabbed a banana and water. That was my dinner of course. There was nothing but, beer and oh what a coincidence! Wine. 
     I sat down and watched telly. It wasn't Cartoon or anything but it was a video tape of mum and dad, happily together, and there was me. I sniffed. I promised not to cry, and laugh. If I laughed, it will remind me of dad. Mum's rules were not to laugh. I can't bare anything at this time. Daddy, I want you back.....
I closed my eyes shut tightly, 'You did the right thing pumpkin, promise me to laugh, I love your laugh.' Was the last thing he ever said to me. I couldn't remember ALL of my past, but few. The only thing I remembered was the bank robbery. I opened my eyes, taking a bite of my banana, and relaxed.   
 Harry's P.O.V    

Who was Niall talking about? He can't be talking about the waitress, I was mostly confused. I walked out of Niall's house and sat down on the sidewalk. There was a lady walking out of the left side house. She had blonde and red hair. She was in the most disgusting dress ever, I can tell she's a slut. She looked at me and scowled and then drove away. What the hell was that about?     Louis came out of no where and sat next to me. 
"Hey mate." Louis patted my back.
    "What's up." I responded. "Erm, Niall, said we can check out the neighborhood, like say hi to people at their houses." Louis smiled.    
    "That's really creepy, I don't think Niall said that." I chuckled.

"But babes!" He lightly punched me.
"You already got a girlfriend,Louis, it's Eleanor durh!"
"I meant you!"     
    "Fine, where do you want to go?" I stood up. He pointed to the left house. I shook my head. 

"Why not?" He asked.
"I don't think anybody's there." I didn't want to include how many sluts are in the house.
"The telly's on!" He pointed. I nodded, fine, if the sluts are going to pull us in, I'm sorry Louis, every man for themselves!    
     We walked over to the house. Louis kept jumping on the grass. Hopping I guess. I casually knocked on the door. Louis kept pressing the doorbell. I heard footsteps. He/She, could be looking at the peephole. I wonder if they would be like,'Oh my gawd, you're so sexah Harrah!' or like 'Kiss meh' 
and I'll be like 'bitch please'   
 (A/N: I was bored so I did that lmao c: )
The girl opened the door and stood there, right in front of us. The waitress? Louis' jaws fell. I stood there blankless. 
"You're not a slut!?" it slipped out of my mouth.
"Excuse me?" She looked at me like I was rude. Well yeah, it was rude.  

  Louis' P.O.V  
"Excuse me?" She looked at Harry. What a fail Harry!
"Sorry, my friend, is really dumb..." I nodded my head.
"Hey, I'm not dumb!" He looked at me,
"I just wondered because the lady that was in your house, was wearing, some slutty clothes." He presumed. I nodded my head, still....
     She rolled her eyes, "What do you want?" She hissed.
Ouch. She can't make an impression in front of 'THE ONE DIRECTION?' Girl please. 

"Excuse, me, We're 2/5 of One Direction." I sassed.
Oh No Louis! Don't! Too late, I already know that my sass has taken over my body.
     "And I'm 1/1 of GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY" She flipped us off and closed the door. I put my foot in the door.

"Excuse me bitch, we need respect." 
"And I need, you to get your ass away from my house, and you guys are stalkers,I don't need all this crap." She shut the door hardly. Good thing I moved my foot, or else I could have been footless.    
    "She has anger issues..." I whispered.

"She's hot when she's mad." Harry smiled.
"Wait, is that Dylan?" I scrunched my nose    
    Harry looked at me. We had the same idea. I ran off to Niall's house with Harry.

"NIALL!!" We both shouted while panting. He was outside with Liam and Zayn.
"What?" Niall looked at us.....   This is a huge problem....I couldn't catch my breath......
"What??" Liam and Zayn said in usion.......

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